Saturday, December 24, 2011

Its the little things that mean the most

For me from sweet little Nathan
This picture is of a gift from Jason's little boy Nathan.  He is the sweetest little guy.  He bought all of "the girls" gifts this year, now will I ever wear the butterfly hair clips, no probably not.  Did I show him in any way that they weren't the greatest thing since sliced bread absolutely not.  For all he knew I had never had a gift so awesome.  It makes me smile that he thought about us.  Now even though I won't likely be wearing them in my hair, I did find that they make great book marks and I love to read so I will still think of him every time I open up a book now.  
This is the one lesson about gift giving I want my girls to learn and use every time they give or receive a gift, that it isn't the price or the size of a gift if you are giving from your heart then money means nothing. 
I know I fall victim to all the hype of buying the latest greatest things for my girls because its what all the kids have these days.  But I also know that this year when we asked my girls what they wanted for Christmas their answers surprised me they both said  "mom, just buy clothes or whatever don't spend a ton of money"  My first thought was "what?  are you girls sick?" then it dawned on me they are starting to "get it"  They are growing so incredibly fast & I sure am missing the days when they were buying sweet little gifts for me from the school store.

Well I have used up enough of your time for one day.  I hope you have the very best Christmas and a wonderful new year.  Love you all so much.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Britt & Bug

I was clicking through the hundreds of photos from this year on my computer this evening and came across this one of Brittnie and her very best friend Ladybug (Bug for short)  Now anyone who knows us has heard the story of Britt and Bug, but I can't help but tell it one more time.  So it started about the time Miss Britt was born I'm sure (before that I bet God said this one is a Cowgirl no matter what)  Every memory of her birthdays and every Christmas she has always asked for "horse stuff"  for us it was fun buying all the things little boys would be playing with since we didn't have any of our own, getting to go to Atwoods (one of my favorite places to shop)  to buy the toy horses along with a trucks and trailers, I believe she got just about every toy horse that store carried for either her birthday or Christmas each year, because it didn't matter who asked the question "what do you want for your birthday?"  or " what do you want for Christmas"  Her answer was never changing "Horses!!!"  She would sit for hours in her bedroom floor playing with each and every one of them.
Her 6th birthday came around and Mema Denise asked her what she wanted and she gave the tried and true answer.  Then one day came the call...Mema called said she needed Stephens help to build a pen for a couple of horses she bought.  WHAT?  horses,  you do realize when Britt says she wants horses for her birthday she means toys ones from Atwoods right?  She replied with "well not this year I want her to have a real horse."  I really thought she was kidding, but no she wasn't.  She did buy real horses, 2 of them.  Yearlings really.  she purchased 2 horses that had just turned 1 year old.  So here was my thoughts...a yearling?  What the heck are we going to do with 2 horses we cant ride or even begin to train for another year? & there were 2?  Why the heck did she buy 2.  Well for Britt but the 2nd one is for Val.  She said "i know her birthday isn't until next month but I want her to have one too."  I had always wanted to have a horse and here we were being gifted 2 of them.  No matter the fits we have (Denise & i)  She really is a blessing to my little family unit. 
My baby girl got the best gift ever at her birthday party, she was so surprised she was speechless (anyone who knows Britt know she is never speechless)  Val was excited as well, but she never really showed the love or desire to be a horse owner like Brittnie did. 
It has been tough on Britt owning a horse that didn't live in her own back yard, but don't think that stopped her.  Every single time she was at Denise's house in the past 6 years she was out there petting and loving on that horse. 
While in that 6 years we were able to buy a house outside of town with enough land to house some animals.  So this last year Stephen and my dad built fence and a barn so that on brittnies 12th birthday we drove the trailer over to grandma's house while Britt was at school and loaded up Ladybug and turned her out in the pasture in our backyard.  Britt came home, we were doing everything to get here to go outside so that she would notice the horse out there.  It took a bit but she finally did & has been outside with that horse almost every day since.  Now if you are still with me here you may be asking is the horse broke? trained?  Well she wasn't when we got her and she never really had any formal training.  We did send her out for about 2 weeks to get her "green broke"  I believe that means that you can walk her and place a saddle on her.  As far as riding, well she never really had been broke to ride.  That didn't stop Brittnie (this girl isn't scared of anything)  everyday she would ask Stephen "daddy will you come outside so I can work with Ladybug"  more times than not he would say "not today baby"  she would go outside and feed and brush her...or so we thought.  One day she asked the same question and his answer this time was "go on out, I'll be out in a minute"  he piddled about for a few minutes went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and (excuse the language here) looking out the window I hear "HOLY SHIT come over here and look at YOUR daughter"  my thought is OK she is doing something bad so she's "my" daughter not his?  so I go over to look out the window and almost cried right then and there.  no not because she was hurt, but cried out of PRIDE.  That girl was tired of waiting around on someone to help her ride that horse and she was up on the horse riding in circles and making her back and go forward.  She has done broke that stinking horse.  and yes she did, she now saddles and rides anytime she wants (when she isn't grounded)  I have never seen another child who has the heart and lack of fear to do the things she does with animals.  She has taken a few spills off the top of her horse (and mine) but she has never let it slow her down.  She did mention after being thrown from my horse that she is never getting on that horse again.  I just asked her "Britt what do they say about falling off?"  her answer wasn't what I was looking for, but it said it all...She quoted John Wayne (of all people)  "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway"
That's right, falling hasn't slowed her down any.  The photo above was taken back in the summer when her and Laney both  had their horses out riding.  This was the end of the ride and she was getting ready to take the tack off and brush her baby.  The look on her face looks like she is mad as a wet hen, but when I asked her what was causing that look she said the rooster was making her mad.  Good enough, all I know is I got one of my most favorite pictures of her on that day.
Well thanks for taking the time to read about my wild child, I am sure she will give me many stories in the future.

Love you all, have a good week.

Tammy Lynn :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another cookbook??

