Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I would be posting week four of my "Organize Now" challenge but seeing that tomorrow is Thanksgiving I thought it would be nice to have a little break to spend time with family and friends.  And it will be good to let weeks one through three really sink in.  So if you're cooking today I hope all your dishes turn out wonderful and if you get to relax and have fun enjoy it to its fullest.  If you are one of those who has to spend your day at work (police, fire & ambulance) and anyone else that has to work thank you for your hard work and maybe your family will save you some food. 

Have a great holiday weekend, don't get trampled while out Friday trying to get the best deals.
See you all back here Tuesday for week four!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A schedule...ain't no body got time for that! (week 3 of organize now)

Well we are making time for making sure we have a good workable schedule.  No more missed appointments or missed fun.  Schedule everything and start making time for you to enjoy life.
This week may be harder for some than it is for others.  For me because I work outside the home it is a little easier for me to stick to a schedule.   I know that no matter what I schedule it can not be on a Wednesday at noon.  I work every Wednesday from 6 in the morning until 6 in the evening and it is like that every Thursday & every other Friday, Saturday & Sunday as well.  This schedule seems a bit hard for my family and friends to grasp sometimes but for me it is set in my mind and the rest of my life just kinda falls into place around it.  I hate that pretty much everything we do revolves around work but we're grown ups trying to raise a couple of kids so I guess that is our job.  Now this week may be harder for my dear friend following along with me as she is a stay at home mom with kids that all go different directions so her week will be much harder to get in order than mine. But that's why we are working through this book together. So we can make changes where we need them most. 

Last week wasn't too bad. My priorities shifted a bit because Brittnie's fundraiser for FFA came in and we had to spend quite a bit of time delivering it all as we did not have room at our house for $1500 worth of frozen food items.  So the laundry room did not get started for reorganization this week.  But the girls and I spent quite a bit of time moving furniture and organizing the decorative items on the living room walls and that particular item has been on my to do list for quite some time (years really, we have just haphazardly hung stuff all over with no rhyme or reason)  but now it is starting to look like we actually live there and care what our walls are saying about us.  Its a work in progress.  And my public areas are the priority right now. We should be finished up with the living room and begin on the kitchen in the next day or two.  I'm really excited because its the little steps that are making the big jobs around the house not seem so unrealistic. 

This week's tips for organizing your schedule are:
• be realistic about what you can accomplish in one day
• avoid overwhelming tasks by breaking them up into small doable jobs. Instead of writing "clean the kitchen" break it down and write out each small job "wash dishes, clean off stove, wipe down cabinets...and so on" then feel that bit of extra motivation you get after each small job is completed :)
• keep a note pad beside your bed so you can jot down all the things that your brain keeps you awake telling you you need to do the next day (I am the worst about letting things I need to do tomorrow keep me up half the night worrying I'll forget them.  I'll be adding a note pad there tonight for sure)
• use one calendar for all your home and work(and everything in between) planning that way everything for everyone is in the same place and nothing gets missed. (I personally use the calender app on my android for this and it even has alarms for the important stuff)

Drop me a line in the comments section to let me know how you're doing if you too are working along with me.  I'd love to hear what you have to share.

Good luck with getting your schedule in order & organized during week three and if you have any questions feel free to holler at me at:

Have a great week everyone!
Always :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lets whip those priorities into shape (week 2 of organize now)

Wow what a quick week.  Week one of my "lets get organized" kick seemed to have gone by pretty quick and easy.  I have a partner so to speak working along with me, she and I spent quite an afternoon searching for her a copy of the book so that she could have the check lists and journal pages that are in it for herself.  I feel like I will see this road to the end knowing that someone is so willing to keep me on track and accountable.  And it is a nice weekly reward to sit down have lunch and talk about our success and our failures.  Trust me I have failures especially when it comes to being organized.
I didn't really have to make too many changes this week as I already make sure I get plenty of sleep(with having a weird schedule and working some weekends every day seems like a work day at our house and we go to bed early every night).  I am constantly making little to do lists for me and every one else in the house. Most the time its chore lists for the girls.  I don't watch a ton of TV because I am more addicted to reading & the Internet than the television.  The one thing I need to work on most from week one is the elimination of clutter.  We are working on the laundry room first.  As that room seems to be a dumping ground of sorts, if something doesn't have a home it gets stashed in the laundry room until someone needs it.  I have a lot of work to do in this room.  It lacks proper storage solutions so I am working on getting and keeping laundry caught up so that I can toss out the things no one needs or uses.  This is where week one ended.  Not a bad start to my new adventure.

