Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Being that it is oh so close to these pretty little girls 9th birthday I thought this would be a great throwback. 
Wow it is hard to believe they are already nine.  It seems just like yesterday we were at the hospital watching the snow fall as we waited to see their sweet little faces.  Twins!  Though it has happened in our family before it had been like 30 years so they were special.   Still are really.  Doesn't hurt that they are the babies either (well babies as far as my parents grandkids go) 
I don't know how Dave & Nae do it.  I am positive that if it were me with twins they would have been mixed up more than once. And God love them what if that did happen...just kidding.
They know who they are thank goodness because if I'm not looking right at them I still have a hard time telling who is who.  I think they must get tired of people not knowing which one they are.  If we're not careful they will switch up on us just to watch us squirm.  ;)  I know I would try that if I were a twin. 
They're having a birthday party this coming weekend and it kills me that I have to work and miss it.  I'm hoping they will understand and maybe next week while I'm not working they can come hang out.  If coming to my house is still fun, since mema & papa moved to the lake the farm hasn't had many visitors.  :)
Well thanks for reading.  If you have time give them a call (on their parents phones) on the 4th to wish them a happy birthday.  I am sure they would love to hear from you.
Have a great day!
tammy c

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Let me just start by saying straight out of the gate that I absolutely hate to be on the front side of any camera much less my own.  Now it isn't that I don't enjoy being in the moment, I do.  I just enjoy taking the pictures instead of being in them if that makes any sense at all.   With that said I'm glad I was on the front side of this camera this day.  I suppose all little girls dream of growing up, getting married and having babies.  I know when I was a little girl my friends and i would play house, we would more less mark of sections of the room as mine and theirs these sections would be my house or her house.  we'd have baby dolls name them fun names.  We had fun.  I don't know that I ever really thought about actually having children when I grew up.  And as I got older I remember that I didn't even want to get married when I grew up much less have any kids.  But we all grow up. And that guy comes along that makes us fall head over heals right.  Well anyway he did, I fell and a year after we said our "I do's" we got our first of two sweet girls.  I remember wanting boys both times but getting a tiny little girl instead. Anyway I wouldn't change it for nothing.
This photo is my sweet Valorie.  It was summer of 96.  No I don't know the exact day or month but I remember this day well.  Growing up my mom had shared with me some of the items she had been able to save from when I was little.  One of those items was a teeny tiny bikini (probably one of the few I ever owned-I don't do bikini) it was blue with flowers trimmed with little white lace.  This day I was so excited to be able to put that very same bikini on my very own "baby doll" it was so cute on her. And fit just right.  The weather was so warm but I remember the water was quite cold and she hated the water. She has since gotten over that and loves spending time at the lake or in the pool. 
I am so glad that my momma was able to save this stuff for me to be able to share with my own girls. And yes I still have that bikini and it seems fine as we get closer and closer to when my own girls will be testing the waters with boys and maybe even fall head over heals and they will before we know it need to take the bikini to the lake for their own babies to wear even if only long enough to get a sweet little picture.  While looking through our pictures Val mentioned this was one of her favorites as well.  So that is why it was shared here now with all of you. 
Thanks for reading!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashback Friday

Yes flashback Friday because we had company over last night and I totally forgot that it was Thursday and I didn't get my throwback post up here for you all to laugh at.
I can't tell you the year this picture was taken, what I can tell is that it was the fall.  I know this because that is part of a deer Stephen is cutting up that Val is so proudly holding up.
This photo makes remember my dad bringing home a deer after his long day out hunting and how I wanted to "help" him cut it up.  Don't ask me why because I don't really know and I am absolutely sure that I was next to no help at all.  But I remember I thought it was awesome.  So it warms my heart to see my girls spending this time with their own daddy.  They have been "helping" him for years now.  Well Val has anyway.  I only recall Britt really helping when it was the deer she shot, she would rather be playing or anything else besides cleaning a deer (as you can see her here with her silly face for the camera)  Val on the other hand always wants to help.  I have pictures from this past fall of her and Stephen both working on one.  He is showing her how to really help.  I'll have to post about it sometime.  It is cute how they are working together.  I love how he has never let them being girls get in his way of showing them how to do something.  Rather it be cutting up a deer, hunting, fishing or even working on a car.  He is a pretty fantastic dad and I don't think he has ever thought twice about not having a son.  And why would he because with our girls he has the best of both worlds...a couple of daddy's girls that think he hung the moon and some girls that like to do all those outdoor (boy) activities with him.  They are all three pretty great we have our moments when we would like to kill each other but together we have tons of fun as a family too and I wouldn't trade this bunch for anything.

