Friday, January 28, 2011

Hurry home to post a blog entry

I think starting a blog has created a monster.  Yep all night at work I couldn't wait to get home(forgot my laptop) so that I could type something on my new and exciting blog.  But wait, what will I post about when I get there?  I didn't reallty think that far into it when I signed up for my very own site.  I want to do this every single free moment, does my family & friends really care what I ramble on about on some silly blog?  No not likely after all I did say in my first post that I wanted this blog to be a way for them to keep up with what was going on in our lives...and this really isn't our lives it is more like what is going on inside my head.  which can get pretty crazy sometimes.  anyway I was thinking all night "what ever could I post crankyness at work tonight, well there is that wont due. I don't want to think about it much less let someone read about it. Or what about my routine...when i get home i make sure the girls get on the bus...No not that either.  Oh how 'bout Mom and dad living here on my little farm (maybe another day) Well then how about is a friend of ours birthday. This has stirred something inside my heart and it is really bugging me... he isn't making a fuss about it and I get it some people don't.  BUT why not?  Birthdays are great it is your one day. one day a year that says this is the day God wanted me here and I am going to celebrate it to its fullest.  Still no matter how much I try to get people to see this there are still those out there that would rather just let their day go by unnoticed(Stephen too)   :(   I am the kind of girl who would totally get along with the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.  Celebrating even the "UNbirthday"  Not that I'm such a party girl or anything(Lord knows I don't have that kind of time) but come on it's your birthday for crying out loud, live it up and have a little fun for 1 day (and the other 364 days of the year you can go on doing whatever it is you want to do) Celebrate even if your scheduled to work, plan something...anything.
Well so you got a taste of the random stuff that hangs out in my head...Hope you can continue your day with out thinking I am a "special" kind of crazy. Have a great day, check back often to see what all pops into my head and onto a blog page.  ha ha I love writing for no reason. (bad punctuation and all)  Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!

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