Thursday, September 20, 2012


So I have been busy...OK not really just life really gets in the way of all the other things I like to do for fun.  I get too caught up in going to work and hanging with my girls and doing all the things they require of me and don't take time to write or sew or anything.  So I was quite amazed that when I logged on today and noticed that I have 11 whole followers after all this time of not posting anything.  Summers get a little busy I guess going to the lake, the pool, mini trips and such that I think to myself "i should blog about this"  but then when I get back to the computer (yes I know I can blog from my phone) I have forgotten that I even had the thought to blog.
So now that the weather is cooling and the girls are back to school i find that i am having to entertain was brutal.  Ive been home almost all day alone going nuts.  I like having people around me.  Even if it is just laying around all day watching (or listening to) the old school cartoons on TV, as long as there is someone near to talk to. 
So on these week days off that I am home alone guess I will share with all 11 of you whats going on.

The last few months just flew by...I have made a few new friends some of them so very sweet and wonder where they have been all this time.  We celebrated a few birthdays(Valorie turned 16 man I'm getting old) and some holidays, got a new puppy his name is Remington he's so cute(but a pain), spent some much needed time with just the 4 of us on a vacation.  My crazy family loves Branson, I...well not so much.  But I like making them happy.

OK well lots more happened, just don't know what story to start with. So I'll get it all sorted out and get back to regular writing.

Oh and the 11 of you who take time to check out this page...I Love you!  Thanks!

For isn't good bye, just see you later ;)


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