Thanks for reading today and who knows if next week you will see a throwback Thursday or a flashback Friday.  I always have such good intentions to post on a more regular basis, but then life gets in the way and I forget to make time.  Oh well.  Keeping it simple and posting when I remember it.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Love you all.
tammy c

Friday, January 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday

According to my clock it is still Thursday but only for a few more minutes so I'll have to make this a quick post.  
The photo is of my sweet niece Haleigh.  It was taken by one of the many guests at a baby shower being held in my honor in preparation for Miss Britt.  Those of you that know my family now realize it was nearly 14 years ago. 
It isn't the best photo of Haleigh but back in the day not everyone you know was trying to be a professional photographer like it seems they (myself included) are these days.
Anyway the photo.  I came across it the other night while looking at old photos with the girls.  Seeing that I don't own a scanner I used my phone to take a picture of a picture (I've done quite a lot of that lately)   I miss all the girls being this little more and more every day.  They are all growing up so fast it sometimes makes my head spin.  I mean really...her sisters (the babies in our family) are almost 9.  Where did our time together go? I remember Haleigh at the age in this photo.  Getting to see her all the time when I went to pick up my girls from grandmas house after work.  She has always been the cutest girl.  I hate that I haven't gotten to be as close to Haleigh as my nanny Fern was with me, but despite that I am so proud of the beautiful young lady she is growing into.
I sent this picture to her this evening just for giggles.  I thought it was a sweet  reminder of days gone by.  She text back with "throwback Thursday"  I loved the phrase and asked her if I could steal it and use it here in the blog.  She said she didn't mind so I thought what better picture to start a new series of posts than with the picture of her.
Thanks Haleigh for the inspiration to post this evening.   I love you.

And to  all of you reading, drag out those boxes of old photos and albums and see what wonderful memories you conjure up from the "good ol days".  I would love to hear about them.

PS. It's after midnight now but I'm still calling it "Throwback Thursday" :)
Thanks for reading and have a great up coming weekend

Love you all 
tammy c

Friday, January 4, 2013

It is not lost

Hand rolling
I can not tell you how many times in my life my dear mom has tried to teach me how to make her homemade flour tortillas over the course of my life but for some reason unknown to me I can not get it.  I've tried and tried.  They always turn out bad.  It's so bad that I just gave up a few years ago and started calling mom every time I needed(trust me its a need not a want) her tortillas.

I think its because she never measures anything just tosses it in a bowl and does what she was taught by her mom, who was taught by her mom and so on.  It is a little sad that I could never get it.  And I was saddened by the thought that after she is gone I wouldn't know how to do it & I wouldn't have anyone to call to make me some.  Heaven knows dad don't know how to make them, loves eating them but he does not cook them. 

I know what your thinking "just go buy them at the store or find the recipe online"  You and I both know that there are thousands and thousands of people sharing how to's online nowadays.  I am a huge fan of pinterest and love finding awesome things to make for my family but my mommas tortillas are not on there (there may be some that taste, look and smell exactly like mommas but trust me they are not.)

The reason for this is because hers are made with care, hard work & love.  Each batch is mixed without measuring cups & spoons.  She just knows. And every tortilla is rolled out to just the right thickness and size by hand with the rolling pin.  No quick and easy tortilla press for her.  Each one being a different shape (no perfectly round ones here) than the one before it but the warm yummy taste of it is the same every time and if you haven't had them your missing out.

