Saturday, December 24, 2011

Its the little things that mean the most

For me from sweet little Nathan
This picture is of a gift from Jason's little boy Nathan.  He is the sweetest little guy.  He bought all of "the girls" gifts this year, now will I ever wear the butterfly hair clips, no probably not.  Did I show him in any way that they weren't the greatest thing since sliced bread absolutely not.  For all he knew I had never had a gift so awesome.  It makes me smile that he thought about us.  Now even though I won't likely be wearing them in my hair, I did find that they make great book marks and I love to read so I will still think of him every time I open up a book now.  
This is the one lesson about gift giving I want my girls to learn and use every time they give or receive a gift, that it isn't the price or the size of a gift if you are giving from your heart then money means nothing. 
I know I fall victim to all the hype of buying the latest greatest things for my girls because its what all the kids have these days.  But I also know that this year when we asked my girls what they wanted for Christmas their answers surprised me they both said  "mom, just buy clothes or whatever don't spend a ton of money"  My first thought was "what?  are you girls sick?" then it dawned on me they are starting to "get it"  They are growing so incredibly fast & I sure am missing the days when they were buying sweet little gifts for me from the school store.

Well I have used up enough of your time for one day.  I hope you have the very best Christmas and a wonderful new year.  Love you all so much.

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