Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lets see how this works for me. lol

So as everyone who knows me knows that I am way busy what seems like all the time.  I never really take time to visit with my friends and family like I should.  I have a good friend that started her own blog( her's has purpose and reason)  mine,  not so much.  I just like to share whats going on in life.  Now what Im not going to do is go into all the details (married w daughters...) Im thinking my family and friends already know this information :)   that is the plan anyway.  It's a new year. so its time for a new tammy right.  I have lots of things going on right now, a few are working at EMSA.  It is a pretty great job with lots of room for improving myself.  with that said I did just fail my NREMT(test to be an EMT) which sucks, but in 15 more days I will test again and maybe then I can pass.  keep your fingers crossed.  I love the cold weather, but cant wait for some super nice weather on the weekends because my girls(britt mostly-val not so much) and I really enjoy going geocaching.  "What is that?" you ask well it is simply high tech scavenger hunting.  I love it because it gets us out of the house together, britt loves it because she can hunt for treasure and maybe find some history while she's at it.  Well I have just used up too much of your important time so I will sign off for now.  Work nights at EMSA so I really should be getting myself to sleep so I can do amazing things when I wake up.  Ok amazing may be a stretch but hey a girl can dream right :-)  oh one more thing, don't try correcting the typos and spelling errors, I just worked a 12hr shift and I am getting sleepy.  I will try to do better with that in the future.  hahaha this was kinda fun and a little relaxing.  everyone needs some of that right.  Good night.

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