Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Britt & Bug

I was clicking through the hundreds of photos from this year on my computer this evening and came across this one of Brittnie and her very best friend Ladybug (Bug for short)  Now anyone who knows us has heard the story of Britt and Bug, but I can't help but tell it one more time.  So it started about the time Miss Britt was born I'm sure (before that I bet God said this one is a Cowgirl no matter what)  Every memory of her birthdays and every Christmas she has always asked for "horse stuff"  for us it was fun buying all the things little boys would be playing with since we didn't have any of our own, getting to go to Atwoods (one of my favorite places to shop)  to buy the toy horses along with a trucks and trailers, I believe she got just about every toy horse that store carried for either her birthday or Christmas each year, because it didn't matter who asked the question "what do you want for your birthday?"  or " what do you want for Christmas"  Her answer was never changing "Horses!!!"  She would sit for hours in her bedroom floor playing with each and every one of them.
Her 6th birthday came around and Mema Denise asked her what she wanted and she gave the tried and true answer.  Then one day came the call...Mema called said she needed Stephens help to build a pen for a couple of horses she bought.  WHAT?  horses,  you do realize when Britt says she wants horses for her birthday she means toys ones from Atwoods right?  She replied with "well not this year I want her to have a real horse."  I really thought she was kidding, but no she wasn't.  She did buy real horses, 2 of them.  Yearlings really.  she purchased 2 horses that had just turned 1 year old.  So here was my thoughts...a yearling?  What the heck are we going to do with 2 horses we cant ride or even begin to train for another year? & there were 2?  Why the heck did she buy 2.  Well for Britt but the 2nd one is for Val.  She said "i know her birthday isn't until next month but I want her to have one too."  I had always wanted to have a horse and here we were being gifted 2 of them.  No matter the fits we have (Denise & i)  She really is a blessing to my little family unit. 
My baby girl got the best gift ever at her birthday party, she was so surprised she was speechless (anyone who knows Britt know she is never speechless)  Val was excited as well, but she never really showed the love or desire to be a horse owner like Brittnie did. 
It has been tough on Britt owning a horse that didn't live in her own back yard, but don't think that stopped her.  Every single time she was at Denise's house in the past 6 years she was out there petting and loving on that horse. 
While in that 6 years we were able to buy a house outside of town with enough land to house some animals.  So this last year Stephen and my dad built fence and a barn so that on brittnies 12th birthday we drove the trailer over to grandma's house while Britt was at school and loaded up Ladybug and turned her out in the pasture in our backyard.  Britt came home, we were doing everything to get here to go outside so that she would notice the horse out there.  It took a bit but she finally did & has been outside with that horse almost every day since.  Now if you are still with me here you may be asking is the horse broke? trained?  Well she wasn't when we got her and she never really had any formal training.  We did send her out for about 2 weeks to get her "green broke"  I believe that means that you can walk her and place a saddle on her.  As far as riding, well she never really had been broke to ride.  That didn't stop Brittnie (this girl isn't scared of anything)  everyday she would ask Stephen "daddy will you come outside so I can work with Ladybug"  more times than not he would say "not today baby"  she would go outside and feed and brush her...or so we thought.  One day she asked the same question and his answer this time was "go on out, I'll be out in a minute"  he piddled about for a few minutes went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and (excuse the language here) looking out the window I hear "HOLY SHIT come over here and look at YOUR daughter"  my thought is OK she is doing something bad so she's "my" daughter not his?  so I go over to look out the window and almost cried right then and there.  no not because she was hurt, but cried out of PRIDE.  That girl was tired of waiting around on someone to help her ride that horse and she was up on the horse riding in circles and making her back and go forward.  She has done broke that stinking horse.  and yes she did, she now saddles and rides anytime she wants (when she isn't grounded)  I have never seen another child who has the heart and lack of fear to do the things she does with animals.  She has taken a few spills off the top of her horse (and mine) but she has never let it slow her down.  She did mention after being thrown from my horse that she is never getting on that horse again.  I just asked her "Britt what do they say about falling off?"  her answer wasn't what I was looking for, but it said it all...She quoted John Wayne (of all people)  "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway"
That's right, falling hasn't slowed her down any.  The photo above was taken back in the summer when her and Laney both  had their horses out riding.  This was the end of the ride and she was getting ready to take the tack off and brush her baby.  The look on her face looks like she is mad as a wet hen, but when I asked her what was causing that look she said the rooster was making her mad.  Good enough, all I know is I got one of my most favorite pictures of her on that day.
Well thanks for taking the time to read about my wild child, I am sure she will give me many stories in the future.

Love you all, have a good week.

Tammy Lynn :)

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