My newest cookbook...YAY!!!
Why yes, of course.  But it isn't just any cookbook, its a cookbook from my best friends churches. Anyone who knows anything about cooking  knows that the church ladies have the best recipes. (Some that are quick & easy to make , some that will feed the whole church) but mostly just plain delicious.  I do have a problem with buying cookbooks, I always wanna try new yummy recipes and then if the money for the book goes to something great like your best friends church well who wouldn't wanna buy one?  I was sitting in the church last night at the Christmas concert that Jody had invited me to (it was great by the way)  when in the middle they had a few announcements and one of those announcements was that the ladies had cookbooks for sale after the concert.  I knew before he was done with that announcement that I would be buying one (ended up buying was a good cause)  It made me think back to the many times I had seen a Pentecostal ladies cookbook during my life.  It was often, seeing that my Nanny Ferns momma had always attended their church and although I'm not a member I have visited her church with her and her family(my bff Jody always invites me)  I know grandma Thulin had one although I don't really remember seeing her using it. Seems she just always knew how to cook.  But I did see my momma use a book purchased from grandma Thulins church years ago.  And even though momma don't have much left of all her stuff from when we were little, I know she still has that cookbook.  And Nanny, I've seen her girls using one to this day.  And one of my sweetest most favorite memories is tied to a Pentecostal ladies cookbook...3 months into wedded bliss, my sweet husband came home from work (looking so proud of himself) with a gift for his new wife...Stephen came in from work one evening with a book in his hand.  As he walked into our tiny kitchen he announced that he had bought me "something"  and dropped the book onto the table.  I looked at it, back at him, at the book and back at him again.  I know he must have been about to worry a bit (knowing myself I know the look on my face said "What? Oh really?  You don't like my cooking"  so before I even had the thought past my brain, he bursts out with "I really like lasagna and was wondering if you knew how or if there might be a recipe in that book you might like to try"  Good save on his part, I didn't know at the time how to make that.  My dad never ate things like that and mom never showed me how to do it (dad was a meat & potato kind of guy that didn't try new stuff).  That was just about 17 years ago and I have never swayed from the way they said to make it in that cookbook and to this day there are members of my family that call me up out of the blue just to see if I would make them a lasagna.  It is now one of many cookbooks in the utility room, as will this one when I get to try all the things I have marked to try, because as you can see by the picture below that it will be a while because there were tons of super yummy goodies in that book.  I thank God that Stephen and my girls are always up for tyring new meals and that Valorie has taken a liking to trying to cook new foods as well.  It makes a momma proud.  Now what ever am I going to do with that 2nd cookbook that I bought yesterday?  :)  I gotta find just the right person who will enjoy it enough, to use it til its cover falls off.  Keep your eyes peeled, I may post some pictures along with recipes for some of the dishes I plan on making in the near future.  Well it is getting to be a bit past my bed time and work will be calling way too early in the morning.  Have a great night and enjoy the rest of your weekend.  
Thanks for reading, love you all.
Tammy Lynn 
I already have pages marked to try :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

What a great idea

Was just flipping through one of my favorite farming magazines and came across this photo with its article.   The lady says she carefully cracks the eggs just at the narrow top while making breakfast and then cleans the shells and sets them aside to dry.  Later when its time to plant her seeds she uses them with a little potting soil instead of store bought start kits.  I love this idea and am always looking for ways to start garden plants inside.  I think I will be trying this out this next I just need to find some seeds for all the yummy veggies I want to grow.  Maybe this Oklahoma weather will work with us next year instead of against us. 100+ temps every single day did us absolutely no good. The only veggie that really did well this last year was the okra and well we made some great pickled okra. But I sure did miss the the over abundance of tomatoes like the year before.   If you have great garden planning tips please share them in the comment section below.   I am sure someone will love them.  Have a wonderful day.   :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Budding artist? I hope so.

"The Sunset" By:  Valorie Corley
 Seems Stephen and I (who don't have an artistic bone in our bodies) have what appears to be a budding artist on our hands.  It all started a few months ago when my sweet girl came home from school the first week of high school and informed us that she opted out of school softball this year, my first thought was "what who are you to just decide what you are and are not taking in school" next thought was "ahhh, I love watching you play softball that breaks my heart"  but then she said she choose art instead.  What art?  I didn't even know you could draw (after all you are your mothers kid and God knows I do not have a drop of artistic ability in by body) anyway...So she is taking art class and she seems to enjoy it.  she is always working on a project for that class.  A few weeks ago she was after me to take her to Hobby Lobby so she could pick up a few things.  I kept putting her off and not getting into any hurry to make the drive over there.  One day she came in and handed me a sheet of paper.
Me-"what is this"
Val-"my list of things I need from Hobby Lobby.  Since you wont take me you can just pick them up when you go to town tomorrow"
Me-"bahahaha...really now?
Val-"MOM, I need to paint.  so i need these supplies"
Me-"Well smarty pants, I need for you to get a job and start paying for some of your so called needs, we don't have the money to just rush out and buy all this.  Have you even thought about what this stuff costs?"
Val-"never mind...STOMP, STOMP, STOMP"
So a few days later I started feeling bad for not listening and not putting as much care and effort into her wanting to paint as we did her playing sports.  So I drove her over to Hobby Lobby to let her see for herself the price on all the things she thought she needed.  While there she admitted that yes this stuff is a bit pricey and that she would have to make some changes to her list and maybe even ask for some of it for Christmas (which is closer than she thought) we made a compromise and I did buy her a few things.  on the way home she told me the first thing she was going to paint was the sunset(seen above) and asked if I would hang it up for her. 
Needless to say, I am amazed at the amount of talent she has inside her and I hope that she don't get sidetracked from trying to find it.  I did mention to her that if she wanted to try to make some extra money that people might buy her work.  I signed myself up with an account where you can sell handmade items online so if she wants to try she can.(will she get rich selling things online I doubt it but why not see what happens)  Who knows how long she will ride this train, but maybe it will take her far. And when you see her ask her what she is working on, she loves to talk about it as well.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mmmm, all things homemade

