Sunday, October 19, 2014

Logic & Reason...Take that elsewhere Mister!

This past Friday a dear friend and I got to get away for a couple of hours of treasure hunting (garage sales but treasure hunting sounds more exciting)  anyway...while we were out and about I came across this travel tumbler sold by Starbucks.  Now I have seen this tumbler before but was never willing to pay the price for one brand new.  I mean really 20+ bucks for a cup?  No.  It never made sense to me.  But like I said treasure hunting...I found this for only $2 and yes two dollars is a bit much for one item at yard sales but after all it was Starbucks brand.  I bought it, took it home, gave it a good washing and began using it at work that night.  I keep ice water with me throughout my shift and this lid doesn't leak while in transport inside my bag.  I liked that.  But that is not the end of my amazement with this tumbler. 
If my memory serves me right I remember another of my dear friends owning one of these exact tumblers and I believe she had mentioned in the past that hers kept her drink cold most if not all of her 12 hour shift.  I filled it at 8pm and at 4am it still had ice in it from home.  I added more ice and at this point I put in a cold can of soda at 9:30 in the morning the soda was gone but the ice looked as if I had just filled it up.  WOW!  I was impressed.  It kept things cold and didn't sweat like most glasses and water bottles. 
After two nights of using it for cold drinks I asked myself..."if it keeps things this cold how am I ever going to drink my coffee out of it?  It is never going to be cool enough to drink"   So at the end of work I got home and mentioned all this awesomeness to the hubs (he wasn't nearly as impressed as I was~buzz kill)  but before going to bed I informed him I was going to be conducting "an experiment"  I want to know how long this cup will keep my coffee hot.  So I am in the kitchen with my new awesome cup in the space for cups on the Keurig waiting ever so patiently for the thing to brew my cup of hot coffee when hubs walks past

Hubs: Why are you making a cup of coffee, you are about to go to bed
Me:  Do you even listen to me?  I want to know how long this cup keeps coffee hot.
Hubs:  But why are you making coffee?
(it is at this moment I realize that I could have just had the Keurig heat water for my "experiment" and not wasted a cup of coffee)
Me:  Why are you coming at me with all this logic and reason? 
Hubs: shook his head and walked away 
Me:  I'm going to bed.  Don't let anyone pour out this cup of coffee...I'm doing my experiment.
(sometimes I feel like I need to repeat my self to him because I am sure he doesn't really listen to me and all my craziness)  :) 

I had it in my head that I wanted to know how hot the coffee would stay (because who drinks hot water?) and in my defense I was at the end of my 12 hour night shift and my brain was already trying to shut down for the day and he was fresh from sleeping all night long. 

Experiment findings:  the coffee that was left in the cup on the cabinet from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm was lukewarm.  I don't drink coffee lukewarm but who really leaves coffee in a cup for seven and a half hours and still drinks it anyways?  Gross!  So I believe this cup is worth the $2 I paid for it and it may have even proved to me that $20+ might not be too terrible of a price to pay for one new. 

Hope you got a giggle out of this as now every time I see or hold the tumbler I hear hubs voice asking "why are you making coffee" and my response of   "...logic & reason" and it makes me smile.  Oh the conversations we have.  Be glad I don't share all of them.  :)

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Electronic Hoarding

You all know what this means (Pinterest) and if you don't good for you.  I cannot even count the hours of a week I spend browsing this site.  But when I say that it sounds like I hate it.  On the contrary.  I love Pinterest and even though I spend countless hours on it there is always something awesome to find.  Whether its a new quilt idea or a new yummy meal for the family I am always finding things there.  It's a wish list for if I were to ever win the lottery so to speak.  Ya know how it room decorating ideas, repurposed furniture that would go great in this room or that.  But in reality it is just a great place to keep stuff without having to add rooms on to your house.  Because heaven knows I could never have all that stuff in my house.  It would be bursting at the seams ( I know I know... it kind of is already without all that extra stuff)

But this morning I have been up for a few hours alone with nothing but my thoughts and the Internet (Right?  Never a good thing huh) I was on Pinterest looking through all the things that I have pinned through the last few years (72 boards, 4,021 pins & 946 likes) and have decided that I need to start doing some of these projects.  Well the ones that won't cost an arm & a leg to complete and that will serve a purpose because who really needs a vampire killing fence?  Right me neither.  Although this same thought would be handy for zombie killing as well  :)

But I have been wanting to create a space in my kitchen for my keurig and all the coffee paraphernalia that we have.  You know the old thought "everything has a place & everything in its place"  I love this thought but raising kids it kind of went out the window and we just try to do what we can to be as organized as possible so we can get by without being lost in the mess.  So this morning while looking at my pins I came across this one...Cute right?  I love the idea of this.  When I pinned it must have believed that I could make it a reality right?  Why else would I have pinned it?  For if we ever move and have a "dream kitchen" no.  I don't ever see us moving.  We have put so much work into the little piece of land that it would be silly to leave now.  So with the hopes of maybe getting this done in my kitchen in the future I pinned a cute little coffee station.  Guess what TODAY is the future!

Yes, today is that "one day in the future" that I am going to make a coffee station.  In my kitchen and it will be absolutely cute and incredibly functional.  That's right.  I am going to take the pin idea and make it reality. Yay me!

I would like to try out more pin ideas and instead of just collecting them online (electronic hoarding) make them something real...I have done this in the past, made it a point to try some of the things that I pinned.  I have a board on Pinterest that is titled "tried these love em"  You should check it out.  I am going to try more pins and build the pin count on the tried it board.  If I don't blog about them you can still check them out on my Pinterest page or either of the following.  

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Well I finished it.  My very own coffee station for all our coffee and tea making needs.  In the photo the only thing not finished is the hooks for the cups to hang from on the shelf.  But this afternoon hubs brought home hooks and now the cups are up handy for anyone who whats a nice cup of coffee or tea.  I love this space, it looks so cute.  Just need to decide on a color to paint the cabinet :-/

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