Monday, March 26, 2012

Feed sack?? or tote bag??

 To be honest, both.  Yep that's right, what your looking at is a feed sack re-purposed into a tote bag.  If you're like me you're thinking "what?  those are trash"  But turns out they are kinda cute and people seem to really like them.
Here is how it started.  Stephanee was at a pig show with her girls and sent me a picture of some that a lady was selling...and asked me "do you think we can make these?"  My reply was "of course I think we can make these.  I have made tons of bags in the past."  Whats funny is that just a few days before she sent me the photo, while having lunch with Jody she showed me a different photo and said she thought I would like the bag.  I didn't realize at the time but that bag was also made out of empty feed sacks. 
 I had a few projects going that needed finishing up before I could work on this crazy idea, but this week we had collected a few feed sacks (we go through a lot of them so it wasn't hard to come up with several) and Steph came over Saturday night and we say down to make one.  I think she doubted that I could make one because she has been doing some research and looking at instructions online and such...that's OK, I just had to show her I did know what I was talking about (even though it has been 7 years since the last time I turned one out)  Anyway, She wanted to learn and I think that's awesome.
The first couple of photos are of the first bag we made.  It is pretty cute, I have to admit.  However working with the plastic bag was kinda a pain in the bottom.  We did a few things like I had in the past and learned very quickly that we would have to modify it a bit to be able to work with the plastic bags better. 
When we finished the bag I took some pictures of it (I do this with everything I make) and posted the finished item on facebook to see what people would say and well it was good.  A friend asked how much and after texting her ($20 each) she has decided that she wants two, one with a rooster and one with a cow like this one ~~~~~>
Jason took Laney and Britt to a horse show on Sunday and they had the cow bag with them and they all said that lots of people loved it. (Jason even nabbed a feed sack for us) 
So again Stephanee came back over and while making dinner we sat down to make ~~~~~>
another bag.  These with horse feed bags.  We have 2 that are the same so we cut them out and are making matching bags for our little horse lovers. 
Steph had the idea of using the crazy diamond part of the bag for the handles and I think that made the bag look super cute.  She had bought some green fabric to go inside (I'm still not liking green again yet)
One thing we did different with this bag is this time we took the time to add some pockets to the inside.  We had out phones out so we made sure that the phone would fit down in the pocket just right.  Because even the most country of country girls has to have her phone with her right?  :)

So  If you would like a bag please e-mail me @ and  we can talk about what it is you want yours to look like and arrange payment.  So excited to be making bags again.

I would love to see that you have been working on.  Send me some photos of your craft projects.

Happy Monday, enjoy your week!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Can we make time for vacation?

(Before we get started...the photos are random and a little all over the place.  Hope you enjoy)

My lap while driving, yo-yo stuff and camera
That is the very question Stephen and I should have been asking ourselves long before now, that's for sure.  Because the answer was...YES!!!  We have to make time before we all go completely crazy in this house.  With so much of our time spent at work (or school in the case of our girls)  As a family it seemed that we were always moody and super fussy.  So a couple of weeks before the girls spring break, I asked Stephen to plan to take off on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of that week so that the four of us could leave town and spend some much needed time having fun and relaxing.  I was thinking a short drive around out home state seeing a few things we haven't ever seen, but well nothing ever goes as planned.  we ended up in 3 states in 3 days.  We started out at home here in OK @ 9am left and went north to Kansas City KS, down to Springfield MO and then off to Eureka Springs AR and back to OK by 7pm Friday night.  I can honestly say this has been the most relaxing and most busy trip I have ever taken (maybe)  It was nice to just talk and visit with Stephen and the girls about whatever happened to pop up...things like  "why do the call it the Brown Mansion if it is white"  and lots of other silly questions. 

The Brown Mansion

We drove through several small towns and instead of just staying on the highway and bypassing them all we drove around some of them just to see what was there.  Some of the buildings in Coffeyville KS are just awesome.  I don't know that I had ever really seen any of them.  I got to sew while in the car, worked on my yo-yo project.  It is going to take a long time to finish, but its alright.  Took lots of pictures, but not near as many as I have been known to take in the past.

