Friday, December 9, 2011

What a great idea

Was just flipping through one of my favorite farming magazines and came across this photo with its article.   The lady says she carefully cracks the eggs just at the narrow top while making breakfast and then cleans the shells and sets them aside to dry.  Later when its time to plant her seeds she uses them with a little potting soil instead of store bought start kits.  I love this idea and am always looking for ways to start garden plants inside.  I think I will be trying this out this next I just need to find some seeds for all the yummy veggies I want to grow.  Maybe this Oklahoma weather will work with us next year instead of against us. 100+ temps every single day did us absolutely no good. The only veggie that really did well this last year was the okra and well we made some great pickled okra. But I sure did miss the the over abundance of tomatoes like the year before.   If you have great garden planning tips please share them in the comment section below.   I am sure someone will love them.  Have a wonderful day.   :)

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