Thursday, March 31, 2016

Family secrets

Ok well it probably isn't a secret but it is something that has been handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter to granddaughter in my family. 
I have tried and tried and tried to make my mother's homemade flour tortillas.  And have failed more times than I care to count.  She never measures anything and I can't seem to cook a single thing without following a recipe and using good measurements.
A few years ago my momma taught Val how to make them and she does great but she is nearly 20 and staying home to make flour tortillas is not something that is at the top of her list. 
Today mom and dad are over visiting and we are going to have dinner this evening and needed the tortillas.  Mom was determined I was hoping to learn. 
So as she was not measuring her ingredients I was taking them and trying to measure them out before she added the next ingredient.  I thought I had finally figured out how to measure her tortilla recipe.  It looked right (kinda) I mixed and mixed trying to get it ready to roll out.  But it just didn't look right and mom said it was too dry and stiff the dough wasn't soft enough.  I rolled one out and cooked it to prove I had gotten it right by measuring everything.  After the first one finished cooking all I could do was admit defeat.  It was too dry and cooked up even dryer.  YUCK!  (Like eating Sheetrock or something)  So I thought I would just add some water and it would soften up.  Nope.  That made it super gooey and nasty.  Had to throw it out and start fresh.  I did not measure a single thing just dumped things in a bowl and mixed away just like she does.  Guess what?  It was perfect.  The dough, the rolled out tortilla and it cooked up just like mommas would.  Tasted like heaven with butter on it. 

Now, those of you close to me know mommas health hasn't been the best and I worry every day something is going to happen and I won't get to learn all the things I still need to learn from her.  Today I ticked one of those things off my list but it is such a long list she had better be around for another 100 years.  Can't wait for dad to try these tortillas to see if they compare to moms.  ☺
Thanks momma for teaching me how to be a good wife and mom.  I wouldn't be able to do any of this stuff if it weren't for everything you have taught me.  I love you more than you will ever know.

Thanks for reading.


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