Super yummy homemade "real" butter.
 I am beginning to think that I was born into the wrong time frame.  As I sit in my comfy spot thinking of all the things people of my age wouldn't think of doing, I wish I could do more of. Like making butter(thanks steph for teaching me this), living on a farm raising lots of different animals and growing a wonderful garden that would provide for my family all year long.  All this seems silly to most everyone I talk to, they think I've lost my mind(maybe I have) anyway, I'm sure if I had been born back then I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as I do knowing that if the garden doesn't grow because the blistering heat killed nearly everything I planted or if the hens get on a kick that they don't wanna lay eggs or if the winter is so cold no amount of heat lamps will keep the chickens warm and they die off, well we'll just run out and grab what we need from the store.  A wonderful thought it is.  But I still can't help the desire to live on a self sufficient farm where I don't have to rush off to work before the sun comes up only to return after it has already set, the desire to hang out in the kitchen baking and cooking a meal that was raised in my own back yard knowing exactly what we put into it, no unhealthy hormones and such.  Oh and sewing, I love sewing I would spend hours everyday making warm comfy quilts for my whole family and all friends if I could live such a life and wouldn't it be great to have a windmill that produced enough energy to run our home I could totally do having a water well also, to not worry about having a water or electric bill every month.  Wow the dreams I have are a bit crazy but they would be great if we could make it work for us.  Well enough of my country girl dreams for one day.  Oh and the picture of homemade butter you should try it with your kids, it  makes great tasting real butter.  All you need is a mason jar some heavy cream, about an hour and a lotta shaking.  Talk to you all next time, have a great day.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Caching with Sara Janel

Sarah, Jacie, M5 & I out caching :)
One of our first days out caching all day.  Had a great time, met a fellow cacher and came away with a crazy story(1st of many I'm afraid).  But we came back safe so that's all that matters right?  It doenst matter that the truck wasn't in park or that it rolled way away from where we left it or that it nearly hit not one but two fences or that the baby was sleeping inside (it was locked so noone could steal her or the truck). What matters is God showed a couple of silly geocaching girls his power of protection and we thanked him for it all the way home (after we calmed our crazy in shock laughter).  We had fun and learned a bit more about needing to slow down and pay attention more.  So all & all it was a great day.

It has been way too long!

I got started doing this blog thing at the beginning of the year and loved it.  Not sure why, but I did.  I have had a few changes as were in my last post and well I just plain forgot to take the time to write.  But its back in the front of my mind and maybe I can stay on top of it.  we'll see.   :)    So since the last post i have been adjusting well to my new postion at work and loving the change in my hours as well.  Even though I work every saturday sunday monday and tuesday I do get off work at 6 each night and have 3 days a week to spend with Stephen(who is still home from work due to surgery) and my girls.  Sometimes they get upset with me because I have to work I think they understand (and they have more time with friends)  they don't have to worry about spending time with mom on the weekends.  anyway.  Stephen and I seem to be spending lots of time together since he has been home so much. Sometimes I think "goodness is he ever going back to work?"  then I find myself missing him if he isn't with me all day.  Guess thats just how it goes. Have spent loads of time with my good friend Sarah geocaching we have been having so much fun.  if you haven't tried it yet, you should. I am sure you will enjoy it. Been taking care of the farm animals we got new pigs they are so stinking cute.  cant wait til they are big and fat so we can send them to butcher.  Nothing like raising your own food an knowing in your own mind that what your eating is the most healthy for you.  We are gearing up for the holidays.  I absolutly cannot wait for Thanksgiving.  Im hoping that Dave & Nae and the girls will get to stay the night and spend time with us.  Finally went out and took some family photos.  we needed them, I cant even remember the last time we had photos made.  I have so much I want to share with you all but for now enough with the rambling.  I will find better subjects for the future. 

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh the joys of changes...

So, this last few weeks have been full of all sorts of changes in our lives...Stephen has had major back surgery (which he is doing great with) I got a new position at work.  I'm a lead (sounds important, but today is my 3rd day and I am not really feeling the importance yet)  with the new position comes more responsibility, I know this and I am sure I can handle it, but being that I am pretty much still the new girl on the block, not everyone is grasping the idea that i am a lead now.  There is this one lady here that no matter how nice I try to be she still looks at me like I am a patch of chewed gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe. (I feel like she is that annoyed with me all the time)  I thank God I only have to work with her one day of the week, but it makes the whole day just drag ever so slowly.  I know I didn't come to work to make friends, I came here to work. making friends was just an added bonus.  but I don't know how to make her feel better about me being here.  The up side to all of this is that with the new position I got to move to days instead of nights.  I did have to change to working weekends, but I am home by 6:30 pm every night and I think that will be a great change for my girls to have their mom back at home with them in the evenings.  (they miss me so I'm told)   :)  well that is enough of my ranting, for now.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer time!

I know that a few months ago i mentioned that winter is my favorite season, but truth is I think that whatever season we are in is my favorite at the time it is happening.  because right now the thermometer keeps breaking past 100 almost daily...I see everyone and I do mean everyone complaining about how hot it is.  You see it too, on facebook there are at least 5 different photos that someone has posted from their cars and such. or how they are complaining about how they hate the heat here.  Well I am not one of those people.  I see all this complaining and think to my self..."hahaha these are the same people that were griping about the snow just a short 5 months ago"  my thoughts are this, and if it makes you mad, well sorry... This is Oklahoma, this state is known for extreme weather be it a ton of snow in February or 100 temps in June, July and august. Get over it already.  Go drink some ice tea and relax.  so you have to go outside in the heat or you work in it.  well if it were raining and cool you would complain about that too.  Make the best of what we are given and everything will be just fine.  Have some extra water and take a cool shower before bedtime.  or...find a nice cool spring fed creek and set up camp for the day.  (that's what we did this past weekend and let me tell you it was the nicest day we have had as a family in a long time.  100 degree temps and all. 

