Monday, December 5, 2011

Budding artist? I hope so.

"The Sunset" By:  Valorie Corley
 Seems Stephen and I (who don't have an artistic bone in our bodies) have what appears to be a budding artist on our hands.  It all started a few months ago when my sweet girl came home from school the first week of high school and informed us that she opted out of school softball this year, my first thought was "what who are you to just decide what you are and are not taking in school" next thought was "ahhh, I love watching you play softball that breaks my heart"  but then she said she choose art instead.  What art?  I didn't even know you could draw (after all you are your mothers kid and God knows I do not have a drop of artistic ability in by body) anyway...So she is taking art class and she seems to enjoy it.  she is always working on a project for that class.  A few weeks ago she was after me to take her to Hobby Lobby so she could pick up a few things.  I kept putting her off and not getting into any hurry to make the drive over there.  One day she came in and handed me a sheet of paper.
Me-"what is this"
Val-"my list of things I need from Hobby Lobby.  Since you wont take me you can just pick them up when you go to town tomorrow"
Me-"bahahaha...really now?
Val-"MOM, I need to paint.  so i need these supplies"
Me-"Well smarty pants, I need for you to get a job and start paying for some of your so called needs, we don't have the money to just rush out and buy all this.  Have you even thought about what this stuff costs?"
Val-"never mind...STOMP, STOMP, STOMP"
So a few days later I started feeling bad for not listening and not putting as much care and effort into her wanting to paint as we did her playing sports.  So I drove her over to Hobby Lobby to let her see for herself the price on all the things she thought she needed.  While there she admitted that yes this stuff is a bit pricey and that she would have to make some changes to her list and maybe even ask for some of it for Christmas (which is closer than she thought) we made a compromise and I did buy her a few things.  on the way home she told me the first thing she was going to paint was the sunset(seen above) and asked if I would hang it up for her. 
Needless to say, I am amazed at the amount of talent she has inside her and I hope that she don't get sidetracked from trying to find it.  I did mention to her that if she wanted to try to make some extra money that people might buy her work.  I signed myself up with an account where you can sell handmade items online so if she wants to try she can.(will she get rich selling things online I doubt it but why not see what happens)  Who knows how long she will ride this train, but maybe it will take her far. And when you see her ask her what she is working on, she loves to talk about it as well.

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