Sunday, June 25, 2017

Another trip

Yep, that's right.  Another trip around the sun has come and gone, here I am still all talk and no writing.  This past year really just slipped right on by.  Not without notice though but defiantly without any stories written and shared here on the blog.

Out on a date with my guy☺
We have had such a busy year, my baby completed her senior year of high school and is enrolled in college beginning the next step of her life.  She will be moving to her dorm sooner than I'd like.  Val has finished college and is about to begin her career in a field that she has always loved.  They both had milestone birthdays that required major celebrating (18 & 21) where has the time gone?  They are adults.  I could not be more proud of the adults the hubby and I grew.  With the girls going their own directions we have been spending a ton more time than usual together and it is nice.  It's like our dating days all over again only that awkwardness of just meeting isn't there to make us uncomfortable.  
I find myself wondering what this next trip has in store for me.  I'd say I'll write more but who knows really what's going to happen in my next 365 days...who knows if I'll have time.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great Sunday.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Oh how I miss writing...

It's true.  I love writing.  Maybe not everyone loves to read what I write, but I do so love writing.  The thing is I have this full time job thing and it seems to get in the way of all the good writing time. 

OK well that may just be an excuse and not even a good one but it is really the only one I have.

     I work this crazy 12 hour night shift with these crazy days at work.  It seems that when I am off work I am running a thousand different directions.  I never know where the time has gone to when it is time to go back to work.

     But here is what I am thinking of trying.  I have started a list of things I would like to write about and share with you.  Yeah I know, it is mostly stuff going on in my life but also stories.  I like short stories.  So my blog is going to take a bit of a turn.  I am going to write.  I will be writing true stories and fiction stories.  I will still be writing about my girls and what is going on in life for those family members that like to hear about what we are all up to.  But I am going to be pulling memories and such and also be pulling together my crazy random thoughts that seem like they could be stories.  I don't know how long this will last or even if I get much more writing done.
     I have had a long time dream of writing a book and getting it published and maybe actually making a little money doing so.  Will this ever truly happen?  Probably not as I can not ever settle on a good story line that keeps my interest for more than about 500-1500 words or so.  But no matter what I will still continue to write.  I hope the 7 followers that I have are still willing to read when I finally get this change thing going, who knows...maybe I can get some more followers.  Maybe 10 whole followers.  Slow down those crazy thoughts, I don't know what I would do with that many followers. (hehe) ☺

So until we meet again.  Read something that makes you happy.

and thanks for reading my little blog.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Slightly off track

I got a phone call this morning shortly after Britt left for school, I figured she had forgotten something again, this happens about once a week with her...poor thing just like her mother in so many ways.  She didn't forget homework or permission slips but rather she forgot to turn the heat lamp off that she has on her baby chicks.  She asked if I could run out and turn it off because it would be warm today and despite my asking if she wanted baked chicken for dinner she insisted that I please turn the lamp off.  Of course I would.  After all what are moms for right? While out there I noticed they needed fresh food and water as well but I was unhappy with what she has been feeding them from.  So I headed to the shed in search of chicken supplies.  I know we have them, this isn't our first go round with chicks, we've had several.  I checked the small shed where all the feed use to be kept but turned up nothing.  So I wondered over to the big shed thinking I was sure there were no chicken things in there but maybe I could find something that would suit my need for them.  Looking around picking up this and that but putting it back because it just wasn't right I noticed a tote that appeared to have fallen from the loft and was looking like it was going to spill out.  This is where my train of thought got slightly off track, while getting the lid and about to place it back on the loft I realized it was some of my parents things that is stored there.  Took a look inside and and that train of thought got completely derailed sent rolling down memory lane.  There were so many things that my brother and I did in school from the early 80s (30+ years ago people) some newspaper clippings, letters, old school photos.  There was even and old Donkey Kong game for Atari (why I'm not sure but it was there too) there was so much to look at.  There are lots of things I want to share with my brother and his family and I hope we can make some time to sit and reminisce while we dig through a part of our past that mom must have felt would be important or special.  But I wanted to share just a couple of the gems I came across.  Oh how I love old memories. 
I finally pulled myself away from the tote and refocused on my first mission.  The chicks have better food and water dishes and me well I can't wait for mom to visit again so we can look through it all together. 

