Thursday, May 26, 2011

Valorie Michelle

My Vallie...gotta love those cheeks

It is hard for me to really pick just one thing to write about my girls, seems they are always up to something.  Cant believe today my first born turned 15.  I remember the day we brought her home from the hospital.  Stephen had seen Joe(he was on the fire dept. with stephen) at the store on the way home and stopped to show off his pretty baby girl.  I still didn't know him well, but he and Jackie came to the truck and ooo'd and ahhh'd over my sweet baby. then out of the blue, Jackie pulled her little foot out and said "Well look at that Joe, she has your toes!" (because they were very long little toes) they all laughed, I was slightly embarrassed but that comment has made it all these years as our little joke.  Now every time we see either Joe or Jackie, they ask how their girl is doing and if she still has Joes toes.  Seems just like yesterday she was that tiny little girl with all that hair. (her hair was the first thing everyone noticed)  She was such an easy baby.  She only took a pacifier for a few months, bottle broke quickly and learned to walk what seemed like over night.  I will never forget the first time she started sleeping through the night.  (it was in the first week home from the hospital)  Yet another thing that was easy with Val.(Brittnie still gets up in the middle of the night, to this day)  I woke up in the  middle of the night because that's when she had been waking up, but she wasn't awake this time...I went to her room, she was sleeping.  I (the freaking out new mom)  put my hand near her nose to see if i could feel her breathing because I was half asleep myself I couldn't focus enough to see the rise and fall of her little chest.  At this point i called Stephen into her room to check her...finally I reached to touch her cheek, and she let out a big sigh and I could see and feel that she was in fact still breathing.  I wanted to wake her up, but Stephen wouldn't let me. Darn dads wanting their sleep. 

Flower girl at Cheryl & Jason's wedding.
Oh how cute she was in that dress.

Val has always been such a girly girl, I wouldn't want her any other way really.  She has gotten to be a flower girl for Stephens cousin Cheryl, and then when she was just 12 she got to be a brides maid for Emily (and man she didn't look 12 standing at the front of that church that day)

Brides maid for Emily

I guess it kinda makes me sad to think that at this point in life she is much closer to being the bride than the flower girl.  She loves to dress up so much, that I am sure with out a doubt in my mind she will be the prettiest bride ever when it is her turn (not any time soon, thank you. Im in no rush for that) 
gotta love the shoes.
my silly val!

loving her baby sister.
Val was such a great helper when brittnie came along.  It took her a while to get to that point, because when Britt was born and Stephen took her out to meet her big sister, Val didn't want anything to do with her.  She wanted to give her back.  I guess like any siblings they have their ups and downs.  sometimes I swear it seems more like downs.
took this shot while making them hold
hands while getting ready for school one morning
when all they could do was argue with each other

    One day brittnie had been in her baby bed sleeping, i heard her wake up and start to whimper so i went to the kitchen to make her a bottle.  while making the bottle she started to scream, I ran to see what was wrong and there stood Val, I asked what happened, why was Britt crying.  She looked up at me with the most proud of herself look on her face and said "she was crying so I gave her something to cry about."  So started the days of tormenting the sister. 

Crazy hair day @ school.

waiting for mom to stop taking pictures

"mom take a picture of how huge this strawberry is"
One of my favorites.  Nothing wrong with a
girl being able to shoot a semi automatic weapon.

Val & Nikki

We have alot of fun times and alot of not so fun times, when I look at Val, I can see how close she is to becoming an adult and though I don't tell her near enough I firmly believe she is going to be one heck of a grown up.  she really does have a good stable head on her shoulders and I know that even though she is just now getting to the age where she is going to push her limits with us she will turn out great in the end.  It is funny now, but not so much when just the other day she started to feel out some of those boundaries, she asked if she could go spend the night with a friend on the last day of school, ended up going to another friends house and telling her little sister "not to tell mom" (and Britt didn't tell however dad caught her)  little does she know that had she just called to say "hey mom can I go to so&so's house before going to cortni's house today after school..."  I wouldn't have minded near as much.  Oh well.  Guess she is going to have to figure this out at her pace.  (God help us) and man some days I still get so frustrated with my girls, but if someone told me I could go back in time and that I could change anything I wanted, I would never change meeting Stephen and becomming a mom to the wonderful daughters God has given me.

Thanks  for taking time to read my ramblings about  my sweet baby girl. (who isn't such a baby anymore)  

One last picture.  Val with a couple of her friends just a few weeks ago getting ready to go to her school dance.  My how she has grown.  Check back often to see what we're up to.


  1. Theresa Hilton7:35 AM, May 29, 2011

    Awwwww I laughed and I teared up that is so sweet that was a good wakeup Sunday read thanks for starting my day out have two wonderful girls! love you guys!

  2. Hey I have a memory for you I remember when she was little not even a year yet & I was prego with Clayton & we took Val down to the little park and she was eating raw carrotts and sticking them in the dirt b4 she would take a bite I said to you "Tammy she is eating dirt" & you looked at me and said "Grandma says God makes dirt & dirt dont hurt" To this day I still tell my kids that.....But I will NEVER forget that day!!!!!

  3. This is my fav I will never foget lil miss when she was lil miss now she is a BEAUTIFUL Young time flys bye..