Friday, September 4, 2015

Simple enough

It's no secret that I like to use the creative side of my brain often.  Most the time I am being creative in the sewing room with quilts of just about any color and design. 
Sometimes however I will be scrolling through Pinterest  and find something that begs to be made that isn't sewing.  And that is exactly what prompted this latest trip to town for "crafty supplies". 
I work nights and sometimes on my nights off my brain doesn't want to sleep no matter how hard I try, so on this night when I wasn't even near sleepy I went to town and gathered a few supplies I did not have on hand. (Sewing stuff I'm your girl, other craft stuff forget about it)
Back in March Stephen and I celebrated 20 years of marriage and our girls threw us the sweetest party with our friends and family in attendance.  Part of their decorations were balloons floating with pictures of the life we had built hanging from strings on each balloon.  Now I know I have most all those same pictures on my phone or on Facebook or some other social media but seeing them all in the same place was kind of neat.  I ended up saving all those snapshots for a "project" later.
So it's later (nearly six months later) and I finally got around to doing something with those snapshots.  I bought some mod podge, a little black paint, some glue and a canvas (6 actually). Added the black paint around the edges and the background. Glued the pictures onto the canvas where I wanted them and then gave them all a nice thick coat of mod podge and left them to dry.  

And there you have it a project that was simple enough for anyone with even no craftiness to do and have people wondering how you did that.  It was fun, didn't really cost too much (buy cheap canvas because you're just going to cover it in glue anyway) and your end result is a nice way to showcase some of your everyday moments that get lost in the social media world otherwise.  
Here it is. All done and hanging on the living room wall.  It still needs some rearranging as I'm not certain I like the layout now that it's actually on the wall but hanging canvas was stuipt hard to get all in line.  So maybe I'll get to changing it later.  But I love how it turned out.
(Please don't mind the 70s paneling.  It needs updating but we'll get there one of these days.)

I would love to see pictures of your creative projects.  Please share here in the comments or in my Facebook group.  

Thanks for reading
Have a great weekend

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