Monday, May 7, 2012

What's happening on the farm

Spring has almost come and gone and summer is slowly but surly showing it's hot head here on the little farm.  We have been pretty busy with daily life that I really hadn't been out to take any photos of the animals.  So I thought I had better get to it.  

This little Barred Rock momma is sitting on 11 eggs.  It was funny that every single day when one of us were out gathering eggs she would be trying to sit on some and be noticeably mad when we would move her to take them away.  We would take them each day only to find her sitting on more eggs the next day...Stephen felt sorry for her and gave in to her needing to be a mommy by letting her have 11 eggs one day so she could just sit and be happy.  I don't even know what day that was that he let her have them I think that today it has been a couple of weeks or so and we should start to hear the sweet little peeping of baby chicks (not that we need any more but its fun none the less) soon.  It takes 21 days so it shouldn't be much longer and I will post some pictures because who doesn't love baby chicks?

Tippy...all I can say is wow I can't believe how quickly they grow into big huge animals.  She is like my own kid I swear.  We got her when she was 2 weeks old because Britt wanted to know what it was like to bottle feed a baby cow(spoiled rotten I know)  But we bought her a baby cow anyway.  It's been just over 2 years now.  But when we got her she was tiny and cute, she would suck on our fingers if we got them too close to her.  Britt got to bottle feed her for about a week then she had a bicycle wreck and broke her elbow and was not able to hold the bottle still for a hungry calf.  So mom got to take care of the baby daughter who broke her arm and the baby cow that needed half a gallon of milk every 4 hours.  But ya know, I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.  (I don't care if I don't ever get to do it again either though)  But it's weird how she knows who we are (me anyway)  It has been about a month now that she has been gone.  Gone to a friends pasture with a bunch of his cows and a few bulls.  It is time for her to start helping out on this little farm too.  (Nothing eats for free around here)  We sent her to be bred.  Hoping she gives us a little heifer, but we will settle for a bull calf too.  Since she has been gone, I miss her.  Silly I know but she always moos when I walk outside and it is nice to look out the kitchen window and see all my sweet farm animals and when one is missing it is noticed.  So she is gone and the other day I wanted to drive by and see if i could pick her out of the crowd if they were near the road...and guess what she is the only black cow with horns so finding her was pretty easy.  I asked Stephen to stop because I wanted to see if she would remember me and come to the fence or not and she sure did. Came running up put her head right over the fence so I could pet her behind the ears.  The other cows were looking at her like she was crazy but then they don't know how cool it is to have me as a mom and be petted behind the ears :)

This guy (you may have seen him here before)...he is my Joey.
This picture was at feeding time.  He likes feeding time, if you come near him with a bucket (empty or not) he will be in your face until he has his nose inside the bucket.  Here he is eating his food off the ground because that is just how he is.  Weirdo.

I haven't rode since he threw me off back at the end of February.  I am getting too old to be hitting the ground from that height, it scares me to think that next time I could break something.  I know all those old cowboys say that horses can tell when your scared (maybe that's why he keeps tossing me off like that) Because Britt and her best friend rode him without any problems at all (but they aren't scared of anything and they are young...they heal faster) But whatever he is gorgeous and I wouldn't trade him for anything. (I would however love to have a bottle fed baby horse to raise on my own...yes that is a hint feel free to pass it along to Stephen any (& every) time you see him lol)

Dad has been working on the garden we don't have a lot planted, but he has okra, carrots, squash and cucumbers in and we will add more this week.  We are hoping this summer will not be like last year and we can get some veggies out of it, but the chances of that are not looking good.  Our winter here was way too warm and it is gearing up to be another super hot 100+ degree summer so a well watered garden may not be in the cards for us again unless we end up with a crazy high water bill...I guess we will have to weigh the cost of it all and see how it goes.

Anyway, I would love to hear how things have been going for you during this years spring so stop by anytime and say hello :)  Have a great week!

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  1. Jessica mullins8:28 PM, May 14, 2012

    I love reading about your little farm life. Maybe one day I will have one of my own. Keep writing.