Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crazy how we got here


These girls...though I haven't gotten to know Miss Josie as well as I knew her momma, I do know her well enough to know that she is one of the sweetest girls around.  She has been Valories friend forever just about.  Which isn't really a surprise to me as her momma and I were friends back in the day.  You know..."back in the day" that seems like only yesterday but really is more than 20 (maybe 30) years ago. 
I got the pleasure of hanging out with them this past Friday at the local High school football game (because that's what you do for fun in this sometimes too small town).  We probably did more chit chatting than we did watching the game. but it was fun.  Some how or another we got to talking about being in band (which my girls like to pick on me about being a band nerd) and I couldn't remember if Josie's mom finished school in band or if she quit after the first year.  For some reason I could not for the life of me remember that little tidbit (it's been right about 20 years since high school give me a break I'm getting old) 

Josie-wait my mom was in band?
me-Yes I just can't remember for how long
Josie-I'm pretty sure that is something she didn't want you to tell me
me-oops...yeah she was a band nerd too...

Then there were a few minutes of incredible laughter.  Just after half time the girls went to sit with Josie's parents.  I ran in to them again at the end of the game at which point Carrie says...

Carrie Jo-Why did you tell her I was in band?
me-yeah, she mentioned she never heard that and maybe mom didn't want her to know (followed by lots of laughing)
Carrie-they kicked me out for being to mean to and picking on,  you know...that one girl (who will remain nameless today because I'm not that mean).
me-oh my goodness I didn't know that.
More laughter on both parts as we visited about the past for a couple of minutes.  

I find that it is very comforting to know that even after all these years when we connect and see each other we still have stuff in common and things to talk about whether it be our kiddo (that are growing too fast) or the "good ol days" we are still old friends.  It's kind of cool too because when I think parents and her parents were good friends as well.  

Makes me smile and be proud to be from this small town we live in.  Because everyone knowing everyone else sometimes has it's perks (sometimes not so much). And well 3rd generation friendship is definitely a perk.

Happy Sunday everyone


PS  I don't often post about my Valorie mostly because I think she is worried I post the most embarrassing stuff here, but really I don't do that.  She should know I save that sort of stuff for facebook, twitter and instagram.  So I hope she approves of this today.  

♥ you Val!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A desire to write

For quite some time now I have had (and never told anyone) this crazy urge to write.  (Don't laugh at me)  I know what you're thinking..."you write a blog and don't post very often so the urge must not be very bad" 
Well I know.  But sometimes I have a hard time posting filler or fluff.  I want to have something good to write about and I am aware that my idea of good and your idea of good differ greatly sometimes if not all the time, but still. I struggle to write on a regular basis because of the idea that it needs to be "good"
The idea to write a book has been in the back of my mind and on my heart for, well I really don't know how long. Most people don't know this about me because it isn't something I have been able to broadcast to just anyone.   For some reason I am always too worried about what people will think.  But seems like every time I do post a blog entry this one reader (yes it's my Nanny Fern) always texts me asking for a printed copy.  This got me to thinking..."what is she doing with all these copies? Making a book?"  Which is just silly because I just don't have confidence in myself enough to think people really want to read what I am writing.  But turns out they do.  Why? I haven't figured that out yet. But they do and well the idea that people want to read what I write has lit the fire under my desire to really do this book thing.  So here I am tossing ideas for titles around in my head and trying to figure our what exactly I feel the need to write a whole book about.
A text message conversation with Nanny went like this...

Looks like I may be writing this book after all. It may take me next to forever to finally settle on a title and subject matter. But when Nanny says just start writing.  You had better listen that's all I know.  I only wish I had the faith in myself that she has in me. 
Keep your eyes open for updates on this crazy adventure I am stepping into who knows how it will turn out.  But I'm sure it will be wild and crazy.

Have a fantastic Wednesday