Saturday, February 8, 2014

The black hole of unfinished projects

Let me be the first to say that I think maybe I should have been diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder) many many years ago.  Like maybe when I was a little kid but probably even as recently as my married years. I love to make things. And I love to collect items that no longer serve their original purpose that could be re-purposed into something useful again.  The problem I have is I will start something and get distracted (sadly this happens way too often) and the project gets set aside in a closet or another room or the shed but most the time it gets slid into what my Britt has aptly named "the black hole of unfinished projects" (under the big couch) there probably aren't that many projects actually under there but every time we move the furniture she always asks what I want to do with all the things under there and I always say put the back under the couch until I can get to them.  So now I can be working on something or mention a new project and she always gives me grief about how it's just going to land in the black hole under the couch.  So I try really hard not to prove her right.

Anyway there is a reason I started with these ramblings...I walked into Britts room the other day and this is what I found.  A bit of history on this item.  Nanny found this horse shoe wreath at a garage sale several years ago. And when we first moved into our home there was a tons of western decor and I was sure I could use it.  The plan for this item was to put a mirror in it and hang it in the front room.  Stephen mentioned one time that with it being made from real horse shoes that it may be too heavy for that.  So in my head I heard its not useful right now get rid of it.  But I am much like my mother and have a hard time getting rid of anything.   So in the black hole it went.  Until this past week when Britt drug it out and gave it new life as a cute functional jewelry organizer.  I love it like this and it works with the way she wants to decorate her bedroom.   I have a bit of an idea to help make it work better for her so I just need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for some cork board and some fabric of her choice so she will be able to push her earrings into it as well.

So now there is more room under the couch and one less unfinished project in our home.  Thanks Britt for using your imagination, hopefully now that you've made something the desire to create and reuse things will grow in your heart and head as it has mine.  It makes me giggle though just thinking about how much you are becoming more and more like your mother every day (I ♥ it by the way).  And that maybe one day when you have your own couch you will have your own black hole of unfinished projects your kids can make fun of you for.  It'll be a nice change.  :)

Have any unfinished projects or a stash of them?  How 'bout looking in there and maybe finishing one up...see how it feels.  Just seeing her use one of mine makes me want to finish up something else from in there...I'll post later and let you know how that goes :)

Have a great day!


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