Thursday, December 5, 2013

Organize organize organize! (Are you tired of that word yet?)

I can tell you that some times during the week I think to myself that no one wants to read what I have to say about organizing.  Why would they, my house and life is far from a nice neat organized life.  But then I take a look at my stats and there are readers.  I'm not sure where they all come from or why but that is enough to make me want to keep going.  After all when I started I did warn that this was a 52 week process right.
Well I will admit that this past week when I didn't post I went a head and read the next weeks section.  And what I realized is that I kinda combined week 3 and week 4 together without really knowing.  But I wanted to post about week 4 and not skip it just in case those of you reading are working along with me. So this week I will touch on week four and week five in the same post and that way we'll all be on the same page again.  And I promise no more skipping weeks from now on ;)
OK well maybe...if the weeks seem to go together I may combine them but we'll see how the book progresses.
Week 3 & 4 kind of just went well together I think that's why I ended up combining them without really knowing that is what I was doing.  Week 3 was organize your schedule and week 4 was organize your cleaning schedule.   During my week 3 I came across a note pad at work and had to go to Staples (not a plug, just mentioning where I got the fun pad of paper) to purchase some of my own (and some for a friend)
The note pad is a project sheet.  I love it because it allows me to assign a project to my girls or to myself with a section for a list of tasks to complete and a section for notes and such.  I went out and picked up some of these awesome note pads for myself and a dear friend.  My girls have mixed feelings about HATE the project pages but so far I love them and we are getting stuff done around the house.  
A few tips for week 4 organize your cleaning schedule are:
·make a list of all the chores that need to be done around the house
·spend 15 minutes every night before bed picking up one room of the house (get the kids involved for added rooms to be done)
·clean one room or do one chore every day.  This will keep you from having to waste a weekend day doing house work.

A few of these fit into week 3 organize your schedule so you could see how it was hard to keep them separate. :)

 We are starting the next section of our book "organize your papers"
Week 5~ organize your personal information.
The first question in this weeks section asks "could you easily locate your family's birth certificates is you had to? Social security cards and such personal information?  A few years ago I would have said "yes, well maybe...let me look in this file box or that envelope." Without a whole lot of luck.  But surprisingly enough everyone grows up eventually.  And so did we.  A few years ago we bought a safe.  OK well its a gun safe for all the guns and such that hubs uses for his hunting hobby. But its a good size safe and we can store all our important personal information in. It's fire proof and has plenty of room for all those birth certificates, passports, shot records for the girls and all that sort of stuff. There is even room to place confiscated items like teenagers cell phones and such when they get grounded from their things.  But anyway lets get back on track.  Those papers and documents need to be where you can get to them if there were ever an emergency. Can you find yours?

Tips for week five "organize your personal information"
·if you store copies of these things on the computer,  don't forget to back it up on a disk or external hard drive.
There are websites and software that help you store and track your family's health history. 
·formulate a budget for your finances.  And include your spouse and/or children in this process.  The more they know the more they can help you if you need it.
·create a household inventory list.  And keep it up to date when you make new purchases.
·request a free credit report.  Be certain no one has tried stealing your identity.

Whew...that was a long post huh.  I wanted to catch up with you all and this was the best way I knew.  Holler at me and let me know if you want or need more information about weeks 4 and/or 5.  I only skimmed the top of them here.  *****If you're still reading along about the organize book and would like one of the project note pads, comment below (please add email so I can contact you).  I will mail one to a randomly selected commenter*****  ☺

Next week be on the look out for "organize your finances" (heaven knows I need tons of help here)
Can't wait to see what it's all about.

Thanks for hanging with me, its crazy but its fun
Have a great week.


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