Wednesday, July 16, 2014


In the short amount of time I have spent here this guy has captured my heart as much as our fur babies at home have.  It is going to be weird around the department without him laying right in the middle of the floor or barking at absolutely nothing in the back of the room at the wall or being startled by him in a random Tpack cubbie.  I am going to miss the way he sneaks up and takes towels and blankets off cots and leaves them scattered all over the place.  The way he freaks out and nothing really calms him down when there is thunder or fireworks at drillers stadium.  The way his eyes light up when he sees his cheese.  The way he walks around with his nose in the air sniffing when someone has food in the department.  The way he use to steal items from the lost and found every day.  And the way he snags stuffed animals out of boxes in the department and shreds them before we have a chance to place them on the units.  No matter his age or the state of his health he is always up to something and keeping things interesting at work.  He has made some of my worst days at work a little better just by being himself.
Lots of people here couldn't care less that he won't be here anymore, some complain about his dog hair everywhere but never pick up a broom to help control it.  They complain about him being under their feet but never stop to think he just needs a little petting and love and he would go on his way.  But there are those of us who will miss all of his craziness.  And it will be an incredibly sad day on my first day back to work after his last day here.  So many people are asking if we are getting a replacement dog? Really?  But who knows what management has in store.  New dog or not there will never be another Lansing.
Farewell buddy you have been a loyal coworker and friend ☺

Have a good week everyone, thanks for reading


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