Friday, January 4, 2013

It is not lost

Hand rolling
I can not tell you how many times in my life my dear mom has tried to teach me how to make her homemade flour tortillas over the course of my life but for some reason unknown to me I can not get it.  I've tried and tried.  They always turn out bad.  It's so bad that I just gave up a few years ago and started calling mom every time I needed(trust me its a need not a want) her tortillas.

I think its because she never measures anything just tosses it in a bowl and does what she was taught by her mom, who was taught by her mom and so on.  It is a little sad that I could never get it.  And I was saddened by the thought that after she is gone I wouldn't know how to do it & I wouldn't have anyone to call to make me some.  Heaven knows dad don't know how to make them, loves eating them but he does not cook them. 

I know what your thinking "just go buy them at the store or find the recipe online"  You and I both know that there are thousands and thousands of people sharing how to's online nowadays.  I am a huge fan of pinterest and love finding awesome things to make for my family but my mommas tortillas are not on there (there may be some that taste, look and smell exactly like mommas but trust me they are not.)

The reason for this is because hers are made with care, hard work & love.  Each batch is mixed without measuring cups & spoons.  She just knows. And every tortilla is rolled out to just the right thickness and size by hand with the rolling pin.  No quick and easy tortilla press for her.  Each one being a different shape (no perfectly round ones here) than the one before it but the warm yummy taste of it is the same every time and if you haven't had them your missing out.

Last night while trying to decide what to make for dinner Val pops up with "beef and bean burritos"  my response was that would be great but we don't have any tortillas to which she proudly stated "well I can make some" and my reply to this was what how?  she informed me that grandma had taught her how to make them and she just needed to call grandma to double check the ingredient list. 

almost time to flip

I left her to it.  After all I truly have no idea what is in them.  After a bit she called to me from the kitchen to come and see if hers looks like grandmas.  I went to investigate (with butter and a knife in hand no less)

Almost time to eat!  Yummo!
I was amazed!  Happy, excited (hungry) but most of all proud.  Proud that my baby was able to pick up something I myself have yet to master.  Happy because all my moms efforts were not lost on Valorie.  excited & hungry because well they are so very delicious and they were hot and fresh right there in my kitchen!

Now I don't know if mom has taught the other granddaughters this special recipe but she should so they can all pass it on to their children. 
My only question is did Dave learn this before he moved out and am I the only one that don't know how to make them?

Thanks Momma you truly are the greatest mom and I love you!
Guess I will try it again soon because I hate the thought that I don't know how.

Thanks for reading
Have a great weekend!

Love you all
tammy c


  1. Nothing, nothing, nothing compares to homemade tortillas!!!! I LOVE love them! It's been years since I helped make them but they are awesome!

    1. Maybe we should change the menu to something that includes them next weekend :) Fajitas?? with her homemade spanish rice?? something to think about.