Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A long long....long time ago

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a convertible Mustang.  When I say a long time ago I mean before I ever got my drivers license and I'm old so we all know that was a long long...long time ago. 
But God had other plans for me.  I married at 20 and by the time I was 21 I had a baby and another at 25. So needless to say a mustang was not a practical car choice for us.  And well with 2 girls the budget wouldn't allow for one either.  But fast forward some years and I mean fast forward because it really does seem like yesterday that my girls were babies.  Life has changed so much, my babies are both nearly grown and though they are not out of the house they are however never really needing me to chauffeur them from here to there and back again.  I am no longer that softball equipment toting mom with girls, bats, balls & gloves spilling out of every car door.  It's for the most part just me going to work and having a little fun with the hubs and friends every now and then.  So the old truck was beginning to show it's years by not running like it should and despite hubs best efforts just wasn't cutting it anymore.  So after 20+ years of day dreaming of a fun car I finally got to get it.  My dream car.  It took a bit of fighting with myself and listening to everyone tell me I didn't want a mustang. But I finally got it.  It isn't brand spanking new but it i s new to me. Very nice and even though she isn't a v8 she can flat run.  (Safely and at the speed limit of course) ☺
I call her Judy, big booty Judy to be exact.  As I can fit 2 weeks worth of groceries in her trunk.  So even if she isn't all practical she is still useful in my book.  
And before I go I'll answer a few questions I have heard rumored about since buying my new car... Yes I am spoiled. No I am not having a "midlife crisis".  No I don't need an extra job to pay for it.  Yes I feel like I deserve it.  No I haven't been bragging about it I am still in shock that it is actually mine.  But with all that said I think each and everyone of us should own our dream car at some point or another in life.  And I thank God every day that Stephen and I are blessed with good jobs that allow for us to provide for our family and have some fun while doing it.   
Hope you all have a great week.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Simple enough

It's no secret that I like to use the creative side of my brain often.  Most the time I am being creative in the sewing room with quilts of just about any color and design. 
Sometimes however I will be scrolling through Pinterest  and find something that begs to be made that isn't sewing.  And that is exactly what prompted this latest trip to town for "crafty supplies". 
I work nights and sometimes on my nights off my brain doesn't want to sleep no matter how hard I try, so on this night when I wasn't even near sleepy I went to town and gathered a few supplies I did not have on hand. (Sewing stuff I'm your girl, other craft stuff forget about it)
Back in March Stephen and I celebrated 20 years of marriage and our girls threw us the sweetest party with our friends and family in attendance.  Part of their decorations were balloons floating with pictures of the life we had built hanging from strings on each balloon.  Now I know I have most all those same pictures on my phone or on Facebook or some other social media but seeing them all in the same place was kind of neat.  I ended up saving all those snapshots for a "project" later.
So it's later (nearly six months later) and I finally got around to doing something with those snapshots.  I bought some mod podge, a little black paint, some glue and a canvas (6 actually). Added the black paint around the edges and the background. Glued the pictures onto the canvas where I wanted them and then gave them all a nice thick coat of mod podge and left them to dry.  

And there you have it a project that was simple enough for anyone with even no craftiness to do and have people wondering how you did that.  It was fun, didn't really cost too much (buy cheap canvas because you're just going to cover it in glue anyway) and your end result is a nice way to showcase some of your everyday moments that get lost in the social media world otherwise.  
Here it is. All done and hanging on the living room wall.  It still needs some rearranging as I'm not certain I like the layout now that it's actually on the wall but hanging canvas was stuipt hard to get all in line.  So maybe I'll get to changing it later.  But I love how it turned out.
(Please don't mind the 70s paneling.  It needs updating but we'll get there one of these days.)

I would love to see pictures of your creative projects.  Please share here in the comments or in my Facebook group.  

Thanks for reading
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Or soda, I don't know what you call it and in most of my adult life I have called it soda.  Don't ask why, I don't know.  Here in the middle of Oklahoma I have been made fun of for it for years.  But it doesn't matter what you call it, it is bad for you. 
I won't bore you with quotes from medical studies and such you know all the bad things they say about it just as well as I do. 
For years and years I have been quite proud of my ability to say I have never smoked cigarettes or ever even tried any kind of drugs but the truth is, that is true for the most part. I have always been grossed out by cigarette smoke and never felt the need to try any type of drugs.  But ya know what?  That sweet sugary liquid that most people are chugging down every single day is just a legal kind of drug.  You get addicted to the ingredients in it just like you would any of those other things. 
I have been drinking soda nearly all my life and I am now at this crazy age starting to see how it has taken its toll on me. 
So being all crazy and sleep deprived at work on Monday I decided that with September here I would start the new month with a new goal.  Kicking my soda habit.  (That idea came to me while sipping a nice cold Dr Pepper at about 11:45pm on August 31st) I had a few more sips and at straight up midnight I tossed half a can in the trash. 

Yay me right?
I thought I would be ok if I just drink my water & got some juice, (cran-apple and pineapple variety so I don't get bored with just plain water) and if I made some tea at home.  No tea isn't great either but asking me to give up all caffeine all at once is like asking me to stop breathing.  Are you crazy?  One vice at a time, one vice at a time.

It's been 33 hours, I cannot even describe the crazy headache I have had and I am positive the people I work with are planning to hire a priest for an exorcism.  I have been a beast to say it nicely.

