Wednesday, May 4, 2011

oh the things we will learn

I was reading my besties blog the other day "For everything there is a season" and it really got me thinking. She mentioned how she didn't get to learn all the things she wished she had while her grandma was still alive. Now to be perfectly honest, I believe we all have those things we wished we had taken the time to learn from the loved ones who have past. I know I wish now that I would have really listened to my grandma Hilton while she went on and on about sewing, canning, cooking. Now don't get me wrong I did slightly listen, I can cook. Sewing though she was great and that I didn't take the time to listen like I should have. I can sew now, but that is due in part to my uncle mike and a good friend who had faith that yes even I could make a quilt if I put my mind(and heart) into it.
Anyway, after reading Jody’s blog(you should holler at her and get her blog address it’s great) and reading all the things she wants to learn and remember from her poppy before he is taken from us. I mentioned to her that she should make a journal, listing all the little bits of knowledge that he is passing down to her. with notes, pictures and such. Got me thinking that this year Mom & Dad are living here on my little farm with us. I said I would love to have a small garden and grow some of our own veggies and fruits. Well now isn't this a great learning opportunity for me and my girls.(oh yes, they are going to help if they want to eat the good food we are growing) Dad has tons of sure fire ways to get great results from a backyard garden. I know this because although I didn't help much with the planting and caring for his gardens growing up I did however get to eat all the yummy goodness he grew from the ground with his own 2 hands.
So yes I absolutely have lots of things to learn. and I don't want to forget them either. I want to do this whole garden (farm life) thing for a very long time. (it is very rewarding knowing where your food comes from) So I have already taken some pictures and I have a little notebook for writing my thoughts about what he is teaching us about growing a garden. So far we have learned that a small backyard garden quickly turns into a much larger undertaking when dad is left with the tractor and 7 & ½ Acres of land.J And that those stores that market seeds and seedlings target those of us who don’t garden. The little sign on a peanut plant got me(hook, line and sinker with “have you ever seen a peanut grow?J ) and I ended up buying a pound of seed peanuts and now we have 3 (very long) rows of peanuts in our (not so little) garden. I am not sure how exactly we are going to get everything in the ground so that we can get some veggies later(so stinking much rain keeps slowing us down) but it will get done. As for the journal so we don’t forget what we learn…well that may end up being a great gift for my girls when(or if they get married) we’ll see, I may love it so much I may keep it for myself. J So my last thought for you is…Go outside and play in the dirt, you will be surprised what you can do with a few seeds, some water and your time. Have a great time learning about the growing season. And remember…for everything there is a season, enjoy it while it is here(write it down & takes pics). Thanks Jody for spurring this blog entry in my mind. I love you, sister  .

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  1. Such a great idea Tammy, our garden just keeps growing too, Jike talks about scaling it back, and I keep making it bigger! lol I love the reward and excitement of watching my first spout of corn come up!