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy First Birthday Magnolia Jane

about 6 weeks old
Those of you that know us have probably had a chance to meet our most recent fur (grand) child Magnolia Jane, Maggie Jane, Maggie May, Magpie, Maggie moo she kinda has lots of names really.  She belongs to Miss Britt and let me just say I got in tons of trouble for allowing Britt to bring her home.  And sometimes I question myself as to what I was thinking when I told her I would talk dad into letting the dog stay.
1 year old
Let me go back to the beginning.  We had taken Britts friend Chriss home after an Ag event.  While there he asked if Britt could come see his dogs babies.  Of course I said sure and for the record as she was leaving the truck I did say "don't even ask we are not taking one home with us"  Well she did ask and I did let her bring it to the house with us.  I did however the whole way home panic about what Stephen would say.  I knew he was going to be mad, he was going to tell us to return the dog to where it came from.  I will spare you the sad details and the tears over the thought of sending her back when she made that blond child of mine so stinking happy.  He let Britt keep the new huge (little) puppy.(her mom is 98% wolf & 2% husky, her dad is German Shepherd NOT A LITTLE DOG AT ALL)

We've had lots of animals because of Britt, she is an animal lover.  She even yells at us if we hit a snake on the road.  It is just how she is and I wouldn't change a single thing about her. 

This dog goes everywhere Brittnie goes for the most part.  She loves Britt.  Until I met and got to really know Maggie a bit I never really noticed a bond between a human and a dog like this one before.  I know other humans have this kind of bond but I had never really seen it in an everyday way.  Does that make sense?  If not sorry.  I don't know that I even know how to put it into words.

I think the craziest thing about Maggie is that I don't think she knows she is a big dog.  Really.  She has been raised inside the house with our two little wiener dogs.  She does everything they do, her and Remington are best buddies.  They really do get along so well.  Marty on the other hand tolerated her and that's about it.  Every now and then he plays with her but not for long then he is back on the couch or in Stephens lap being the cranky old man he is.  
It's nuts how quickly she grew into the huge dog she is now.  She is so playful and loves to climb into your lap and snuggle.  Like I said she doesn't know she isn't little.
I could go on and on with Maggie stories but I will just share a few of my favorite pictures and not keep you all day.
Britt left and left her at home, she waited like this for a long time.
Her first overnight trip with us to the lake.  She didn't stay too white that weekend
She always finds a pillow or a blanker to sleep on.
See I told you she doesn't know she is huge.  She wanted to look out the window so she stood on the back of the couch
she also stands in Stephens recliner to see out
She is a pretty happy traveler.  She enjoys car trips
She did not however like the trip to the dog wash :-(
Britt, Maggie, Gunner & Laney
Just the other day Britt was super excited because she had never owned a dog that she knew the actual birthday for.  Maggie was born on mine and Stephens anniversary last year March 31 2015 so this year Britt went all out and made doggie safe cupcakes, bought party hats, sent invitations to her friends and family that has dogs themselves and had Maggie a birthday party.  I had to miss it and it make me sad, after all she is my grand doggie.  I hear not all the party guest got along but hey that's how it is when you get too many humans together too so I guess it turned out OK because the dog catcher didn't get called and no one tried to bite anyone else.  Below are a few of the cutest pictures of the cutest girl and her dog (and friends).

Uncle Marty & Uncle Remington
And even though grand mommy didn't get to go to the party Maggie had close friends & loved ones there including her favorite uncles Marty and Remington.  I think it helped Maggie have a good time as she was a bit sad that her cousin Boomie and her great uncle Wally didn't make it to the party. 
Jax not looking thrilled with the choice of head wear ☺

 I love that my baby girl has such a huge heart when it comes to animals.  Being that I was raised in town I never had lots of animals she is always wanting to bring home.  I just wish we had more land and a bit more money to be able to bring more animals home.  
Hope you enjoyed yet another peek into my crazy life (who has birthday parties for dogs?)  Yep my crazy daughter.  

Thanks for reading