Enjoy your summer before it is gone.  :)


Well he looks cool don't he...hahaha

I smiled, but I hate getting my pic taken

This was our day at the creek.  Yes, i said creek.  maybe we are a bunch of rednecks, but you don't hear us complaining about it being hot because we made the short drive to an amazing swimming place.  Blue Hole.  yep that is the name of it, it is a huge hole in the ground that an icy cold spring fills. and the creek is as clear as glass and as cold as ice.  Perfect for putting up the canopy and sitting you chair right in the water so you can stay in the shade and be cool with your feet in the water.  Silly?  Maybe, but fun as heck.  you should try it, get there early though because the place is popular and fills up fast.
Baby Britt.  Always ready to relax in the water.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How does your garden grow

planting onions for Papa :)

Well it seems like only last week when we were out tilling, raking and planting our little garden (with the help of Papa)  Some would say this was walking on the edge of child labor
<~~~ or that it was just a posed picture because there isn't any way you can get all 5 of those girls to work in the garden at the same time.  Well that may be true now that the weeding needs  to be done and its nearing 100 degrees out, but at planting time they were all fighting over who got to plant what.  It was fun because it was new.  Its been just over a month and a half and things are coming along pretty great. I know, it seems nuts that I am so excited to be growing a garden. I tried this once with very little results.  As I have mentioned I have my dad helping out so very much, and well everyone is helping really.  Stephen, the girls(when they have nothing better to do) and Katie, Christie and Haleigh.  Now Katie and Christie are helping because they still think this stuff is fun.  I think Haleigh was helping because she wants to make papa happy.  God love these girls, everyone of them want to do that really.  Anyway so we started with the plowing and such a few weeks ago, the last week of April really and that last weekend we planted peanuts, potatoes and tomatoes. mothers day weekend we planted so much more.  onions(red & white), lettuce, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, squash(4 different kinds), watermelons(sugar baby & black diamond...mmm), cantaloupe, corn, more tomatoes(7 different kinds...because you can never have too many tomatoes right?) bell peppers(3 different colors), jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, garlic, green beans and okra.  Well I think that is all we planted, but I am sure as soon as I post this I will remember something that I have forgotten.  Oh and yes a flower (play) house for Katie and Christie.(its silly, but they were so excited) you will have to wait for pics of that, I'm sure it is going to be great. 
Just a couple of weeks into it and you can see
lots of green out there in that patch of dirt.

Anyway the first Wednesday after planting, i went out to water everything (and pray that the Lord would help us out on this part at least once a week to save on the water bill a bit.) and noticed that nearly everything we had planted had come up.  I know that don't sound believable, but sure enough it was there.  I don't have a photo to post to show you, but only a couple of weeks into it  this is what we had. ~~~>
  I have to admit I was sure only half of what we planted would actually make it to harvest time.   But here we are mid June and we are really starting to get yummy veggies fresh from our own garden. 
First salad fresh from the garden!

I was so excited the day that I finally got to pick enough lettuce and spinach to make a small salad, now we're getting a little of everything. cucumbers, onions, green tomatoes, squash and we are waiting...waiting...waiting on the watermelon to do its thing. (well i think that's what the girls are waiting on anyway)  it's now time to plant some pumpkins so they will be ready for making Jack-o-lanterns this fall.    There is something new to learn almost everyday.  Like just the other day, Stephen, the girls and I were out in the garden (stephen watering while the girls and I do the real work...shh don't tell him i said that)  pulling weeds.  between the 3 of us girls we pulled a kitchen garbage bag full of grass.  When we were done, I was carrying the bag towards the trash and out of the blue I remembered how much our chickens love fresh green grass.

Happy hens (and a couple of roosters)

So not only are we working to make our garden look nice and grow well but our chickens are getting a lot of free food.  saving in lots of ways these days and I am learning to love living on our little hobby farm.
Thanks for droping by for a visit.  Have a good day and stay cool out there. im sure it is going to be brutal this summer.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Valorie Michelle

My Vallie...gotta love those cheeks

It is hard for me to really pick just one thing to write about my girls, seems they are always up to something.  Cant believe today my first born turned 15.  I remember the day we brought her home from the hospital.  Stephen had seen Joe(he was on the fire dept. with stephen) at the store on the way home and stopped to show off his pretty baby girl.  I still didn't know him well, but he and Jackie came to the truck and ooo'd and ahhh'd over my sweet baby. then out of the blue, Jackie pulled her little foot out and said "Well look at that Joe, she has your toes!" (because they were very long little toes) they all laughed, I was slightly embarrassed but that comment has made it all these years as our little joke.  Now every time we see either Joe or Jackie, they ask how their girl is doing and if she still has Joes toes.  Seems just like yesterday she was that tiny little girl with all that hair. (her hair was the first thing everyone noticed)  She was such an easy baby.  She only took a pacifier for a few months, bottle broke quickly and learned to walk what seemed like over night.  I will never forget the first time she started sleeping through the night.  (it was in the first week home from the hospital)  Yet another thing that was easy with Val.(Brittnie still gets up in the middle of the night, to this day)  I woke up in the  middle of the night because that's when she had been waking up, but she wasn't awake this time...I went to her room, she was sleeping.  I (the freaking out new mom)  put my hand near her nose to see if i could feel her breathing because I was half asleep myself I couldn't focus enough to see the rise and fall of her little chest.  At this point i called Stephen into her room to check her...finally I reached to touch her cheek, and she let out a big sigh and I could see and feel that she was in fact still breathing.  I wanted to wake her up, but Stephen wouldn't let me. Darn dads wanting their sleep. 

Flower girl at Cheryl & Jason's wedding.
Oh how cute she was in that dress.

Val has always been such a girly girl, I wouldn't want her any other way really.  She has gotten to be a flower girl for Stephens cousin Cheryl, and then when she was just 12 she got to be a brides maid for Emily (and man she didn't look 12 standing at the front of that church that day)

Brides maid for Emily

I guess it kinda makes me sad to think that at this point in life she is much closer to being the bride than the flower girl.  She loves to dress up so much, that I am sure with out a doubt in my mind she will be the prettiest bride ever when it is her turn (not any time soon, thank you. Im in no rush for that) 
gotta love the shoes.
my silly val!

loving her baby sister.
Val was such a great helper when brittnie came along.  It took her a while to get to that point, because when Britt was born and Stephen took her out to meet her big sister, Val didn't want anything to do with her.  She wanted to give her back.  I guess like any siblings they have their ups and downs.  sometimes I swear it seems more like downs.
took this shot while making them hold
hands while getting ready for school one morning
when all they could do was argue with each other

    One day brittnie had been in her baby bed sleeping, i heard her wake up and start to whimper so i went to the kitchen to make her a bottle.  while making the bottle she started to scream, I ran to see what was wrong and there stood Val, I asked what happened, why was Britt crying.  She looked up at me with the most proud of herself look on her face and said "she was crying so I gave her something to cry about."  So started the days of tormenting the sister. 

