Monday, November 17, 2014

Pinterest tried it...owl bet you laugh at this one

So it's been a couple of years since I thought to myself that I would make a whole quilt out of cute little yoyos.  You know what I'm talking about, the small circles of fabric that you stitch around the outside and then pull and gather the outside in to the middle (see photo and you will be like "oh yeah, I know what those are")  Anyway when I started forever ago it was such a sweet notion but as I continued to make these little circles and stitch them by hand the more I stabbed my poor fingers with the needle the more I started thinking about quilt size...did I really need a large quilt made from these things?  Nah.  I can just do a small lap quilt, so I continued making them.  That is until I just sat them down one day and didn't pick them back up for nearly 2 years.  And when I did finally pick them back up I got to rethinking my idea about what to do with them yet again, do you have any idea how many two inch yoyos one would need for even a small lap quilt?  Yeah too many to think about.  So I had seen a lamp shade on Pinterest that I was sure I could do but even that seemed like it was going to take forever so back in the bag and into the sewing cabinet they went.  I really don't have that much time to sit and make that many of them by hand anyway and it wasn't something I could work on at work either seeing that the bosses actually want the employees to do work while at work.  Ugh!
Today however I am way out of whack with my sleep schedule and I was awake with hubs he was watching TV and I sat browsing Pinterest when I came across this cute little owl made of yoyos.  I had pinned it a few days ago and had forgotten about it until today.  I got one of those "ah ha" moments and took off to the sewing cabinet, got the all but forgotten bag of yoyos out and sat down and went to work on trying to figure out how the lady made hers.  I mean she is selling these cute little guys on Etsy for $12 each.  It looked fairly easy so I color coordinated my yoyos and started to work.  Now stop laughing, this was a trial run and I only spent about 45 minutes working on it.  After I finished I was quite surprised that it even remotely resembled an owl so that for me was good enough.  I was proud for even trying.  I can see by looking at it that it's not anywhere close to what the other lady made, mine looks like he has been starved nearly to death and his eyes are OMGoodness large  but hey he looked kinda like an owl and now I know what I did wrong if for some crazy reason I feel the need to make more of them.  (I doubt it)  ;-)
Hope this little out on a limb (bahaha pun intended☺) crafty post inspires you to try creating something even if it doesn't quite turn out how you expect it to.  You never know until you try 

Also if you would like to buy one of her cute little owls this is where I found her listing

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