This week we are beginning week 2 organize your priorities. I feel like this is different for everyone so there is one thing you will have to ask yourself  "what's important to me, what do I want to accomplish?"  And then make a list of top ten things to do to help you work towards what it is that's important to you.  I want an organized less cluttered home I also want to remodel a few rooms in our house and can't do it until things are less stuffed with stuff.  I want the less cluttered revamped home so that I can spend more time entertaining my friends and family in a more comfortable, inviting home. So  I will continue working on the laundry room and which ever room comes to mind after that work on setting up more of my priorities and see what happens.
Hope you're joining me on this journey and if you are please feel free to share your progress, set backs and/goals here in the comments section. Or email me directly at
I'd love to hear from you.
Have a great week

Thursday, November 7, 2013

And a new "baker" is born

Since my girls were big enough to pull a chair up to my side at the cabinet or the stove I have been showing them how to mix, measure, stir, chop (safely of course) and cook.  Val has always been pretty quick to pick up everything she could about cooking and has gotten so good at it that she spoils me often by cooking dinner several nights each week.  Up until now it has been like pulling teeth to get my Brittnie to do much of anything in the kitchen.  If I'd ask her to open a can of vegetables and warm them in the microwave she would almost kick and scream about how she hated cooking.  That's right. Up until today (last night as I didn't get this posted until now) while I was mixing ingredients for some pecan pies for her FFA pie auction did she willingly take over making the pies.  We were mixing and measuring and having a blast in the kitchen while making some pies and she even mixed up 2 dozen pumpkin breakfast muffins for her sale and plans to make some sugar cookies after school today.  While we were cleaning up the kitchen after making up all our goodies she stated that she did in fact love baking, but that she still hates cooking.  I am happy with this statement and it warms my heart to see her finally finding her place while in the kitchen.  Because like I told her that's all I started out liking about the kitchen.  And after baking and baking and growing that skill in the kitchen I finally learn to really cook and I know that if she keeps it up she'll also end up being a fantastic cook in time.  (I hope, otherwise whoever marries this girl better be able to cook or they will be diabetic before they get old from all the  sweets she will make them)  ;)
Have a great Thursday
Her first pecan pie turned out absolutly fabulous!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Always a work in progress...

