Thursday, November 7, 2013

And a new "baker" is born

Since my girls were big enough to pull a chair up to my side at the cabinet or the stove I have been showing them how to mix, measure, stir, chop (safely of course) and cook.  Val has always been pretty quick to pick up everything she could about cooking and has gotten so good at it that she spoils me often by cooking dinner several nights each week.  Up until now it has been like pulling teeth to get my Brittnie to do much of anything in the kitchen.  If I'd ask her to open a can of vegetables and warm them in the microwave she would almost kick and scream about how she hated cooking.  That's right. Up until today (last night as I didn't get this posted until now) while I was mixing ingredients for some pecan pies for her FFA pie auction did she willingly take over making the pies.  We were mixing and measuring and having a blast in the kitchen while making some pies and she even mixed up 2 dozen pumpkin breakfast muffins for her sale and plans to make some sugar cookies after school today.  While we were cleaning up the kitchen after making up all our goodies she stated that she did in fact love baking, but that she still hates cooking.  I am happy with this statement and it warms my heart to see her finally finding her place while in the kitchen.  Because like I told her that's all I started out liking about the kitchen.  And after baking and baking and growing that skill in the kitchen I finally learn to really cook and I know that if she keeps it up she'll also end up being a fantastic cook in time.  (I hope, otherwise whoever marries this girl better be able to cook or they will be diabetic before they get old from all the  sweets she will make them)  ;)
Have a great Thursday
Her first pecan pie turned out absolutly fabulous!

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