Friday, April 15, 2011

This Crazy Oklahoma weather

I have mentioned the weather before in a post it was when we got loaded up with snow(i love snow)  but today was spring weather in OK.  I HATE spring weather in Oklahoma.  I can handle tons of snow, blistering hot summer days and the other mess we get all year long, what I can not handle (or not well anyway) is spring weather.  The entire months of April and May scare the crap out of me.  Thunderstorms not really a big deal, I can sit and listen to the rain and thunder and have fun counting to see how far away the storm is.  All good until...the weather man says TORNADO (warning, watch, low clouds, rotation...)  I turn into a complete basket case.  I try so hard to be tough and not afraid while around my girls, but just today while we were watching to see what these storms were going to be doing, Val turns to me and says " are scared, I can see it in your eyes"   What, no Im fine Vallie.  "dont lie mom I can see it.  its ok to be scared"   Crazy how they know things you don't want them to know.  Truth is yes I was scared.  All evening I was freaking out, trying not to think about the weather (when its all everyone around me was talking about)  I was literally sick to my stomach. (yes that is how crazy scared I get when they are talking tornados)  With good reason, April 26 1991(yes I know that was "like so long ago")  We were home, normal spring day, it was so nice out that afternoon.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  We had just been at the grocery store and someone was telling my mom that her yard was the prettiest on the block. (my parents truly loved their yard)  short mowed grass, flowers growing in beds around all the little trees dad had worked so hard on.  It was cool hearing someone say that about our yard.  Anyway we got home, dad was watching the weather.  There was going to be some storms and he was watching the news(channel 6 no less)  they were using new technology(pathfinder) to track where they thought the storms were going to be heading.  (turns out the new pathfinder technology was spot on)  they said the storms would be there at 9:0something  and darn it if they weren't right.  In the rush of all of us kinda freaking out. (this was our new house, just built for my family a couple years before..just our luck house, key tornado.)   Dad tells us to get in the car we are going to go to Dennis and Theresa's house to get in the cellar.  we pile in the car(after scrambling for shoes jackets and such) and he is backing out of the driveway and stops.  "what is going on why are you stopping"  he pulled back into the drive and pulls the car as far into the garage as he could get it and yells at us "it's to late to leave, get inside and go into the bathroom"  we hurry out and back inside the house.  we pile into the tiny bathroom and he throws blankets pillows and even a mattress in on top of us.  (at this point I start screaming..."speckles!  dad she is outside, you have to go get her!--which he did) we are all in the bathroom, except dad who like many other Oklahomans was standing on the front porch waiting to see it coming.  Lightning struck what may have been the house, knocked him down and then he too came into the bathroom with us as the tornado smached through our neighborhood.  For what seemed like forever(only like 2 and a half minutes) we were all crying and praying at the same time.  We were spared, our house not so much.  Grandma lived on the next block over her house was also hit and demolished.  Everything after that was really kinda crazy living with family until a new house could be built and such.  But this, this is why I get crazy when they mention tornados on the weather.  That Oklahoma weather changed me forever.  Wow that was a crazy night(crazy how well it has stuck in my brain) Maybe it isn't how everyone else remembered it, but hey this is my blog. If you remember this event, please post a comment, I would like to see how you recount the day.
Well, thats all I have for tonight.  Enjoy the know what they say..."if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute it will change"  have a great day.  lots of love.  :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Been doing some thinking. Yikes!

Yes I know with me, that could be bad...but it isn'tf(this time anyway).  Today I swore off facebook(reality check...probably wont last a week, I mean come on I am a FB addict) but I am really trying to cut out some mess in my life.  So I have been doing some thinking...I have re-read all the post i have posted on my blog and well I am not very happy with what I have been posting.  why?  well because they really don't give you a peek into my life.  I mean the name is "a day in the life..." after shouldn't it be about what is going on in my life at the time of the post?  not just some silly opinion, just life(mine and those around me all the time)  How else are you going to be keeping up with what is going on in my life if Im not posting anything that is much more than opinion...Take yesterdays post.  It was about my baby girl.  It was from the heart not the head.  I seem to really like how it turned out.  I could go on and on about stuff like that(the here and now--or even the memories from better days gone by) wow that made me sound super old-lol.  So from now on, I don't plan to put you to sleep with what I think you want to read, but instead stories from my heart(happy stuff, mad stuff, just all kinds of stuff) about my family and friends.(Sorry if you find yourself in a story and it offends you) but I will try my best to not use names if not truly needed.(sometimes knowing who a story is about makes it so much better.)   hugs & kisses...goodnight.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My baby girl

found this pic, not sure but I believe she was 3
April 12th(yes i know it is the 13th now)...This date in 1999 we welcomed into the world our sweet baby Britt.  She had a bit of a rough time in the first week, but wow look at her now.  She is 12.  Cant believe she is already almost a teen. (yuck)  We were so spoiled with Val that when Miss Britt came along she set our world on edge.  Thats right, she was quite a mess(not sleeping throught the night even to this day she sleep walks) But you wouldn't meet a sweeter, kinder girl.  She has the biggest heart.  Ive been thinking alot about her today with reason, it was after all her birthday.  She got to bring her horse to our pasture this week inlight of her day, so she didn't really seem to mind that I had to work and she had a softball game on her birthday.  As long as she gets to play with Ladybug alittle before the day is over.  She is now fast asleep in her bed(for now) most likley dreaming of her best friend(the horse not anyone of her people friends Im sure).  A little story about Britt.  She is the biggest animal lover you may ever meet.  So much so that this last summer we had a problem with mice for a bit(we live in the country it happens, its why we have a cat)  anyway, the mouse problem(made worse because britt was leaving food for them without us knowing it).  I had bought those traps that dont kill the mice, the sticky kind...well Stephen found that we had captured one and asked Brittnie to take it outside and put it in the trash can(he should have known better)  She took it outside like she was told, but she didn't put it in the trash.  Instead she pulled this mouse off the sticky trap( how she did it without pulling his feet of I have no idea) she placed him in a small container and told Stephen she was going to keep him for a pet.(much like the armadillo she caught with her own hands and brought home in a milk crate while out with grandpa) Of course Stephen wouldn't let her bring it in the house, and she forgot to give it food or water. (he died a day or 2 later) and Stephen got rid of him.  Needless to say we started leaving the cabinet doors open so the cat could get to the mice and eventually bought the right kind of traps to do the job right.  As for Britt, yes she was not happy with us for killing the mice, but she now understands that not every animal can be a pet. (i hope)

Britt talkin w/ Ladybug

with Chewy

"Get that rooster out of my house"

                                             Well these were a few of my favorite moments(there are way more that what is here) in the last few years of my Brittnie.  As you can see she there isn't an animal she wont love(wish I could find the photo of her holding the silly armadillo she turned out at our house to live on our farm)  Boy there will never be a dull moment at our house as long as we have Brittnie, she keeps us all hopping.

lovin on Clover(the blind hen)

learning to bottle feed a baby cow

Making friends(for a short time) with the soon to be dinner :)

This is the sisters about 3 weeks ago

One of my favorite photos of her with the many animals in her life.

If you have a favorite story about my Brittnie, please post and share. I would love to read it and I am sure she would like to see it here too.  Thanks for reading my ramblings.  Have a great day.