Sunday, July 8, 2018

Money everywhere!

I wish.  But to day it seemed like the case.  You see, these two gift cards have been sitting around on my vanity for who knows how long.  I know that every time I straighten things up I think to myself  "I need to throw these cards out.. but I'll check them first" and I get sidetracked and forget.
I notice them every day and occasionally I think I'll take those with me to work and check them today only to forget them on my way out of my bedroom. 
Today however I remembered them. Why?  I have no idea I just did.  And boy am I glad I never just threw them out.  The Walmart card has a whole $6.29 on it probably left from me buying a card to get fuel at some time or other. The Starbucks card has a whopping  $10 on it (it's like gold) however it will barely get ya one drink there but 10 bucks just sitting there collecting dust.   You can bet your last dollar that I would have never left a 10 dollar bill sitting there that long.  Months!  I don't even remember who gave me the card or when they gave it.  It has been there that long.
So, today I challenge you to clean out your purse, empty and sort the junk drawer  (don't play, everyone has a junk drawer) and see if you can find any money just laying around hiding as a gift card that didn't get used up.

Have a fantastic Sunday
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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hello, my name is Tammy and I am a fabriholic

Hello, my name is Tammy and I am a fabriholic (is that even a word?  It needs to be a word)
No for real though, I always go to the fabric store with the intent of only purchasing what I need to work on the current customers quilt and I always leave with extra fabric because "oh my gosh look at this it would make a perfect gift for (enter any name here)!"  And of course I have to get no less than 2 other coordinating fabrics because what kind of quilt can I make with only one fabric cut? 
Today I went in for 2 yards of black fabric to finish up the top I'm working on and nothing else...
I did really great.  There are so many amazing fabrics right now with spring and Memorial Day right in front of us.  But I held strong.  Touched them matched a couple but put them back and headed to the check out.
Woah!!!  Wait I do need another one of those (a sweet little trible jelly roll)...I bought that one last time and well I can't make anything decent sized with one jelly roll (this is a lie I often tell myself to talk myself into buying fabric, it worked.)
I am however currently working on a plan to help me get through my ufo (unfinished objects) pile.  I'll post about it when I get it all lined out.  It seems like a pretty good plan.  We'll see.

Have a great day. 

Thanks for reading.
Tammy c

Ps. That sweet little jelly roll is pictured here with the one I bought last time.  Now to find a pattern

Friday, January 26, 2018

DIY Fabric Spray Starch

Around this time last year I was in the sewing room a lot using a lot of fabric starch to get the fabric nice and crisp for sewing to get the best possible seams.  After buying a couple of bottles of Best Press fabric starch (around $7.00 for a 16oz bottle) I decided that there had to be a less expensive way to get the results I wanted.  So I called on every crafty (and not so crafty) gals trusty old friend Pinterest.
Typed in a few key words...

Fabric starch
Diy spray starch
Diy starch

And before I was sucked into a wormhole that has me completely sidetracked I found several home recipes for what I was looking for.  There really are a lot some using corn starch some using vodka.  I went with one of the many with vodka in it.  No not because I wanted to sip it occasionally.  But mostly because I didn't believe it would work.
I made a trip to the local spirits store and got the cheapest bottle I could find (less than $7.00 for a small bottle) and returned to make up some of this wonderful concoction the ladies in the quilting blogs were raving about.

Mixed up a small batch to test it out.

1 part vodka
3 part water
a couple drops of essential oil

Made a super small batch enough to fit in a 20 ounce water bottle.
Took this to the sewing room and went to work on some fabric. 
What AMAZING results!!
Yes that's right it worked as well as any store bought spray starch.

What it didn't do:
It didn't stink like alcohol.
It didn't leave flakes on the fabric.
It didn't cost a ton of money.

I kept the small bottle of vodka in the laundry room and would mix up a small batch when I ran out in the sewing room.  I just last week used up the last of that bottle.  It lasted just under a year.  Did you catch that?  Almost a years worth of spray starch for just under 7 dollars.
I knew I needed to make up some more so this week I went to the store again and this time I picked up a much larger bottle (for 13 dollars) and made up a gallon of spray starch.  I use lavender essential oil in mine because I like that scent.  This gallon will last geez who knows how long and when it runs out I still have half a bottle of vodka to make up another gallon.  So $13.00 for what will seem like a never-ending supply of quilting spray starch.

Hope you enjoy this tip and if you try the diy starch recipe please come back here and let me know how it worked for you.  I would love to hear from you.

**this could be used for any ironing not just while pressing quilt seams.  It works great on my family members clothes as well.**

Thanks for reading


Sunday, June 25, 2017

Another trip

Yep, that's right.  Another trip around the sun has come and gone, here I am still all talk and no writing.  This past year really just slipped right on by.  Not without notice though but defiantly without any stories written and shared here on the blog.

Out on a date with my guy☺
We have had such a busy year, my baby completed her senior year of high school and is enrolled in college beginning the next step of her life.  She will be moving to her dorm sooner than I'd like.  Val has finished college and is about to begin her career in a field that she has always loved.  They both had milestone birthdays that required major celebrating (18 & 21) where has the time gone?  They are adults.  I could not be more proud of the adults the hubby and I grew.  With the girls going their own directions we have been spending a ton more time than usual together and it is nice.  It's like our dating days all over again only that awkwardness of just meeting isn't there to make us uncomfortable.  
I find myself wondering what this next trip has in store for me.  I'd say I'll write more but who knows really what's going to happen in my next 365 days...who knows if I'll have time.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great Sunday.