Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ha! Who am I kidding?

I'm not sure why I even thought that I could make myself write a post on a regular basis,  don't get me wrong.  When I thought about the idea that Haleigh gave me it sounded so fun.  I mean I have tons of favorite old photos I would love to share with you all, truth of the matter is this...I am probably the most forgetful person there is and I next to never remember this throwback thursday stuff.  Like I mentioned in the last post.  I remember it the day before and think to myself "don't forget that tomorrow"  and well it was Valentine's day this past Thursday and I was busy spending that evening taking my sweet girls to dinner.  And I forgot. 
But I still have a favorite picture of the week to share...lets see how creative I can continue to get with title posts for these 'bout sweet reminders sunday.  Nah, because I don't really remember the day this photo was taken as that is me there (the tiny curly headed cutie) and well I was too little to remember.   Ok well maybe it doesn't really need a title.  
This is me and my Nanny.   Not nanny like a paid live in sitter, no she is my aunt.  Most everyone reading already knows that but I have recently learned that people in several countries actually read this blog so maybe everyone reading doesn't know my whole life background like some of you do so if you do skip past the parts you already know :)
Nanny Fern, yes she is my aunt.  I don't even know how or why we all call her nanny but I am ever so close to 40 and that's all I have ever heard any of us cousins call her.
I've mentioned in past post that she and spent a lot of time with me as a child.  I have so many memories that include her that I could write one a day and never run out of things to write about.  She was like my second mom for so long and I feel like her daughters are sisters rather than cousins.  I would do anything for them at any given time and they know this.
I came across this picture in some old photos Cathy and Nikki left at my house a few years ago when we were working on a scrapbook for Nanny.   Like I said I was too little to remember this exact time but this will always remain one of my favorites.  It shows a love so special.   The kind of love aunts build with their niece's.   Is that of a mother, sister & best friend all mixed up in one.  Every girl should have an aunt that they are this close to.  I can't imagine life without my Nanny. Whether she knows it or not she has taught me so much. Her long loving marriage has showed me how a married couple should act and treat each other. All her and Mikey's little words of wisdom and advice are what helps Stephen and I stay on track with our own relationship.  After all they are nearing the 40 year mark as well. 
I have lots of aunts, 'cause dad has lots of brothers and I do have love for each and every one of them.  But she is different.   She always has been.
Well, there is my throwback thursday, flashback friday and whatever other name we can come up with.  :)  I'm just gonna keep it simple and write when it comes to mind like I set out to do at the beginning of last month. 
Have a great sunday and enjoy the week ahead.
Thanks for reading
tammy c

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