Tuesday, March 31, 2015



Our sweet little family
We've been married for twenty years.  Let me just say that again...We've been married for twenty years.  I know, it sounds funny when I say it out loud too.  I think it's because only your parents or aunts & uncles are married for twenty years right.  Not us we're too young for that huh?  But look at us though,  we have been married twenty years.  We are the parents, we are the aunt and uncle that has been married 20 years.  
I remember thinking when we said our "I do" that I hope we are married forever like my momma & daddy or like Nanny & Mikey at that time they were married over twenty years and that was the goal...it had to last as long as those guys. And here we are.  Those guys still loving strong too.  Mom & dad with nearly 44 years and Nanny & Mikey just celebrated their 41st.  That is my new goal.  I love that they give us such an awesome example of how it should be.  Thanks guys I know standing where I am now that it isn't always peaches and cream.  Sometimes it is straight out hard work but you have proven that it is very well worth the fight and work that goes into it.  I don't think either of you know how much we look to you as our example.  Thanks for making it look easy and attainable.

Our sweet girls had us an anniversary party this past Saturday and the family and friends came out to help us celebrate this special anniversary and while there I was asked "So has it been easy?"  I had at that point had a little too much wine and just shook my head yes and laughed out loud.  But then I answered him honestly.  "No.  It had not always been easy"  But you know what nothing worth having ever really comes easy now does it?  I can tell you (most of you reading already know this)  between raising kids, dealing with in laws, a mortgage and all the bills that come with raising kids and having a home to call your own is tough.  There are always fights over who was right or wrong who is better at saving or who is the spender, where to spend holidays...and so on and so forth, but in the end it isn't the problems that make or break you rather how you handle them.  Maybe we didn't always handle them right because there were a few times one or the other of us walked out only to return a little while later (after cooling off) to kiss and make up.  How much fun would life be if you never got to kiss and make up anyway (right Uncle Mike)  ☺

Twenty years...sometimes it seems like they took forever but they flew by and I find myself looking back with nothing but smiles.  Yes smiles.  Even at the bad times because even though they were bad times they taught us lessons we needed to learn and can you be upset with that?  Nope not really.

I am looking forward to our next 20.  They are going to be even better.

Have a fantastic day & thanks for reading


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