We made lots of stops, Cabela's in Kansas City.  They had some of the biggest prettiest animals on display there.  We stopped at the Precious Moments Chapel in MO along with The Bass Pro Shop (better animal display thank Cabelas...just sayin)  Stephen even stopped several times for Britt and I to look for some caches (don't tell him but I am glad he was with us in the woods in MO, I thought I was lost for a few minutes)
<~~~this is at Bass Pro Shop (Dale was Stephens favorite driver, had to take a photo of this)
This is a couple of pictures of us in the area of some of the caches we found.  The photo above was just after I though I was lost.  Stephen quickly reassured me that we really were just a little ways from the car, but I felt all turned around out there and was sure it was a few miles away instead of the few hundred feet that it really was.  I left home without my awesome GPS and had to rely on my phone for mapping and compass, and the mountains and cell phones don't play well together I have learned.

Val wanted to stop off at some antique shops while we were out, this is  the neatest one I have ever been in.  They had so many things I wanted to buy (but don't need)  So we just looked around at all the history and got back on the road. ~~~>

Turtles at Bass Pro Shop...I love turtles, and could have stood there all afternoon just watching them swim around and crawl all over each other.
Took some silly pictures of my girls while we were out~~~>
This is inside the Russell Stovers Store in KS.  There was a geocache right outside this store, who in their right mind could get the cache and not stop off for some ice cream and chocolate??  Ok well not us.

In Carthage MO we stopped in to take the girls to the Precious Moments Chapel.  Stephens grandma Sue brought Stephen and I to see it back in '94 before we were married with kiddos.  I was sure the girls would love it.  And they did. 
<~~~a cave on the property they put this little angel with it and a sign that says "He is not here for he is risen as He said"   It is so peaceful there.
I would love to have this little truck.  No I don't need it and no I probably wouldn't drive it much, but it is so darn cute I just want it.
It is the Russell Stovers truck.  I bet they do parades with it and such.
My photos are not in any order and it is kinda bugging me, but I am not going to stress over it. (I hope you're ok with it)
<~~~ This is also on the property at Precious Moments.  The creator Sam Butcher made it for him and his grandchildren to play on.  It is called "grandpa's island"  Love love love the kindness this man has in his heart.
Really I cant remember which store this photo was taken in ~~~>
All I do remember is thinking "I have seen tons of catfish in my day, but I have never ever seen a white one"  it was so crazy looking.  even it's eyes were whitish, pink.  Super cool.
<~~~This was a favorite of mine while at the Chapel.  Sam created this sweet thing in honor of the children that died in the OKC Bombing.  I'll be honest, I was teary eyed almost the whole time we were at this place.
If your tired of my rambling I am so sorry, there was just so much that caught my eye while we were away.   Like this faucet...~~~>
I know, I know  who takes photos of a bathroom faucet?  well I do.  It was in the restroom at Cabela's and I loved it.  It is so cute and country...I want one.
Valorie is my artist...I love that she likes to paint and this little display made me think of her so I asked if she would stand near it so I could take a picture.
It was funny because this is an animated display and the little person painting looks back and forth I was sure I couldn't get the shot while it was looking my way, but when I told Vallie to look at me I snapped the shot and looked at it and sure enough it was facing my way as well. Cabela's  They had a huge room full of trophy deer~~~>
Stephen liked the way these deer had been set up to look like the were all jumping a fence at nearly the same time. 

In Eureka Springs we stopped to use the facilities and this is what we found.  It cracked me up, I don't have any other reason for taking a photo of a toilet, except that I had never seen something like this before and it was funny.
Oh the spring...My girls loved this spot in Eureka.  ~~~~~>
We were looking for a cache near by and Val asked if she could taste the spring water.  I told her sure.  (i mean how bad could it be she was just going to take a little sip and probably spit it out)  Wrong!  She took a drink and shouted back at me that it was the best water she had ever tasted. and sent her sister back to the car to get any empty bottle she could find.  "I want to take this back to mema and papa to taste"
God love them girls they bottled up a couple of bottles that night and wanted to go back again the next day to get more.  They even asked if we could go buy a gallon of water, pour the store bought water out so they could fill the empty jug up too.  No I didn't go for that, but by the time we made it back to the spring the next day they had several empty drink bottles to fill and take home with them.  I have to say, that the water they got from the spring was clearer than the water at the hotel and the water at home.
When we arrived in Eureka, Stephen wanted to kick back and relax a bit and the girls wanted to drive around.  So I took them around town a bit.  We came upon this
<~~~  12 deer.  right out in the middle of a busy area of town.  I know, it is all woodsy out there and stuff, but really in town and they were not at all worried about us.  It was pretty neat and the girls were a little sad that daddy missed seeing it.
Valorie was looking for some boots, and we found these~~~>
I loved them, Britt loved them, Val loved them...they were on sale for $95 and guess what...EVERYONE ELSE LOVED THEM TOO
I know this because there were only 2 pair in the whole store and they were size 11 and 9.5 (which stinks for us because we are 7, 7.5 and 8.5)  Grrr!  Oh well we didn't need any boots this week anyway.