Last night while trying to decide what to make for dinner Val pops up with "beef and bean burritos"  my response was that would be great but we don't have any tortillas to which she proudly stated "well I can make some" and my reply to this was what how?  she informed me that grandma had taught her how to make them and she just needed to call grandma to double check the ingredient list. 

almost time to flip

I left her to it.  After all I truly have no idea what is in them.  After a bit she called to me from the kitchen to come and see if hers looks like grandmas.  I went to investigate (with butter and a knife in hand no less)

Almost time to eat!  Yummo!
I was amazed!  Happy, excited (hungry) but most of all proud.  Proud that my baby was able to pick up something I myself have yet to master.  Happy because all my moms efforts were not lost on Valorie.  excited & hungry because well they are so very delicious and they were hot and fresh right there in my kitchen!

Now I don't know if mom has taught the other granddaughters this special recipe but she should so they can all pass it on to their children. 
My only question is did Dave learn this before he moved out and am I the only one that don't know how to make them?

Thanks Momma you truly are the greatest mom and I love you!
Guess I will try it again soon because I hate the thought that I don't know how.

Thanks for reading
Have a great weekend!

Love you all
tammy c

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It’s the new year!! I can’t lie and say I’m not glad. Because God knows I had done had enough of 2012. It was just a crazy year.
I was on facebook yesterday and read a status update by my dear friend that got my brain to spinning. “…one little word. One word to live by this year…”

One word to live 2013 by…oh the ideas I have. Almost couldn’t sleep last night because of all the words running in my head. Woke up this morning and it was just there. Simple
It means so little yet so much in one little word. I looked it up this morning to read what exactly Webster had to say about it. And well I was a bit surprised. There were 10 different meanings for it.

There were a couple of meanings that sure hit home. Meanings that I do want to live my year by.

#5--sheer, unmixed. Free of complications

This is one I really want to work on. I am always thinking too much and worrying about the what if’s. I always seem to be mixed up about what truly matters in my life.

#8--not limited or restricted

Oh the things I could do and the places I could go and the fun I could have if I just tried harder to relax and just go with it. You know go with the flow, unlimited without restrictions( procrastination, self doubt, anger) I place on myself.

#9--Readily understood 
ugh…no one ever understands me. This needs more thought but I am going to work on it. Whether its in my blog, at work, with friends or just hanging out with my family. I want them to be able to understand who Tammy is without limits or complications. I want to be able to communicate better without getting frustrated and losing my cool and just giving up.

This isn’t really a new years resolution because I never stick to those. Like last year…becoming more frugal. Well it worked a little bit. We did put up some veggies and had a pig & cow butchered that is still helping to save some money. The little amount of trying to be more frugal helped us to take our girls on a short trip for spring break as well as another one in July for summer break. So even though every blog post wasn’t about being frugal I do feel like the idea stuck with me most of the year.

My posts for 2012 started out strong and well summer came and I was too busy working and spending spare time with Stephen and the girls that I didn’t post like I had wanted to. I hope I don’t leave you all hanging again this summer but no promises. I am however going to keep it simple so the posts may only have one picture if any and they most likely will be short so that I can keep up from my phone on the go. You know SIMPLE

I plan on keeping every aspect of life for us simple. We are already working on making our home more simple by getting rid of clutter that we said we were getting rid of last year.

And friendships…yeah I’m gonna keep those simple also. With the new work schedule I am off work 2 weekends (Friday-Tuesday) every month. As friends and family you all know my number please feel free to shoot a text if you want to hang out. But don’t be upset if we (Stephen and I) aren’t home. He did buy the motorcycle and well I think I like it more than he does. I guess because it is simple. Just he and I riding down the road, no phones no fighting teenage daughters, no trying to please everyone. Just simple relaxing stress relief.

There isn’t much else I need to write about today. Hope all this gibberish makes some kind of sense for you.

Have a wonderful first week of 2013
Try keeping things simple and see how much more relaxed you are.

Thanks for reading, love you all!!

tammy c