Monday, March 26, 2012

Feed sack?? or tote bag??

 To be honest, both.  Yep that's right, what your looking at is a feed sack re-purposed into a tote bag.  If you're like me you're thinking "what?  those are trash"  But turns out they are kinda cute and people seem to really like them.
Here is how it started.  Stephanee was at a pig show with her girls and sent me a picture of some that a lady was selling...and asked me "do you think we can make these?"  My reply was "of course I think we can make these.  I have made tons of bags in the past."  Whats funny is that just a few days before she sent me the photo, while having lunch with Jody she showed me a different photo and said she thought I would like the bag.  I didn't realize at the time but that bag was also made out of empty feed sacks. 
 I had a few projects going that needed finishing up before I could work on this crazy idea, but this week we had collected a few feed sacks (we go through a lot of them so it wasn't hard to come up with several) and Steph came over Saturday night and we say down to make one.  I think she doubted that I could make one because she has been doing some research and looking at instructions online and such...that's OK, I just had to show her I did know what I was talking about (even though it has been 7 years since the last time I turned one out)  Anyway, She wanted to learn and I think that's awesome.
The first couple of photos are of the first bag we made.  It is pretty cute, I have to admit.  However working with the plastic bag was kinda a pain in the bottom.  We did a few things like I had in the past and learned very quickly that we would have to modify it a bit to be able to work with the plastic bags better. 
When we finished the bag I took some pictures of it (I do this with everything I make) and posted the finished item on facebook to see what people would say and well it was good.  A friend asked how much and after texting her ($20 each) she has decided that she wants two, one with a rooster and one with a cow like this one ~~~~~>
Jason took Laney and Britt to a horse show on Sunday and they had the cow bag with them and they all said that lots of people loved it. (Jason even nabbed a feed sack for us) 
So again Stephanee came back over and while making dinner we sat down to make ~~~~~>
another bag.  These with horse feed bags.  We have 2 that are the same so we cut them out and are making matching bags for our little horse lovers. 
Steph had the idea of using the crazy diamond part of the bag for the handles and I think that made the bag look super cute.  She had bought some green fabric to go inside (I'm still not liking green again yet)
One thing we did different with this bag is this time we took the time to add some pockets to the inside.  We had out phones out so we made sure that the phone would fit down in the pocket just right.  Because even the most country of country girls has to have her phone with her right?  :)

So  If you would like a bag please e-mail me @ and  we can talk about what it is you want yours to look like and arrange payment.  So excited to be making bags again.

I would love to see that you have been working on.  Send me some photos of your craft projects.

Happy Monday, enjoy your week!

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  1. Love the tote bag!! Very cute idea! We hope you'll be back to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". We loved having you! -The Sisters