Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another cookbook??

My newest cookbook...YAY!!!
Why yes, of course.  But it isn't just any cookbook, its a cookbook from my best friends churches. Anyone who knows anything about cooking  knows that the church ladies have the best recipes. (Some that are quick & easy to make , some that will feed the whole church) but mostly just plain delicious.  I do have a problem with buying cookbooks, I always wanna try new yummy recipes and then if the money for the book goes to something great like your best friends church well who wouldn't wanna buy one?  I was sitting in the church last night at the Christmas concert that Jody had invited me to (it was great by the way)  when in the middle they had a few announcements and one of those announcements was that the ladies had cookbooks for sale after the concert.  I knew before he was done with that announcement that I would be buying one (ended up buying was a good cause)  It made me think back to the many times I had seen a Pentecostal ladies cookbook during my life.  It was often, seeing that my Nanny Ferns momma had always attended their church and although I'm not a member I have visited her church with her and her family(my bff Jody always invites me)  I know grandma Thulin had one although I don't really remember seeing her using it. Seems she just always knew how to cook.  But I did see my momma use a book purchased from grandma Thulins church years ago.  And even though momma don't have much left of all her stuff from when we were little, I know she still has that cookbook.  And Nanny, I've seen her girls using one to this day.  And one of my sweetest most favorite memories is tied to a Pentecostal ladies cookbook...3 months into wedded bliss, my sweet husband came home from work (looking so proud of himself) with a gift for his new wife...Stephen came in from work one evening with a book in his hand.  As he walked into our tiny kitchen he announced that he had bought me "something"  and dropped the book onto the table.  I looked at it, back at him, at the book and back at him again.  I know he must have been about to worry a bit (knowing myself I know the look on my face said "What? Oh really?  You don't like my cooking"  so before I even had the thought past my brain, he bursts out with "I really like lasagna and was wondering if you knew how or if there might be a recipe in that book you might like to try"  Good save on his part, I didn't know at the time how to make that.  My dad never ate things like that and mom never showed me how to do it (dad was a meat & potato kind of guy that didn't try new stuff).  That was just about 17 years ago and I have never swayed from the way they said to make it in that cookbook and to this day there are members of my family that call me up out of the blue just to see if I would make them a lasagna.  It is now one of many cookbooks in the utility room, as will this one when I get to try all the things I have marked to try, because as you can see by the picture below that it will be a while because there were tons of super yummy goodies in that book.  I thank God that Stephen and my girls are always up for tyring new meals and that Valorie has taken a liking to trying to cook new foods as well.  It makes a momma proud.  Now what ever am I going to do with that 2nd cookbook that I bought yesterday?  :)  I gotta find just the right person who will enjoy it enough, to use it til its cover falls off.  Keep your eyes peeled, I may post some pictures along with recipes for some of the dishes I plan on making in the near future.  Well it is getting to be a bit past my bed time and work will be calling way too early in the morning.  Have a great night and enjoy the rest of your weekend.  
Thanks for reading, love you all.
Tammy Lynn 
I already have pages marked to try :)


  1. Feel free to explore those new receipes on innocent bystanders :)

  2. Of course you knew this would be my favorite, but not because it mentions me! lol. I love all of your posts, but the reason this one grabs me is because it is a memory shared of my grandma, and memory you have of her that I didn't know you had, and the impact she made on your life. It didn't help that it made me cry!