Thursday, January 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Let me just start by saying straight out of the gate that I absolutely hate to be on the front side of any camera much less my own.  Now it isn't that I don't enjoy being in the moment, I do.  I just enjoy taking the pictures instead of being in them if that makes any sense at all.   With that said I'm glad I was on the front side of this camera this day.  I suppose all little girls dream of growing up, getting married and having babies.  I know when I was a little girl my friends and i would play house, we would more less mark of sections of the room as mine and theirs these sections would be my house or her house.  we'd have baby dolls name them fun names.  We had fun.  I don't know that I ever really thought about actually having children when I grew up.  And as I got older I remember that I didn't even want to get married when I grew up much less have any kids.  But we all grow up. And that guy comes along that makes us fall head over heals right.  Well anyway he did, I fell and a year after we said our "I do's" we got our first of two sweet girls.  I remember wanting boys both times but getting a tiny little girl instead. Anyway I wouldn't change it for nothing.
This photo is my sweet Valorie.  It was summer of 96.  No I don't know the exact day or month but I remember this day well.  Growing up my mom had shared with me some of the items she had been able to save from when I was little.  One of those items was a teeny tiny bikini (probably one of the few I ever owned-I don't do bikini) it was blue with flowers trimmed with little white lace.  This day I was so excited to be able to put that very same bikini on my very own "baby doll" it was so cute on her. And fit just right.  The weather was so warm but I remember the water was quite cold and she hated the water. She has since gotten over that and loves spending time at the lake or in the pool. 
I am so glad that my momma was able to save this stuff for me to be able to share with my own girls. And yes I still have that bikini and it seems fine as we get closer and closer to when my own girls will be testing the waters with boys and maybe even fall head over heals and they will before we know it need to take the bikini to the lake for their own babies to wear even if only long enough to get a sweet little picture.  While looking through our pictures Val mentioned this was one of her favorites as well.  So that is why it was shared here now with all of you. 
Thanks for reading!
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. First of all that is a priceless picture!!! It is crazy how fast time goes by tick tock...May I be the first to say you will probably have grandsons..giggle giggle..whick I am sure will be fine with you!!! Love your Throwback Thursdays Love ya Aunt T

  2. Well you are probably right about the grandson stuff. That is my luck.
    He will look pretty silly in a bikini ;) no. Stephen would kill me if I did that.
    Thanks for reading. Love you too.