Well that was just a touch of all the craziness we had fun with on our 3 day/3 state mini vacation.  I know that now that I know what we can do in 3 days, I will be planning lots and lots more 3 day vacations.
Craziest thing about this week is that any other week my days off seem to fly by.  But this week was the longest 3 days I've had in a long time and I loved every minute of it (ok except when the girls kept asking "are we there yet") 
I hope I didn't put you all to sleep.  And if you have any ideas for what kinds of things we can do on a future vacation, please send a note our way.  I would love to hear them.
Stephen and I a couple hours before heading home...We look so happy and relaxed  :)
PS...we decided to call this our little 17th anniversary trip as our anniversary is a week away.  Crazy how time flies.  ;-)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ella's Irish Eyes

OK so I should have posted this yesterday with it being St. Patrick's Day, but I didn't quite get to it.  Now I'm not like most of the country who go all out to celebrate this holiday even when they are not even Irish, I will honestly admit that other than the whole "gotta wear green or your gonna get pinched" part I am not even sure what the day is all about.  With that said, I am not making light of it in any way.  Its just I'm not Irish (that I know of) and have never really been taught about it.  However, a girl I have come to know while working this crazy job of mine is and is all about this holiday.  She recently had a baby (sweet baby Ella) and I had yet to get her a gift.
While out shopping with Steph, we decided to make her a quilt to give her for Ella's first St. Paddy's Day.  So it started...we ended up picking out 10 different fabrics to make this little quilt and while surfing the web for just the right pattern I found just the right one.  It was called "Irish Eyes"  Yep that's the one, no matter how hard or easy it is, we have to do this one.  Problem with this was the pattern only required 3 fabric choices and we had 10.  Stephanee not being the quilter said just use them all.  I being a bit anal retentive about it could not get my head around that concept.  so after a couple weeks just looking at the material sitting there I started cutting...cutting & cutting.  I had all the fabric cut into squares and such for this pattern (above photo)

Then it just sat there on the cutting mat for several days.  All the while Steph asking how is it much have you done...we're going to run out of time...  Yes she was right.  But I still couldn't see how I was going to fit 10 colors of green into one quilt that only called for 3.  Then I just went for it...breaking any rule I might have ever been taught about quilting and started to stitch it together.
<~~ this is what I got.  Alright, that's not too bad, and it went together way easier than I thought it would.  So I kept at it.     Not sure about having different looking blocks, but I did it anyway maybe when it is all done I'll like it. (that's what I kept telling myself)   This is where I started my own mental count down...2 down 7 to go...

up to 5 now

I know it isn't for me but shouldn't I like what I making, how is anyone else going to like it if I don't.  Steph kept telling me she liked it and that Sarah would love it.  Just to be sure, I sent a block for her to show Sarah with the story that "Tammy is working on something for a friend and neither of us like green, what do you think"  So she loved it.  and that really wasn't a lie, we were making it for a friend, we just didn't tell her it was HER  :) 

Only one left

It was after block 3 or so that I started referring to this project as "The Green Monster"  I couldn't stand to look at all that green, and I normally like green.  I don't believe it was the color so much as the fact that it was so many different prints in the color.  But anyway, I kept going (with steph pressing everything I stitched it went a little quicker for me-thank goodness)    The I was down to the last block.  Not too terrible I guess if you like (and I mean REALLY like) green.

March 17th is St. Patricks Day...we all know this, the last block was still sitting on the ironing board on March 15 waiting to get finished...
I have always been and will always be the worst at procrastinating I swear. 
the morning of the 16th I figured I was about out of time and I had better get done. (still worrying about if she would like it or not)  So I sat down and cranked it out.