So if you see me and I am drooling, babbling nonsense, angrily yelling, dazed, zoned out or pounding my head against the pop machine you'll know I haven't just fallen off the crazy train I am just wishing for soda while trying to stick to my goal.  (They also say it only takes 27days to form a habit) keeping my fingers crossed my new habit will be drinking water and not soda.
Maybe it will level out soon and things won't be so hard.
Maybe I can lose a little weight and then find more ways to torture myself for the sake of being healthier.

Hope you are having a great week.
Thanks for reading


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Where does the time go?

I know, I know.  You all are thinking where the heck have you been?  There hasn't been a single post on the blog since late March.  I'm sorry but I was busy.  It was a rough few months there, the end of school meant my baby graduating from high school and the summer has kind of been a whirlwind.  But if I'm not blogging you can find me in one of 3 places...work :-(  the fabric store or in the sewing room.  
Yep that's right the sewing room not just the kitchen table a whole room just for sewing.

Here is a peek into it.  A place for everything and everything in it's place.  Ok that last part might be a bit of a stretch but you get the point.
 Let me tell you how this all came about.  Dreaming and scheming. Yep dreaming of a better place to sew without having to put everything away for dinner or running the risk of something being spilled on a project.  Both of which have happened. And scheming a way to try and turn an old feed shed into a quilting cabin.  
The dreaming has been going on for a few years really.  Since Stephen and I moved in to our home and I didn't have anywhere to set up my sewing stuff.  
In our tiny house even though it was small everywhere it had a huge laundry room that allowed for plenty of room for a table and sewing machine.  Ya know, no room for the family but tons of room for dirty laundry and a sewing machine ☺ so when we got a bigger home that lots of room for the family it had a small laundry room and no space for projects. 

The scheming started after visiting with dear friend and she was having the same "kitchen table sewing area problem and her fabric got juice on it.  I suggested maybe using the old feed shed.  The 2 problems would be talking Britt into letting us move all her animal stuff out & talking our husbands into finishing the inside so we could heat and cool it.  

I mentioned to my hubs and well it was not well received.  I had visited with my mil about it and she instantly suggested we turn the spare room at her house into a sewing room.  She had been looking for something to keep her busy since retiring.  It kind of snowballed from there there and we've spent tons of time in the sewing room since. 

If you need me you you can find me at the sewing machine at her house working on my next big idea ☺
It is super fun to be able to sit down and work on something without having to worry about something getting lost or ruined in the shuffle.  It's also quite funny that every time someone new comes to visit while we're in the sewing room they can't help but feel that crazy urge to sew something.  3 out of 4 of our daughters have started quilts of their own and Val & Britt have finished their firsts tops on their own. 

We even started a Facebook page to maybe help us make a little money by making and selling the quilts we finish.  Please look for us

Twisted chicks quilts

You never know there might be something you can't live without on there.  (And Christmas is closer than you think)

It's been a blast and I can't wait to see what all comes out of the awesome sewing space we share. 

Below are a few of the things I've finished up since having a sewing place

Have a great week & thanks for reading


Tuesday, March 31, 2015



Our sweet little family
We've been married for twenty years.  Let me just say that again...We've been married for twenty years.  I know, it sounds funny when I say it out loud too.  I think it's because only your parents or aunts & uncles are married for twenty years right.  Not us we're too young for that huh?  But look at us though,  we have been married twenty years.  We are the parents, we are the aunt and uncle that has been married 20 years.  
I remember thinking when we said our "I do" that I hope we are married forever like my momma & daddy or like Nanny & Mikey at that time they were married over twenty years and that was the goal...it had to last as long as those guys. And here we are.  Those guys still loving strong too.  Mom & dad with nearly 44 years and Nanny & Mikey just celebrated their 41st.  That is my new goal.  I love that they give us such an awesome example of how it should be.  Thanks guys I know standing where I am now that it isn't always peaches and cream.  Sometimes it is straight out hard work but you have proven that it is very well worth the fight and work that goes into it.  I don't think either of you know how much we look to you as our example.  Thanks for making it look easy and attainable.

Our sweet girls had us an anniversary party this past Saturday and the family and friends came out to help us celebrate this special anniversary and while there I was asked "So has it been easy?"  I had at that point had a little too much wine and just shook my head yes and laughed out loud.  But then I answered him honestly.  "No.  It had not always been easy"  But you know what nothing worth having ever really comes easy now does it?  I can tell you (most of you reading already know this)  between raising kids, dealing with in laws, a mortgage and all the bills that come with raising kids and having a home to call your own is tough.  There are always fights over who was right or wrong who is better at saving or who is the spender, where to spend holidays...and so on and so forth, but in the end it isn't the problems that make or break you rather how you handle them.  Maybe we didn't always handle them right because there were a few times one or the other of us walked out only to return a little while later (after cooling off) to kiss and make up.  How much fun would life be if you never got to kiss and make up anyway (right Uncle Mike)  ☺

Twenty years...sometimes it seems like they took forever but they flew by and I find myself looking back with nothing but smiles.  Yes smiles.  Even at the bad times because even though they were bad times they taught us lessons we needed to learn and can you be upset with that?  Nope not really.

I am looking forward to our next 20.  They are going to be even better.

Have a fantastic day & thanks for reading