Crazy hair day @ school.

waiting for mom to stop taking pictures

"mom take a picture of how huge this strawberry is"
One of my favorites.  Nothing wrong with a
girl being able to shoot a semi automatic weapon.

Val & Nikki

We have alot of fun times and alot of not so fun times, when I look at Val, I can see how close she is to becoming an adult and though I don't tell her near enough I firmly believe she is going to be one heck of a grown up.  she really does have a good stable head on her shoulders and I know that even though she is just now getting to the age where she is going to push her limits with us she will turn out great in the end.  It is funny now, but not so much when just the other day she started to feel out some of those boundaries, she asked if she could go spend the night with a friend on the last day of school, ended up going to another friends house and telling her little sister "not to tell mom" (and Britt didn't tell however dad caught her)  little does she know that had she just called to say "hey mom can I go to so&so's house before going to cortni's house today after school..."  I wouldn't have minded near as much.  Oh well.  Guess she is going to have to figure this out at her pace.  (God help us) and man some days I still get so frustrated with my girls, but if someone told me I could go back in time and that I could change anything I wanted, I would never change meeting Stephen and becomming a mom to the wonderful daughters God has given me.

Thanks  for taking time to read my ramblings about  my sweet baby girl. (who isn't such a baby anymore)  

One last picture.  Val with a couple of her friends just a few weeks ago getting ready to go to her school dance.  My how she has grown.  Check back often to see what we're up to.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

oh the things we will learn

I was reading my besties blog the other day "For everything there is a season" and it really got me thinking. She mentioned how she didn't get to learn all the things she wished she had while her grandma was still alive. Now to be perfectly honest, I believe we all have those things we wished we had taken the time to learn from the loved ones who have past. I know I wish now that I would have really listened to my grandma Hilton while she went on and on about sewing, canning, cooking. Now don't get me wrong I did slightly listen, I can cook. Sewing though she was great and that I didn't take the time to listen like I should have. I can sew now, but that is due in part to my uncle mike and a good friend who had faith that yes even I could make a quilt if I put my mind(and heart) into it.
Anyway, after reading Jody’s blog(you should holler at her and get her blog address it’s great) and reading all the things she wants to learn and remember from her poppy before he is taken from us. I mentioned to her that she should make a journal, listing all the little bits of knowledge that he is passing down to her. with notes, pictures and such. Got me thinking that this year Mom & Dad are living here on my little farm with us. I said I would love to have a small garden and grow some of our own veggies and fruits. Well now isn't this a great learning opportunity for me and my girls.(oh yes, they are going to help if they want to eat the good food we are growing) Dad has tons of sure fire ways to get great results from a backyard garden. I know this because although I didn't help much with the planting and caring for his gardens growing up I did however get to eat all the yummy goodness he grew from the ground with his own 2 hands.
So yes I absolutely have lots of things to learn. and I don't want to forget them either. I want to do this whole garden (farm life) thing for a very long time. (it is very rewarding knowing where your food comes from) So I have already taken some pictures and I have a little notebook for writing my thoughts about what he is teaching us about growing a garden. So far we have learned that a small backyard garden quickly turns into a much larger undertaking when dad is left with the tractor and 7 & ½ Acres of land.J And that those stores that market seeds and seedlings target those of us who don’t garden. The little sign on a peanut plant got me(hook, line and sinker with “have you ever seen a peanut grow?J ) and I ended up buying a pound of seed peanuts and now we have 3 (very long) rows of peanuts in our (not so little) garden. I am not sure how exactly we are going to get everything in the ground so that we can get some veggies later(so stinking much rain keeps slowing us down) but it will get done. As for the journal so we don’t forget what we learn…well that may end up being a great gift for my girls when(or if they get married) we’ll see, I may love it so much I may keep it for myself. J So my last thought for you is…Go outside and play in the dirt, you will be surprised what you can do with a few seeds, some water and your time. Have a great time learning about the growing season. And remember…for everything there is a season, enjoy it while it is here(write it down & takes pics). Thanks Jody for spurring this blog entry in my mind. I love you, sister  .

Friday, April 15, 2011

This Crazy Oklahoma weather

I have mentioned the weather before in a post it was when we got loaded up with snow(i love snow)  but today was spring weather in OK.  I HATE spring weather in Oklahoma.  I can handle tons of snow, blistering hot summer days and the other mess we get all year long, what I can not handle (or not well anyway) is spring weather.  The entire months of April and May scare the crap out of me.  Thunderstorms not really a big deal, I can sit and listen to the rain and thunder and have fun counting to see how far away the storm is.  All good until...the weather man says TORNADO (warning, watch, low clouds, rotation...)  I turn into a complete basket case.  I try so hard to be tough and not afraid while around my girls, but just today while we were watching to see what these storms were going to be doing, Val turns to me and says " are scared, I can see it in your eyes"   What, no Im fine Vallie.  "dont lie mom I can see it.  its ok to be scared"   Crazy how they know things you don't want them to know.  Truth is yes I was scared.  All evening I was freaking out, trying not to think about the weather (when its all everyone around me was talking about)  I was literally sick to my stomach. (yes that is how crazy scared I get when they are talking tornados)  With good reason, April 26 1991(yes I know that was "like so long ago")  We were home, normal spring day, it was so nice out that afternoon.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  We had just been at the grocery store and someone was telling my mom that her yard was the prettiest on the block. (my parents truly loved their yard)  short mowed grass, flowers growing in beds around all the little trees dad had worked so hard on.  It was cool hearing someone say that about our yard.  Anyway we got home, dad was watching the weather.  There was going to be some storms and he was watching the news(channel 6 no less)  they were using new technology(pathfinder) to track where they thought the storms were going to be heading.  (turns out the new pathfinder technology was spot on)  they said the storms would be there at 9:0something  and darn it if they weren't right.  In the rush of all of us kinda freaking out. (this was our new house, just built for my family a couple years before..just our luck house, key tornado.)   Dad tells us to get in the car we are going to go to Dennis and Theresa's house to get in the cellar.  we pile in the car(after scrambling for shoes jackets and such) and he is backing out of the driveway and stops.  "what is going on why are you stopping"  he pulled back into the drive and pulls the car as far into the garage as he could get it and yells at us "it's to late to leave, get inside and go into the bathroom"  we hurry out and back inside the house.  we pile into the tiny bathroom and he throws blankets pillows and even a mattress in on top of us.  (at this point I start screaming..."speckles!  dad she is outside, you have to go get her!--which he did) we are all in the bathroom, except dad who like many other Oklahomans was standing on the front porch waiting to see it coming.  Lightning struck what may have been the house, knocked him down and then he too came into the bathroom with us as the tornado smached through our neighborhood.  For what seemed like forever(only like 2 and a half minutes) we were all crying and praying at the same time.  We were spared, our house not so much.  Grandma lived on the next block over her house was also hit and demolished.  Everything after that was really kinda crazy living with family until a new house could be built and such.  But this, this is why I get crazy when they mention tornados on the weather.  That Oklahoma weather changed me forever.  Wow that was a crazy night(crazy how well it has stuck in my brain) Maybe it isn't how everyone else remembered it, but hey this is my blog. If you remember this event, please post a comment, I would like to see how you recount the day.
Well, thats all I have for tonight.  Enjoy the know what they say..."if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute it will change"  have a great day.  lots of love.  :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Been doing some thinking. Yikes!

