Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Or soda, I don't know what you call it and in most of my adult life I have called it soda.  Don't ask why, I don't know.  Here in the middle of Oklahoma I have been made fun of for it for years.  But it doesn't matter what you call it, it is bad for you. 
I won't bore you with quotes from medical studies and such you know all the bad things they say about it just as well as I do. 
For years and years I have been quite proud of my ability to say I have never smoked cigarettes or ever even tried any kind of drugs but the truth is, that is true for the most part. I have always been grossed out by cigarette smoke and never felt the need to try any type of drugs.  But ya know what?  That sweet sugary liquid that most people are chugging down every single day is just a legal kind of drug.  You get addicted to the ingredients in it just like you would any of those other things. 
I have been drinking soda nearly all my life and I am now at this crazy age starting to see how it has taken its toll on me. 
So being all crazy and sleep deprived at work on Monday I decided that with September here I would start the new month with a new goal.  Kicking my soda habit.  (That idea came to me while sipping a nice cold Dr Pepper at about 11:45pm on August 31st) I had a few more sips and at straight up midnight I tossed half a can in the trash. 

Yay me right?
I thought I would be ok if I just drink my water & got some juice, (cran-apple and pineapple variety so I don't get bored with just plain water) and if I made some tea at home.  No tea isn't great either but asking me to give up all caffeine all at once is like asking me to stop breathing.  Are you crazy?  One vice at a time, one vice at a time.

It's been 33 hours, I cannot even describe the crazy headache I have had and I am positive the people I work with are planning to hire a priest for an exorcism.  I have been a beast to say it nicely.

So if you see me and I am drooling, babbling nonsense, angrily yelling, dazed, zoned out or pounding my head against the pop machine you'll know I haven't just fallen off the crazy train I am just wishing for soda while trying to stick to my goal.  (They also say it only takes 27days to form a habit) keeping my fingers crossed my new habit will be drinking water and not soda.
Maybe it will level out soon and things won't be so hard.
Maybe I can lose a little weight and then find more ways to torture myself for the sake of being healthier.

Hope you are having a great week.
Thanks for reading


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