Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Yes you read that right.  I am writing another throwback thursday.  I was reminded how much I miss writing.  I got a text today and all it said was "I miss throwback thursday"  my reply was I miss blogging and that I would see what I could come up with.  So here it is. I hope it meets expectations and puts a smile on your face.
I chose this photo because it is getting close to my Valories 17th birthday and well look at how much that dark haired chubby cheek baby girl has changed.  And the sweet little red headed cutie means just as much to me as my own girls (I can't believe she is already 20, man I'm getting old). 
This was shortly after Val was born and since day one has been pretty much spoiled by Miss Nikki. 
Its hard to believe this was taken 17 years ago heck it seems like just yesterday when Nanny brought Nikki home from the hospital.   She was so sweet, another little sister that I never had (Cathy Jo was the other)  I had spent so much time with Nanny and Mikey growing up that it seemed like second nature to feel like their daughters were my sisters.  The feelings just seem to trickle down because they treat my girls like sisters and Kashly looks up to my Britt like any little sister would.
I love having a great circle of aunts and cousins for my girls (& I) to look up to.
I've heard it said that "it takes a village to raise a child" and if you know my family you know that we have a pretty good "village" of people for helping us out one way or another. 

I know this was a short one, but its past bed time and it took me forever this evening to find a photo good enough to be called a throwback. 

I love hearing from you all so comment, email, call or text anytime the mood strikes.  I have a few good stories I need to get on this blog so keep checking back for a good laugh (or maybe even a tear or two)

I love you all!
Thanks for reading.


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