Yes I know with me, that could be bad...but it isn'tf(this time anyway).  Today I swore off facebook(reality check...probably wont last a week, I mean come on I am a FB addict) but I am really trying to cut out some mess in my life.  So I have been doing some thinking...I have re-read all the post i have posted on my blog and well I am not very happy with what I have been posting.  why?  well because they really don't give you a peek into my life.  I mean the name is "a day in the life..." after shouldn't it be about what is going on in my life at the time of the post?  not just some silly opinion, just life(mine and those around me all the time)  How else are you going to be keeping up with what is going on in my life if Im not posting anything that is much more than opinion...Take yesterdays post.  It was about my baby girl.  It was from the heart not the head.  I seem to really like how it turned out.  I could go on and on about stuff like that(the here and now--or even the memories from better days gone by) wow that made me sound super old-lol.  So from now on, I don't plan to put you to sleep with what I think you want to read, but instead stories from my heart(happy stuff, mad stuff, just all kinds of stuff) about my family and friends.(Sorry if you find yourself in a story and it offends you) but I will try my best to not use names if not truly needed.(sometimes knowing who a story is about makes it so much better.)   hugs & kisses...goodnight.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My baby girl

found this pic, not sure but I believe she was 3
April 12th(yes i know it is the 13th now)...This date in 1999 we welcomed into the world our sweet baby Britt.  She had a bit of a rough time in the first week, but wow look at her now.  She is 12.  Cant believe she is already almost a teen. (yuck)  We were so spoiled with Val that when Miss Britt came along she set our world on edge.  Thats right, she was quite a mess(not sleeping throught the night even to this day she sleep walks) But you wouldn't meet a sweeter, kinder girl.  She has the biggest heart.  Ive been thinking alot about her today with reason, it was after all her birthday.  She got to bring her horse to our pasture this week inlight of her day, so she didn't really seem to mind that I had to work and she had a softball game on her birthday.  As long as she gets to play with Ladybug alittle before the day is over.  She is now fast asleep in her bed(for now) most likley dreaming of her best friend(the horse not anyone of her people friends Im sure).  A little story about Britt.  She is the biggest animal lover you may ever meet.  So much so that this last summer we had a problem with mice for a bit(we live in the country it happens, its why we have a cat)  anyway, the mouse problem(made worse because britt was leaving food for them without us knowing it).  I had bought those traps that dont kill the mice, the sticky kind...well Stephen found that we had captured one and asked Brittnie to take it outside and put it in the trash can(he should have known better)  She took it outside like she was told, but she didn't put it in the trash.  Instead she pulled this mouse off the sticky trap( how she did it without pulling his feet of I have no idea) she placed him in a small container and told Stephen she was going to keep him for a pet.(much like the armadillo she caught with her own hands and brought home in a milk crate while out with grandpa) Of course Stephen wouldn't let her bring it in the house, and she forgot to give it food or water. (he died a day or 2 later) and Stephen got rid of him.  Needless to say we started leaving the cabinet doors open so the cat could get to the mice and eventually bought the right kind of traps to do the job right.  As for Britt, yes she was not happy with us for killing the mice, but she now understands that not every animal can be a pet. (i hope)

Britt talkin w/ Ladybug

with Chewy

"Get that rooster out of my house"

                                             Well these were a few of my favorite moments(there are way more that what is here) in the last few years of my Brittnie.  As you can see she there isn't an animal she wont love(wish I could find the photo of her holding the silly armadillo she turned out at our house to live on our farm)  Boy there will never be a dull moment at our house as long as we have Brittnie, she keeps us all hopping.

lovin on Clover(the blind hen)

learning to bottle feed a baby cow

Making friends(for a short time) with the soon to be dinner :)

This is the sisters about 3 weeks ago

One of my favorite photos of her with the many animals in her life.

If you have a favorite story about my Brittnie, please post and share. I would love to read it and I am sure she would like to see it here too.  Thanks for reading my ramblings.  Have a great day.

Friday, March 25, 2011

“What is this thing I keep seeing…geocaching?”