Turns out I do like it more than I thought I would.  It is by no means a traditional quilt, but there is just something about it that kinda grows on you.

I wanted it to be extra special for Miss Ella so I backed it with the softest stuff I could find.  I don't even know the name for it but you've all seen it.  It's on all the cute baby stuff in the stores these days.  It looked great on there.  But I don't know if  I will ever put it on another project.  It is so stinking stretchy.  I didn't think I was ever going to get finished because of it.  But in the end I did finish and the Green Monster has been appropriately re-named "Ella's Irish Eyes"
Stephanee stopped and grabbed this wonderful hat box and pretty green ribbon to pack it up in and it was ready to deliver just in time for St. Paddy's Day.

Sarah remembered seeing the block and commented about how she loved it and when she got it home she sent us the sweetest picture ever to show us how much baby Ella liked her new cuddly quilt

Is that not the cutest baby girl you've seen all day!


Go out on a limb and make some crazy project you don't think you'll like...I bet in the end when you sit back and look at it and how it affects those around you, you will find you do like it after all.

Stephanee (I gotta teach her how to use the sewing machine) keeps finding some neat stuff for me to sew, you should check back here soon to see the craziness we are up to.
I hope you have a wonderful week

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring forward!

Hey there, seems like forever since I posted.  It was just a week or so ago just after falling from the horse twice in one day...but when I don't write I miss it.  I don't know why, I just do.  But life has been pretty crazy and has had me running all over the place meeting this person and that for lunch, dinner and a ladies fellowship.  Not to mention all the little projects I have going and appointments for my girls and this morning...that whole spring forward mess.  I do love longer days, but am missing that hour of sleep today.  Sometimes it all seems a bit overwhelming, but I keep on going because thats what I do.  Here is what has been going on.

Projects that are in yo-yo quilt
 What looks like a lot is really only 32 of 80 but judging by the size of the little circles, I am sure I am going to need more along the lines of...oh I don't know 800 but we'll see.  I am doing this one all by hand.  So I may get tired of looking at it soon and stop with 80 and have a cute little table runner??

This one is the one I have dubbed "the GREEN monster"  I am working on this one with Stephanee for a friend, but am not loving all the green.  The pattern called for 3 different fabrics and Steph and I ended up buying 10...It took forever for me to get my head around using that many in the place of so few, but with extra nudging from Steph I just jumped right in and went with it.  Steph is always asking how much I have done and reminding me to work on it, so it now has that name.  I am sure it will be cute when it is finished, but I don't like it right now.  I only have 2 blocks left then I will be able to bat and back it and be finished with it and I have a great name for it then that will be just sweet, but until then it is still "the GREEN monster"!

I will have some a step by step post about the yo-yo project when I feel like I have made enough circles to make something notable.  So keep checking back here to see what is going on with it.  As for "the GREEN monster"  there will probably be a post about that one soon as well...if it doesn't eat me alive before it is finished.  :)

I met Jody over at her church for a ladies fellowship, I had to miss last year so I didn't want to miss it again this year.  She and I had lunch last week and she asked me to go.  It was great fun, and even though I don't really know anyone at her church other than her and the few of her family members, I always feel welcome by everyone there.  The pastors wife gave a short lesson about what our anchor should be and passed out these little charms so that we could be reminded just who it is.  Natalie helped to make sure that Jody and I had matching crosses.  With the charm she said to put it in a place that we could see all the time...I still don't have mine hanging anywhere, just keep toting it around in my little sewing bag, but I have seen it every day since I got it so I guess this works.

It was time to get something done with the head of hair I have, text Susie up and got in to see her this week as well, I just needed a trim to keep everything looking healthy, but while driving out to see her, I decided that I needed something different...enter red and blond highlights.  I love it, some people haven't been as open to it as I am and others love it almost as much as I do.  :)   Anyway, I say it's my hair I like it and it looks good so that is all that matters.  Right?  Right!
Well I am sure I have missed something as I know I was way busier than this, but I am sure it wasn't anything that you all are just dying to know, so check back often to share in my crazy busy life until next time have a great week 
I love you all.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Leap Year Ride

