Monday, November 5, 2012

Get out and VOTE!

Ok your choice may not be the same as mine, but no matter what you choose you should take yourself out to the polling place and let your voice be heard.

Never really thought much about how my vote mattered in the grand scheme of things until 16 years ago when my uncle began his first race for Osage county commissioner.   Getting out all those weekends walking the hilly neighborhoods of Osage county some weekend hot as fire(July) and other weenends pretty cold(November of course) just to wait until voting day to see what the people decide (praying all your time did its job)
It has now been 16 years 4 terms and we are doing it all again. Tomorrow is voting day and we will be gathered with the rest of our family and friends supporting a great county commissioner (& uncle) holding our breath until the last vote has been cast and counted.  It has been pretty close in the past which is what taught me that no matter how insignificant I think my one single vote is it still counts.  

So with all this rambling if you take nothing else away please take this.

     Tomorrow November 6, 2012 GO VOTE!

Gather up your friends and neighbors carpool (heck go for ice cream after to celebrate your right to vote) but get out there and do your part. 

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