I have been asked this question several times the last few weeks, with the weather being nice more these days, the girls and I (and Stephen some) have been getting out of the house and playing outside more. This is good for us all. I must say it is so stinking much fun. So what is geocaching (sounds like geo cashing) It really is pretty simple. It is high tech treasure hunting. There is a website you should visit ( there is a short video clip you can watch that explains it pretty well. You start at the website and look for caches near you(out in the woods or right there in the city you live in), key the coordinates into your gps system and then go outside and find the cache. While out looking, the coordinates will get you within a few feet of the cache from there you have to look for it yourself a little(this is our favorite part-to see which of the 4 of us finds it first). When you find it depending on the size of the cache, there may be items inside the container if there is you are welcome to take something home with you as a reward for your find, but if you take something out you must leave something of equal or greater value(please don't just leave junk, make it fun for the next person to find). Be sure to sign the log so that others that find it will see that you found it. When you get back home you go back to the website and log that you found a cache. The website keeps track of all you find, you can add friends to your profile so that you can keep up with what they have found, (we look at Sarah’s profile a lot) (Britt always asks “mom has Sarah found this one yet…?” my answer is almost always “yes honey she has.”) while out on a little road trip this past weekend we stopped at the Roaring River to feed the fish, while there we found a cache Britt then said “ yay! Sarah hasn’t found this one yet huh mom” We have the most fun out looking and sometimes Britt finds something she just cant live without. She carries a bag full of stuff to leave incase she takes something. We have found a few items called “trackables” these items can be tracked at the website by a number printed on them. So far we have found 3 different ones. The first one was a small coin that started somewhere in Colorado and has been to Oregon and several other places before being placed in a cache near Sperry. The second one we grabbed was a little puppy key chain. Britt wanted to take it so she left something in its place, it wasn’t until 3 days later that we learned that it was a trackable. We now have to find it another home in a cache somewhere. It started in Stillwater OK so it hasn’t yet been very far. And the 3rd one that we found was while we were at the Roaring River. It started in Canada and has been all across the country and had made it back to MO. We grabbed it and carried it home with us to place it in an Oklahoma cache. We haven’t really found that many caches, we did only start in November then it got cold on us. It isn’t any kind of race for us to see how many we can get(other than Britt needing to know if she beat Sarah to one), we just enjoy the time outside together playing and searching for treasure. I know this was kind of a rambling page today, but I just wanted to share my excitement about this fun family activity with everyone…and if you go to the website you can create a membership(for free) so you can start you own treasure hunting adventure please remember to look us up(stvbCorley4) and add us as a friend on your profile. We would love to see the fun you have while caching. And holler at us anytime you need a caching partner, we love to go out and have fun. Go online, I think you will be suprised to see how many are near you and then look for your favorite places.  There are caches hidden all over the world.  Hope you have fun out there.  Holler back and let me know what you think of geocaching.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines day, just another day...?

Really missing time to sit and write…between working so much and sleeping to be ready for work I just haven’t been able to get it done. Which is crazy I never wanted to write anything before, but now I find myself upset that I haven’t made time. Still don’t know what I would write about if I had the time. Seems the subject of all conversations these days is the “2011 BLIZZAD” Frankly I’m done hearing about it. I have been walking around with my ear buds in so I don’t have to listen…ugh!

So Valentines day. When your young and in love it seems that this is one of the most important days of the year. But I see now that when you are “old” and in love it really is just another day. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this because he didn’t do anything sweet for me because he did. We dropped our girls off at the skating rink and went to dinner alone. He didn’t however spend crazy amounts of money on silly flowers that just die. He spends crazy amounts of money on other things I want throughout the entire, laptop, chicken coop, barn for a cow we didn't need but the girls and I wanted to know what it was like to bottle feed a baby cow. Whatever it is he is very good at spoiling me.  My dad said when we were about to be married(nearing 16 years now)..."I can't believe they will let the most spoiled girl in Skiatook marry the most spoiled guy in Sperry"  But who else could take care of each of us other than us?  But really  I don’t need all that to know how much he loves me. Yes it’s nice to get flowers, but I don’t want them if he just feels obligated to do so because of some commercial holiday. I want them when there is no reason at all except because he loves me and wanted to see me smile. Which he does.  But it is also the little not so grand things he does through the year that shows me he loves me too. Like working everyday to make sure our bills and mortgage get paid, or starting my truck for me while I get ready for work when there is 15" of snow outside, or turning off the PS3 because he knows I hate to watch that silly game, or recording my favorite show because he knows I work that night and cant watch it til the weekend... 

I am always on facebook, several times a day everyday(if you cant get a hold of me send me a message via FB). A few days ago a friend had a status update that said pretty much exactly what I was thinking about Valentines day. And Yes I too hate it because it is so commercialized. She said… 
“I hate Valentines day....It is possibly to most ridiculous holiday we have in American society. Why does there have to be one day to make your loved one feel special. You should make her feel that special everyday. Buy her daisies because its Tuesday and you wanted her to know that she is the most important person in your life.
And cook him his favorite dinner and wear that sexy red dress just because you know it has been a long week at work for him. There shouldn’t be just one day that people feel like they have to treat there "someone" like a million it everyday!! If you really love them, then everyday should be Valentines day!!! So stores can take there red and pink boxes of chocolates and put them where the sun doesn’t shine J ”

I really couldn’t have said it any better myself. Thanks JH for the great words.  To everyone else I challenge you to make your special someone feel like it is Valentines day every day…March 12, May 27, June 14 EVERYDAY even if it is just a little note (text or FB post)letting them know your thinking about them.
Enjoy the rest of February(maybe we can have some more of this great weather and not the snow we had the first half)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day :)

Winter is my favorite season!  I remember how awesome it was getting up and looking out seeing this awesome snow everywhere and running to the living room to check channel 6 to see if our school was out for the day...good times.  Today (day 5 of 2011 blizzard) I do still love the snow.  the good times of being able to stay home all day and play in it or just veg in front of the tv are long gone.  Yep, it was up and at it for me Tuesday and everyday since.  I am glad to have a job where everyone just gets out there to get the job done.  I do miss being able to have time to play in the snow and spend time with my girls while they are out of school. but they understand, that even though I only clean and stock ambulances it is important to be there.  I hope that with this, the one lesson they learn is a good work ethic.  that if you have a job do what ever it takes to get it done.  As for this blizzard, well...Im ready for my second favorite season SUMMER!  Stay warm.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, my favorite day of the week?

Well yes.  I do love Mondays, as much as Saturday or Sunday?  When I worked at the credit union I lived for the federal holidays to come around, it was so nice to spend the day home alone without any care in the world...except when that holiday was also a day for the kids to be out of school or Stephen to be off work.  Don't read into that...I love my family, but I also enjoy time to do what I like to do with out having to listen to the girls fussing at each other or Stephen playing video games or watching some silly show on TV.  With this new job, well it's like I get a holiday weekend every single week.  YAY! working 4 days off 3 is by far the best shift I have ever worked  Now don't get me wrong.  I like my job, but who doesn't love weekends right?  I mean really...look at what I get to do all day...sleep in if I want, play on the computer with the house being completely quiet. (priceless by the way) I get to share my thoughts on this silly little blog that I have come to love.  and when I am done here I am going to be putting together my coupon binder so that when I go shopping for food and such I will be able to save money.  (wohoo saving money means having extra money to spend while on mini vacations during the summer when the girls are out of school)  anyway. I have lunch with different people almost every week, it's nice to be able to catch up, spending all day browsing the antique depot-my favorite place to go that takes me back in time.  I am pretty sure that yes Monday could be my most favorite day of the week.  what's yours?  Why?

