Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer time!

I know that a few months ago i mentioned that winter is my favorite season, but truth is I think that whatever season we are in is my favorite at the time it is happening.  because right now the thermometer keeps breaking past 100 almost daily...I see everyone and I do mean everyone complaining about how hot it is.  You see it too, on facebook there are at least 5 different photos that someone has posted from their cars and such. or how they are complaining about how they hate the heat here.  Well I am not one of those people.  I see all this complaining and think to my self..."hahaha these are the same people that were griping about the snow just a short 5 months ago"  my thoughts are this, and if it makes you mad, well sorry... This is Oklahoma, this state is known for extreme weather be it a ton of snow in February or 100 temps in June, July and august. Get over it already.  Go drink some ice tea and relax.  so you have to go outside in the heat or you work in it.  well if it were raining and cool you would complain about that too.  Make the best of what we are given and everything will be just fine.  Have some extra water and take a cool shower before bedtime.  or...find a nice cool spring fed creek and set up camp for the day.  (that's what we did this past weekend and let me tell you it was the nicest day we have had as a family in a long time.  100 degree temps and all. 

Enjoy your summer before it is gone.  :)


Well he looks cool don't he...hahaha

I smiled, but I hate getting my pic taken

This was our day at the creek.  Yes, i said creek.  maybe we are a bunch of rednecks, but you don't hear us complaining about it being hot because we made the short drive to an amazing swimming place.  Blue Hole.  yep that is the name of it, it is a huge hole in the ground that an icy cold spring fills. and the creek is as clear as glass and as cold as ice.  Perfect for putting up the canopy and sitting you chair right in the water so you can stay in the shade and be cool with your feet in the water.  Silly?  Maybe, but fun as heck.  you should try it, get there early though because the place is popular and fills up fast.
Baby Britt.  Always ready to relax in the water.

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