Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Being that it is oh so close to these pretty little girls 9th birthday I thought this would be a great throwback. 
Wow it is hard to believe they are already nine.  It seems just like yesterday we were at the hospital watching the snow fall as we waited to see their sweet little faces.  Twins!  Though it has happened in our family before it had been like 30 years so they were special.   Still are really.  Doesn't hurt that they are the babies either (well babies as far as my parents grandkids go) 
I don't know how Dave & Nae do it.  I am positive that if it were me with twins they would have been mixed up more than once. And God love them what if that did happen...just kidding.
They know who they are thank goodness because if I'm not looking right at them I still have a hard time telling who is who.  I think they must get tired of people not knowing which one they are.  If we're not careful they will switch up on us just to watch us squirm.  ;)  I know I would try that if I were a twin. 
They're having a birthday party this coming weekend and it kills me that I have to work and miss it.  I'm hoping they will understand and maybe next week while I'm not working they can come hang out.  If coming to my house is still fun, since mema & papa moved to the lake the farm hasn't had many visitors.  :)
Well thanks for reading.  If you have time give them a call (on their parents phones) on the 4th to wish them a happy birthday.  I am sure they would love to hear from you.
Have a great day!
tammy c

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  1. I'll just say that God broke the mold when he made those two..they are such individuals totally different in every way except looks!! I love those little gals and at the time just knew they were gonna be born on my birthday...oh so close!!! Great Throwback Tammy!! Love you and them! Aunt T