Sunday, January 30, 2011


To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness.  To postpone or delay needlessly.

Why? Why do we do this to our selves? I do it. Way too often.  For example: at work we each are assigned 3 units to detail each month.  Yes these trucks get cleaned and washed every 12 hour shift.  But to be sure they are really clean we detail them.  They give us the whole month to do this but me, well I always seem to wait to do mine until the very last few days of the month and then I am working like crazy to get them done(and yes I got them done for this month).  whew, Im tired just thinking about all that work.
So why is it I always put it off til the very last moment. There has to be some reason...but you know I would bet everyone I know does it. That's right even you :)
So what do I do to fix this? There are so many things in my life that need tending to, is it really that big a deal that I do this, it isn't hurting anyone is it? no of course not. (well except me when I have to rush to get stuff done) But hey thats when I get all my best stuff that blanket that needs go be done for Steph oh and that sock monkey I am working on for Jason's birthday(which was Friday. oops...) or the...well as you can see my list of things to finish is longer than I want to think about today, maybe I will finish some of those things this weekend.  Or maybe next weekend...anyway.  I bring this up because it is one of the things about myself I would like to improve on.  This is something I can fix, with time and effort...maybe I'll start on that tomorrow  :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hurry home to post a blog entry

I think starting a blog has created a monster.  Yep all night at work I couldn't wait to get home(forgot my laptop) so that I could type something on my new and exciting blog.  But wait, what will I post about when I get there?  I didn't reallty think that far into it when I signed up for my very own site.  I want to do this every single free moment, does my family & friends really care what I ramble on about on some silly blog?  No not likely after all I did say in my first post that I wanted this blog to be a way for them to keep up with what was going on in our lives...and this really isn't our lives it is more like what is going on inside my head.  which can get pretty crazy sometimes.  anyway I was thinking all night "what ever could I post crankyness at work tonight, well there is that wont due. I don't want to think about it much less let someone read about it. Or what about my routine...when i get home i make sure the girls get on the bus...No not that either.  Oh how 'bout Mom and dad living here on my little farm (maybe another day) Well then how about is a friend of ours birthday. This has stirred something inside my heart and it is really bugging me... he isn't making a fuss about it and I get it some people don't.  BUT why not?  Birthdays are great it is your one day. one day a year that says this is the day God wanted me here and I am going to celebrate it to its fullest.  Still no matter how much I try to get people to see this there are still those out there that would rather just let their day go by unnoticed(Stephen too)   :(   I am the kind of girl who would totally get along with the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.  Celebrating even the "UNbirthday"  Not that I'm such a party girl or anything(Lord knows I don't have that kind of time) but come on it's your birthday for crying out loud, live it up and have a little fun for 1 day (and the other 364 days of the year you can go on doing whatever it is you want to do) Celebrate even if your scheduled to work, plan something...anything.
Well so you got a taste of the random stuff that hangs out in my head...Hope you can continue your day with out thinking I am a "special" kind of crazy. Have a great day, check back often to see what all pops into my head and onto a blog page.  ha ha I love writing for no reason. (bad punctuation and all)  Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

just couldn't help but post again...

Well so much for a day at a time.  I just had to post once more today.  So I was hanging out on everyones favorite social site this morning and was excited to share this new blog idea with my close friends and family when while trying to send a message to one of my longest best friends I discovered that I had been deleted...thats right, as far as facebook was concerned we were no longer friends.  This kind of freaked me out.  what in the world was going on is this a facebook error or what?  I needed to get to the bottom of this and quick.  Well turns out that busy lives, jobs and family life (oh and not living in the same town) has really taken its toll on a friendship that was strained and I didn't even know it was happening.  So I think I did the right thing by just picking up the phone and doing my part to fix this infraction.  Im sure only time will tell if it is truly repaired. I love her like a sister but just like my husband and girls have pointed out in the past, all I do is work, work, work.  Well I have added a few things to my "work" list.  Friendship must be at the top of that list.  just under home life.  because just like a marriage a true friendship needs work and mainenance to keep it healthy.  I hope that she knows I love her, but that we are both grown ups with tons of other responsiblities and sometimes I may not always respond to FB posts or text messages(being nocturnal makes keeping up with the day walkers tough) but you all have my phone number  Im awake from 4pm til 8am tuesday  thru friday and then normal hours on the weekends and monday, feel free to call anytime.  I will do my part to not make you feel left out of my life.  for now I gotta go to work :)  lovin this crazy ride I call my life.  have a good night all.

Lets see how this works for me. lol

So as everyone who knows me knows that I am way busy what seems like all the time.  I never really take time to visit with my friends and family like I should.  I have a good friend that started her own blog( her's has purpose and reason)  mine,  not so much.  I just like to share whats going on in life.  Now what Im not going to do is go into all the details (married w daughters...) Im thinking my family and friends already know this information :)   that is the plan anyway.  It's a new year. so its time for a new tammy right.  I have lots of things going on right now, a few are working at EMSA.  It is a pretty great job with lots of room for improving myself.  with that said I did just fail my NREMT(test to be an EMT) which sucks, but in 15 more days I will test again and maybe then I can pass.  keep your fingers crossed.  I love the cold weather, but cant wait for some super nice weather on the weekends because my girls(britt mostly-val not so much) and I really enjoy going geocaching.  "What is that?" you ask well it is simply high tech scavenger hunting.  I love it because it gets us out of the house together, britt loves it because she can hunt for treasure and maybe find some history while she's at it.  Well I have just used up too much of your important time so I will sign off for now.  Work nights at EMSA so I really should be getting myself to sleep so I can do amazing things when I wake up.  Ok amazing may be a stretch but hey a girl can dream right :-)  oh one more thing, don't try correcting the typos and spelling errors, I just worked a 12hr shift and I am getting sleepy.  I will try to do better with that in the future.  hahaha this was kinda fun and a little relaxing.  everyone needs some of that right.  Good night.