Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Getting older...ugh

It's the granny glasses
But on the bright side.  I can see much better :)
I have been slacking a bit.  I forgot to do the Throwback Thursday and thought to myself oh I'll just do flashback friday and well I forgot that too.  So here it is almost time for throwback thursday again and I'm praying I don't forget it again this week.
I blame it on getting older.  I know, so many things get blamed on that but for me today I am using that excuse as it is the best one I have at the moment.  
Now I've never really paid much attention to the fact that I am getting older.  It's happening every day just dealing with my girls I can see how much I've changed.  They remind me often that I am old but it still hasn't really bothered me.  That was until this past Wednesday, that is the day age really slapped me in the face.  I had to get glasses.  No not just any glasses.  I already had a pair of glasses for driving as I was having a hard time with far sightedness.   But now, I have noticed a bit of an issue with near sightedness as well.  So the eye doctor said I needed another pair of glasses and to cut down on having to switch from one pair to the other he prescribed bifocals...BIFOCALS.  I thought only grandma's wore bifocals and heaven knows I'm not a grandma yet. 
This has really bothered me.  Don't ask me why I do not know and can not answer that question.  And other than the glasses I still don't worry about the number referred to as my age. In fact I am so close to forty that I can smell it coming (even with the glasses I can't see it as it is just over a year away) 39 in June.  I'm good with my age I just hate that all those little things I heard my parents complain about are starting to happen to me.  Aches in my joints. My knees and shoulder mostly and now my vision.  My daddy said back in December while in the hospital that "getting old ain't for sissies"  I am starting to see what he means.   But I'm tough and I am going to be ok with it. 
I think sometimes that it would be nice to go back to when we were young but then my brain kicks in and makes me laugh that thought out of my head.  Why on earth would I want to go back to crying babies with diapers or to us with only one income struggling to buy the things we need for those crying babies.  No I kind of like this old age thing.  We almost (yes i said almost) have our heads screwed on straight and are just starting to get this grown up thing to work for us. 
Thanks for reading my ramblings today.  Maybe I won't forget the throwback tomorrow ;)
Ps.  Hubby says the glasses are sexy (I think he must get paid to say that)  hehe :)
Have a fantastic day
tammy c

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