Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A desire to write

For quite some time now I have had (and never told anyone) this crazy urge to write.  (Don't laugh at me)  I know what you're thinking..."you write a blog and don't post very often so the urge must not be very bad" 
Well I know.  But sometimes I have a hard time posting filler or fluff.  I want to have something good to write about and I am aware that my idea of good and your idea of good differ greatly sometimes if not all the time, but still. I struggle to write on a regular basis because of the idea that it needs to be "good"
The idea to write a book has been in the back of my mind and on my heart for, well I really don't know how long. Most people don't know this about me because it isn't something I have been able to broadcast to just anyone.   For some reason I am always too worried about what people will think.  But seems like every time I do post a blog entry this one reader (yes it's my Nanny Fern) always texts me asking for a printed copy.  This got me to thinking..."what is she doing with all these copies? Making a book?"  Which is just silly because I just don't have confidence in myself enough to think people really want to read what I am writing.  But turns out they do.  Why? I haven't figured that out yet. But they do and well the idea that people want to read what I write has lit the fire under my desire to really do this book thing.  So here I am tossing ideas for titles around in my head and trying to figure our what exactly I feel the need to write a whole book about.
A text message conversation with Nanny went like this...

Looks like I may be writing this book after all. It may take me next to forever to finally settle on a title and subject matter. But when Nanny says just start writing.  You had better listen that's all I know.  I only wish I had the faith in myself that she has in me. 
Keep your eyes open for updates on this crazy adventure I am stepping into who knows how it will turn out.  But I'm sure it will be wild and crazy.

Have a fantastic Wednesday



  1. I'm with nanny, just start writing, save the title for when the story is finished, worrying about a title could limit your ideas for a story! Just start writing! Even if it isn't everyone's cup of tea, it's your dream!

  2. Thanks Jody. But you know me, I will always worry if people will like it. :)