Sunday, November 13, 2011

Caching with Sara Janel

Sarah, Jacie, M5 & I out caching :)
One of our first days out caching all day.  Had a great time, met a fellow cacher and came away with a crazy story(1st of many I'm afraid).  But we came back safe so that's all that matters right?  It doenst matter that the truck wasn't in park or that it rolled way away from where we left it or that it nearly hit not one but two fences or that the baby was sleeping inside (it was locked so noone could steal her or the truck). What matters is God showed a couple of silly geocaching girls his power of protection and we thanked him for it all the way home (after we calmed our crazy in shock laughter).  We had fun and learned a bit more about needing to slow down and pay attention more.  So all & all it was a great day.

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