Do you ever have one of those days that seems as if you can't find anything even though you know you left it right there so you could pick it back up tomorrow?   Yeah, I'm having one of those days today.  Seems like no matter how hard I try I am never organized.  I'd like to be. Life seems to flow better when its organized and planned out.  I was reading one of the blogs I follow and she was talking about how she went about working towards being more organized.  And that the first thing she does every morning is make her bed as soon as she gets up.  Well I'd love to say that is the first thing I am going to implement but seeing that there is still a person in my bed when I get up in the mornings that will not really work at my house. I can try talking hubs into making the bed when he gets up but I'd have better luck bringing peace to the middle east ;)
Anyway at the end of the post I was reading she showed a picture of the book she found to be a huge helping tool in getting her home and life organized.  I thought to myself "hmm...I need to buy that book" and then I looked at it again and I realized "Hey! I have that book!"
Yep that's right I own the same tool that she used to organize her life.  Well why wasn't it working for me?  Yes right again, because I have not been actively working and using the weekly guide to my advantage is why it isn't working for me and my family. 
Question is how am I going to change things?  First thing I did was got the book out of the box it was in inside the closet and gave it a good dusting.  I've flipped through this book in the past when I first purchased it (about 5-6 years ago)  and I am not sure why I didn't follow through.  But anyway here I am on the blog asking each of you to join me in this crazy "get organized" road I really want to travel to the end.  I am posting so that maybe having a bit of accountability will keep me going and hopefully help others do the same thing. 
The book breaks things down into sections and then into weekly goals.  Maybe I should be starting this at the beginning of the new year that is coming quickly but I really don't want to wait. I want to start now. 
My schedule is kinda crazy and I feel like my week begins on Wednesday since that is my first work day of the week Tuesday always feels like Sunday.  I am starting this journey today, Tuesday and plan to post at least once every Tuesday and maybe mid way through the week to just touch base and let you all know how I'm doing.  I would love for you to join me and let me know how its going for you.
The first section is weeks 1-4 and called~~"organize yourself"
Week 1~~Organize your mind
Goals for this week are
get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep
•start your day by making a to do list
limit the amount of tv you watch
schedule time to exercise
keep a journal (even if you don't write in it every day)
schedule a two minute break 2-3 times a day to spend alone (time to just be)
take control of your time-set goals and break them down into doable daily tasks
eliminate energy drainers in your life: clutter, unhealthy relationships, unfinished projects and such.
Seems easy enough right.  I hope so.  A few tips the book has near the end of this section is
◆to simplify your life and your thinking by cutting back on the amount of negative information and thoughts penetrate your mind. 
This I need to work on. Seems I always have more than my share of "stinking thinking" so this is something I really want to focus on for my life.
◆check with yourself before making decisions.  Take a deep breath, relax & listen to your inner voice. Then make a decision best for you.  Don't give in to the pressure of others.
Again something else I need to really work on.  And I do know someone else that has a hard time dealing with this as well. I have heard her mention this being a problem more than once o  our Monday/Tuesday meeting for lunch.  (Yes you know who you are so there is no need to call you out. But maybe we could share the book on those Monday meetings)   :)
I am super excited about starting to really get organized.  I hope I can finish the whole book and be able to declutter this house and just be happy at home :)
Hope you follow along and remind me to keep at it.  I am such a horrible procrastinator that I know before I even start I will want to put it off and start over again and again.
Get your journal out and start figuring out how to organize your mind!
This is going to be a hard road for me to travel and I may even lose readers (i only have about 11 so hopefully not too many leave) that don't think what I am writing applies to them.  This is something I am gonna have to deal with I feel I need some organizing and accountability these days.  Who knows, maybe I will gain even more readers who need this same sort of kick in the pants.  I'm about you?
Stop by and drop me a comment let me know when something hits home for you.  I would love to hear from you.
Have a great rest of the week
Ps.  I've been thinking of doing a give away soon. So keep checking back. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pumpkin breakfast muffins

Haven't posted in quite some time so I thought I would share with you a new breakfast treat I mixed up for my little family.   Scrolling through pinterest I am always looking for quick yet yummy meals and goodies for my family.  Tasting good is the most important thing in trying new recipes but for working moms quick is a very close second (well for this working mom anyway) 
A while ago I found a pin called pumpkin breakfast muffins.  They sounded pretty good and I do like pumpkin.  Val says she doesn't like pumpkin, I think she will like them because she always chows down on some pumpkin pie just like the rest of us so when she tries them and loves them I will bite my tongue and not say those 4 words to remind her I was right. (Who am I kidding I will so say "I told you so!" Because mom is always right, right?)
Pumpkin breakfast muffins
one can of pumpkin pie filling
one box of yellow cake mix. 
Mix the two ingredients spoon into a muffin tin and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350ยบ
(Do not follow cake mix instructions just use the dry mix and the can of pumpkin only)
I know, I know...sounds to easy to be yummy but I promise they are so yummy.  And yes so easy.
I will be stocking up on some extra cans of pumpkin and a few extra boxes of cake mix so that we can have a quick and easy breakfast available anytime.
Try them and see how you like them and if you have time stop back by here and leave a comment to let me know how you rate them.
Have a great week. (I hope to be back sooner than I have been)