Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day :)

Winter is my favorite season!  I remember how awesome it was getting up and looking out seeing this awesome snow everywhere and running to the living room to check channel 6 to see if our school was out for the day...good times.  Today (day 5 of 2011 blizzard) I do still love the snow.  the good times of being able to stay home all day and play in it or just veg in front of the tv are long gone.  Yep, it was up and at it for me Tuesday and everyday since.  I am glad to have a job where everyone just gets out there to get the job done.  I do miss being able to have time to play in the snow and spend time with my girls while they are out of school. but they understand, that even though I only clean and stock ambulances it is important to be there.  I hope that with this, the one lesson they learn is a good work ethic.  that if you have a job do what ever it takes to get it done.  As for this blizzard, well...Im ready for my second favorite season SUMMER!  Stay warm.

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