Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring is finally here...I think

It's been a while since I sat down to write in the blog.  We've been quite busy in the last few weeks and I just haven't made time.  So I thought I would just catch you all up to speed. 

The weather is finally starting to be more spring like and we are getting more and more nice days.  With that said everyone at home has been feeling the need to clean things up and shake the winter mess.  (thank goodness)

 The hens have finally seen things my way (or I just stopped worrying so much about it) but they have started laying quite well.  We have 10 hens and are getting 9 eggs a day.  So someone is being lazy just about every day but I will let it slide as it isn't 10 hens being lazy every day. I am grateful because my Britt loves eggs and was beginning to get cranky about having to eat store bought eggs.  They do taste different.  Weird I know but they do.

Mike and Nanny celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary as well as Nikki turning 21.  With all the excitement of my girl showing her pig at OYE we were quite pressed for time and I am just now getting around to finishing up Mike and Nanny's gift.  Gave it to them (not quite finished) a week and a half ago at their anniversary dinner.  I think they liked it.  I just need to finish it and return it.
I love when the weather is nice because we get to take the bike out.  I love the wind in my face.  It is relaxing and I don't have to reply to calls or texts while out on the bike.  FREEDOM!
Last week Stephen and I celebrated our 19th anniversary.  I can not believe we have been married this long.  Not that it hasn't been good, but for a girl who never really wanted to get married 19 years is pretty damn good.  We didn't really do anything awesome to celebrate mostly because we are going to be going on a cruise in a few weeks and I had to work that night .  I made him a nice steak dinner with all the extras and when I woke to get ready for work these wonderful flowers were waiting for me.  They still look great too.  ♥
April is my Britt's birth month and since we are taking the cruise as Val's 18th birthday celebration I agreed that Britt deserved a gift every day until her birthday.  It has been so fun for both of us.  I am not spending a ton of money on the gifts as you can see in the photo above but she has been so excited to see what waits for her each day.  It may not be a big deal or a fancy gift but you know when you get to the end of your road and look back it really was the small things that meant the most right?
 Artichokes!  I have never purchased these myself and the only time I have ever eaten them is in a dip at a restaurant.  But because I have gotten back into buying fruits and vegetables from I have been getting items I wouldn't normally buy.  It's a good thing, makes us as a family try new things and everyone should try something new every day.  So this week we are having grilled artichokes.  We'll see how they turn out.  ☺
 Oh this sweet face.  He is growing so fast, he changes every time I see him.  I love getting time to hold and snuggle him.  His mommy and daddy are doing so well as new parents. So grateful that we get to share this sweet guys life. 
 Oh and prom...I am having a hard time with the fact that Val is going to be turning 18 and that she got to go to her first prom.  She is almost an adult (kinda) and I hate that she is going to be leaving our little nest sooner than I'd like.  Thank goodness she has one more year of high school left. 
She looked absolutely stunning all dress up with her hair and make up done.  We rarely see her in anything other than her jeans, t-shirts and chucks so to get to see her in all her prom get up was amazing.  I have always known she was a princess and to see her dress the part at least for the evening made me the happiest mom around.  I ♥ you Valorie Michelle!  ☺

Well this about sums up the last couple of weeks or so.  This week isn't looking quite as busy but I am sure we will have some stories to tell and some memories to make.  We will be celebrating Brittnie's birthday Saturday with a bit of cake and ice cream.  Cant wait to see the family.  I am hoping to get to the lake soon and visit with family.  I know my momma gets mad that I don't come see her often but's an hour and a half there and back (3 hours round trip).  I next to never have that much extra time to drive anywhere.  Maybe they should move back over to our area so I can see them more  (hint hint)
Anyway.  Make some memories (even the little ones count) and have some fun.

Thanks for reading

Have a great week


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