Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring forward!

Hey there, seems like forever since I posted.  It was just a week or so ago just after falling from the horse twice in one day...but when I don't write I miss it.  I don't know why, I just do.  But life has been pretty crazy and has had me running all over the place meeting this person and that for lunch, dinner and a ladies fellowship.  Not to mention all the little projects I have going and appointments for my girls and this morning...that whole spring forward mess.  I do love longer days, but am missing that hour of sleep today.  Sometimes it all seems a bit overwhelming, but I keep on going because thats what I do.  Here is what has been going on.

Projects that are in yo-yo quilt
 What looks like a lot is really only 32 of 80 but judging by the size of the little circles, I am sure I am going to need more along the lines of...oh I don't know 800 but we'll see.  I am doing this one all by hand.  So I may get tired of looking at it soon and stop with 80 and have a cute little table runner??

This one is the one I have dubbed "the GREEN monster"  I am working on this one with Stephanee for a friend, but am not loving all the green.  The pattern called for 3 different fabrics and Steph and I ended up buying 10...It took forever for me to get my head around using that many in the place of so few, but with extra nudging from Steph I just jumped right in and went with it.  Steph is always asking how much I have done and reminding me to work on it, so it now has that name.  I am sure it will be cute when it is finished, but I don't like it right now.  I only have 2 blocks left then I will be able to bat and back it and be finished with it and I have a great name for it then that will be just sweet, but until then it is still "the GREEN monster"!

I will have some a step by step post about the yo-yo project when I feel like I have made enough circles to make something notable.  So keep checking back here to see what is going on with it.  As for "the GREEN monster"  there will probably be a post about that one soon as well...if it doesn't eat me alive before it is finished.  :)

I met Jody over at her church for a ladies fellowship, I had to miss last year so I didn't want to miss it again this year.  She and I had lunch last week and she asked me to go.  It was great fun, and even though I don't really know anyone at her church other than her and the few of her family members, I always feel welcome by everyone there.  The pastors wife gave a short lesson about what our anchor should be and passed out these little charms so that we could be reminded just who it is.  Natalie helped to make sure that Jody and I had matching crosses.  With the charm she said to put it in a place that we could see all the time...I still don't have mine hanging anywhere, just keep toting it around in my little sewing bag, but I have seen it every day since I got it so I guess this works.

It was time to get something done with the head of hair I have, text Susie up and got in to see her this week as well, I just needed a trim to keep everything looking healthy, but while driving out to see her, I decided that I needed something different...enter red and blond highlights.  I love it, some people haven't been as open to it as I am and others love it almost as much as I do.  :)   Anyway, I say it's my hair I like it and it looks good so that is all that matters.  Right?  Right!
Well I am sure I have missed something as I know I was way busier than this, but I am sure it wasn't anything that you all are just dying to know, so check back often to share in my crazy busy life until next time have a great week 
I love you all.

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