So the last day of February...the 29th...leap year.  What better way to enjoy the day (that only comes around once every 4 years) than with weather this nice.  It was amazing outside today.  Much like most of the days we have gotten this past "winter"  Brittnie and I got out the horses today.  It was quite windy so we should have known better, but we did it anyway.  This is a shot from the saddle of Joey.  We set out to just wonder in the pasture seeing that he hasn't really been rode in the last few years.  Just want to get him use to being rode more regularly.  We were having a blast.  we made several laps and what seemed like a very long time(turns out it was only 30 minutes)  Britt looks back at me and says "so mom you ready to trot yet?"  I reply with "what? NO, I am not!"  I have to remind her that even though I have been a horse owner for nearing 7 years now, because my life has been busy working, being a mom and a wife taking care of everyone around me that I have not been on the back of my horse but about a handful of times and I am not at all comfortable doing any more that just walking for now (especially since no one is home if I get hurt)  We are walking along doing great, me telling her that before I met her dad I had only been on the back of a horse twice and both times I was the person on the back behind the true rider...all the while she is laughing thinking I'm crazy(which I may be I am nearing 40 and seem to think I can do anything I want)  When all of the sudden my wonderful horse that everyone falls in love with the minute they see him reminds me very quickly that I am nearing 40 and CAN NOT do everything I want.  He tripped in a hole that I did not see to steer around and it startled him and he started play like he was a rodeo star by bucking like crazy I grabbed the reins and attempted to get control of the situation (this is where he showed me I had no control) so I knew the best thing for me was to go ahead and fall off...(like i could plan it)  Yes I hit the ground, yes it hurt.  It has been awhile since I was thrown off the top of a horse and it knocked the wind out of me.  I wanted to be tough for Britt who had hopped down off her horse to come help me.  As I tried to right my self and stand up is when I noticed that I couldn't breath.  I was standing there on my hands and knees (eye bulging out I'm sure) unable to get any real air in my lungs, she says "oh my gosh mom, do you want me to call daddy?"  Me--"NO!!! DO NOT CALL DADDY!"  I was fairly sure I didn't want to hear any "I told you so" at that moment.  He did ask me before the ride when he called to tell me he would be late if I was sure I thought it was a good idea.  I said "sure I have Britt here, if I fall she can get help if I need it."  While trying to catch my breath I just sat there in the middle of the pasture, leaned back on my hands staring up at the sky, wondering why I do this stuff to myself.  But then I remember that it's because my baby wanted someone to ride horses with and well I didn't want to disappoint her.  She is so much braver than I am when it comes to horse (I love that about her) I finally got to my feet (only about 5 minutes past) and walked back to my horse.  I noticed that as he was walking he kinda stumbled (looked almost like a limp) with his back feet as he was walking away from me.  It was that moment I felt no pain at all from my fall and all I was worried about was if he was hurt or not.  Turned out he was fine.
So the voice in the back of my head (Stephen or jimmy seago...I'm not sure whose voice it was, but I heard it plain as day) "If you fall off your horse you have to get right back on or you never will."

OK, OK, OK.  We walk back to the edge of the pasture to the block of wood (I'm too short, he is too tall...maybe both) so that I can get back on.  I get one foot in the stirrup and there he goes...bucking and kicking (this time i think he is just being a jack a**) and there I go back to the ground.  So I get up yet again and get his reins and I am so mad I can feel the tears welling up (none fell, I couldn't let myself cry)  but when I get so angry that happens every time.  I wanted to show Britt that I was OK.  I took him back to the tack shed took all his tack off, and nearly drug him back to his part of the pasture.  I did not try again because ya know I do have a brain and well hitting the ground twice in just a few minutes time was enough for this girl for one day, I am getting too old for much more than that.  
Britt continued to ride a bit longer, while I sat and watched, thinking, anger drifting away and wondering how bad my hip and knee was going to hurt in the morning.(ugh)  While pondering, I got this shot though...I love boots.  I love how they look, i love how they feel and I love wearing them.  Anyway.  I am sure its going to hurt really bad in the morning, but you know what the weather is going to be even better tomorrow so I will be dragging that crazy stubborn horse out to try again.  I don't know what is head, his head or the ground.  But come this time tomorrow I will know the answer to that question.  Lets hope it isn't the ground because I'm not sure I can handle being thrown to the ground more than twice in one week.  :)   
My leap year ride was a short one but one not soon forgotten.

Comment below and let me know how you spent your "leap day"  I would love to hear from you.
Have a great week  :)