Thursday, August 7, 2014

287 days

So I got a Facebook message yesterday about planning a party for graduation this coming year as there will be 3 of them graduating this next May and let me be honest I was at work when I read the message and my first thought was "what the #*!! It's 9 months away, when has anyone in this family ever planned anything more than a month out?"  In my defense it had been a long night at work and well I was tired and nowhere near ready to talk about party planning.  But after sleeping and reading the messages again I had a better outlook.  I was still thinking the "when has anyone planned this far out" part.  I mean come on.  Nearly every one of my readers are family and you all have to admit that no one in this family plans for stuff very far off.  A month is awesome but nine times out of ten it's a week 2 if you're lucky. 
I should probably get a little excited about having a senior this year.  I suppose that with her already turning 18 a few months ago the fear of her being an adult has already came and left.  But as far away as graduation seems (287 days) I have no doubt that it will be here before we know it and yes I am positive I will be a big old cry baby about my little cupie doll graduating.
She has grown and changed so much over the years but she has also changed me.  I have had to learn to not show fear when faced with bad situations because she has been there to watch how I handle them.  I have never wanted anything more than I want for her to be a strong independent young lady.  I may not always handle everything with grace but who of us has every single time?  But I look at my girl now and know deep in my heart that she will do just fine on her own in life.  She is smart, beautiful, caring, compassionate, reliable and a wonderful friend.  Even though she is my daughter she is one of my dearest friends.
I know she is reading this thinking "ugh, mom we are not friends". But in a few years when (if) she chooses to be a mom she will realize how good of friends moms and daughters (children) can really be.
She has taught me to forgive more easily and to stand up for people I care about.  Traits I already had but being mom made them stronger.  She has shown me how to be a real friend without judgment by being a friend to her friends without holding grudges. 
For the two of you who bombarded my message box with party planning ideas and suggestions don't worry I'm on board and I can see a super fabulously fun family time for our graduates to remember for quite some time.  And I thank you dearly for asking us to join in the fun.  I can't wait.

To Valorie, Haleigh & Clayton this is your senior year it is meant to be the best year of your whole school career I hope you make the absolute most of it and create memories to share with your future kids.  Do everything you possibly can in school and out.  Hang out with your friends go to football games, basketball games...all the games.  Attend plays and assemblies be silly and be serious.  These are the last days of being high schoolers.  It's your year you've earned the title SENIOR so own it and make it whatever it means to you.  Know that we are all so very proud of you and are all here for you every step of the way.  Most importantly know that we love you. 

Wow, seniors...really though where did all this time go and how can we get it back?  Just kidding ☺

Have a great week, thanks for reading.

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  1. I am so PROUD CLASS OF 2015!!! Tammy I know we do things last minute in this family but I also know we will all have A LOT going on once school gets started so I figured we needed a jump start on this one!!! lol