Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mmmm, all things homemade

Super yummy homemade "real" butter.
 I am beginning to think that I was born into the wrong time frame.  As I sit in my comfy spot thinking of all the things people of my age wouldn't think of doing, I wish I could do more of. Like making butter(thanks steph for teaching me this), living on a farm raising lots of different animals and growing a wonderful garden that would provide for my family all year long.  All this seems silly to most everyone I talk to, they think I've lost my mind(maybe I have) anyway, I'm sure if I had been born back then I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as I do knowing that if the garden doesn't grow because the blistering heat killed nearly everything I planted or if the hens get on a kick that they don't wanna lay eggs or if the winter is so cold no amount of heat lamps will keep the chickens warm and they die off, well we'll just run out and grab what we need from the store.  A wonderful thought it is.  But I still can't help the desire to live on a self sufficient farm where I don't have to rush off to work before the sun comes up only to return after it has already set, the desire to hang out in the kitchen baking and cooking a meal that was raised in my own back yard knowing exactly what we put into it, no unhealthy hormones and such.  Oh and sewing, I love sewing I would spend hours everyday making warm comfy quilts for my whole family and all friends if I could live such a life and wouldn't it be great to have a windmill that produced enough energy to run our home I could totally do having a water well also, to not worry about having a water or electric bill every month.  Wow the dreams I have are a bit crazy but they would be great if we could make it work for us.  Well enough of my country girl dreams for one day.  Oh and the picture of homemade butter you should try it with your kids, it  makes great tasting real butter.  All you need is a mason jar some heavy cream, about an hour and a lotta shaking.  Talk to you all next time, have a great day.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Caching with Sara Janel

Sarah, Jacie, M5 & I out caching :)
One of our first days out caching all day.  Had a great time, met a fellow cacher and came away with a crazy story(1st of many I'm afraid).  But we came back safe so that's all that matters right?  It doenst matter that the truck wasn't in park or that it rolled way away from where we left it or that it nearly hit not one but two fences or that the baby was sleeping inside (it was locked so noone could steal her or the truck). What matters is God showed a couple of silly geocaching girls his power of protection and we thanked him for it all the way home (after we calmed our crazy in shock laughter).  We had fun and learned a bit more about needing to slow down and pay attention more.  So all & all it was a great day.

It has been way too long!

I got started doing this blog thing at the beginning of the year and loved it.  Not sure why, but I did.  I have had a few changes as were in my last post and well I just plain forgot to take the time to write.  But its back in the front of my mind and maybe I can stay on top of it.  we'll see.   :)    So since the last post i have been adjusting well to my new postion at work and loving the change in my hours as well.  Even though I work every saturday sunday monday and tuesday I do get off work at 6 each night and have 3 days a week to spend with Stephen(who is still home from work due to surgery) and my girls.  Sometimes they get upset with me because I have to work I think they understand (and they have more time with friends)  they don't have to worry about spending time with mom on the weekends.  anyway.  Stephen and I seem to be spending lots of time together since he has been home so much. Sometimes I think "goodness is he ever going back to work?"  then I find myself missing him if he isn't with me all day.  Guess thats just how it goes. Have spent loads of time with my good friend Sarah geocaching we have been having so much fun.  if you haven't tried it yet, you should. I am sure you will enjoy it. Been taking care of the farm animals we got new pigs they are so stinking cute.  cant wait til they are big and fat so we can send them to butcher.  Nothing like raising your own food an knowing in your own mind that what your eating is the most healthy for you.  We are gearing up for the holidays.  I absolutly cannot wait for Thanksgiving.  Im hoping that Dave & Nae and the girls will get to stay the night and spend time with us.  Finally went out and took some family photos.  we needed them, I cant even remember the last time we had photos made.  I have so much I want to share with you all but for now enough with the rambling.  I will find better subjects for the future. 

Have a wonderful day!