Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Slightly off track

I got a phone call this morning shortly after Britt left for school, I figured she had forgotten something again, this happens about once a week with her...poor thing just like her mother in so many ways.  She didn't forget homework or permission slips but rather she forgot to turn the heat lamp off that she has on her baby chicks.  She asked if I could run out and turn it off because it would be warm today and despite my asking if she wanted baked chicken for dinner she insisted that I please turn the lamp off.  Of course I would.  After all what are moms for right? While out there I noticed they needed fresh food and water as well but I was unhappy with what she has been feeding them from.  So I headed to the shed in search of chicken supplies.  I know we have them, this isn't our first go round with chicks, we've had several.  I checked the small shed where all the feed use to be kept but turned up nothing.  So I wondered over to the big shed thinking I was sure there were no chicken things in there but maybe I could find something that would suit my need for them.  Looking around picking up this and that but putting it back because it just wasn't right I noticed a tote that appeared to have fallen from the loft and was looking like it was going to spill out.  This is where my train of thought got slightly off track, while getting the lid and about to place it back on the loft I realized it was some of my parents things that is stored there.  Took a look inside and and that train of thought got completely derailed sent rolling down memory lane.  There were so many things that my brother and I did in school from the early 80s (30+ years ago people) some newspaper clippings, letters, old school photos.  There was even and old Donkey Kong game for Atari (why I'm not sure but it was there too) there was so much to look at.  There are lots of things I want to share with my brother and his family and I hope we can make some time to sit and reminisce while we dig through a part of our past that mom must have felt would be important or special.  But I wanted to share just a couple of the gems I came across.  Oh how I love old memories. 
I finally pulled myself away from the tote and refocused on my first mission.  The chicks have better food and water dishes and me well I can't wait for mom to visit again so we can look through it all together. 

Thanks for reading