Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashback Friday

Yes flashback Friday because we had company over last night and I totally forgot that it was Thursday and I didn't get my throwback post up here for you all to laugh at.
I can't tell you the year this picture was taken, what I can tell is that it was the fall.  I know this because that is part of a deer Stephen is cutting up that Val is so proudly holding up.
This photo makes remember my dad bringing home a deer after his long day out hunting and how I wanted to "help" him cut it up.  Don't ask me why because I don't really know and I am absolutely sure that I was next to no help at all.  But I remember I thought it was awesome.  So it warms my heart to see my girls spending this time with their own daddy.  They have been "helping" him for years now.  Well Val has anyway.  I only recall Britt really helping when it was the deer she shot, she would rather be playing or anything else besides cleaning a deer (as you can see her here with her silly face for the camera)  Val on the other hand always wants to help.  I have pictures from this past fall of her and Stephen both working on one.  He is showing her how to really help.  I'll have to post about it sometime.  It is cute how they are working together.  I love how he has never let them being girls get in his way of showing them how to do something.  Rather it be cutting up a deer, hunting, fishing or even working on a car.  He is a pretty fantastic dad and I don't think he has ever thought twice about not having a son.  And why would he because with our girls he has the best of both worlds...a couple of daddy's girls that think he hung the moon and some girls that like to do all those outdoor (boy) activities with him.  They are all three pretty great we have our moments when we would like to kill each other but together we have tons of fun as a family too and I wouldn't trade this bunch for anything.

Thanks for reading today and who knows if next week you will see a throwback Thursday or a flashback Friday.  I always have such good intentions to post on a more regular basis, but then life gets in the way and I forget to make time.  Oh well.  Keeping it simple and posting when I remember it.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Love you all.
tammy c

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  1. Oh my goodness that is some flashback friday for sure!!! Love the picture, don't they just looks so inocent.... priceless thanks for posting!!! Aunt T