Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, my favorite day of the week?

Well yes.  I do love Mondays, as much as Saturday or Sunday?  When I worked at the credit union I lived for the federal holidays to come around, it was so nice to spend the day home alone without any care in the world...except when that holiday was also a day for the kids to be out of school or Stephen to be off work.  Don't read into that...I love my family, but I also enjoy time to do what I like to do with out having to listen to the girls fussing at each other or Stephen playing video games or watching some silly show on TV.  With this new job, well it's like I get a holiday weekend every single week.  YAY! working 4 days off 3 is by far the best shift I have ever worked  Now don't get me wrong.  I like my job, but who doesn't love weekends right?  I mean really...look at what I get to do all day...sleep in if I want, play on the computer with the house being completely quiet. (priceless by the way) I get to share my thoughts on this silly little blog that I have come to love.  and when I am done here I am going to be putting together my coupon binder so that when I go shopping for food and such I will be able to save money.  (wohoo saving money means having extra money to spend while on mini vacations during the summer when the girls are out of school)  anyway. I have lunch with different people almost every week, it's nice to be able to catch up, spending all day browsing the antique depot-my favorite place to go that takes me back in time.  I am pretty sure that yes Monday could be my most favorite day of the week.  what's yours?  Why?


  1. Every day, becasue it is another day I have to lead someone to God. Seriously. I if even one person learns who god is because of be, anything I have to go thru is worth it.