Saturday, March 22, 2014

A bunny farm

No, not that kind of bunny farm.  This is after all Oklahoma not Nevada.

Peter (daddy)
Paula (momma)
So weird story but then again this is my life and 9 times out of 10 it is a weird story.
I was sitting at work one day and a coworker said "I want a snickers"  I replied with "I want a bunny"  there was a second of awkward silence and then he replied "well that's out there"  I had been  looking at pinterest that day and there happened to be lots of pictures of rabbits.  We live on a farm so why not right.  Only I had no idea where to get rabbits or any real place to keep them.  I know where Britt gets the constant need to bring animals home that's for sure.  Later that day I was on facebook and a friend I use to work with had posted to my timeline that she had a mating pair of rabbits for sale and wanted to know if I wanted them.  Her story is she is raising New Zealand white rabbits for sale as meat rabbits.  My first response was...I would love to have some rabbits but I am not sure the hubs would be willing to kill and clean them.  She informed me that she sells them alive and the purchaser has to do the killing. Or keep them as pets whatever they choose to do with them.  And that she can't keep up with the demand with what she has.  So I talked to the hubs and he says it's ok for me to buy the pair.
I made arrangements to pick up the pair from dear friend but we only took one cage and had to place both rabbits in together.  It was quite funny when we put the male in the cage with the female...they are both about the same size and white with red eyes.  They look identical.  It was dark outside and my sweet Britt pipes up "oh no, how are we going to know which one is which" at that moment she pointed the flashlight to the cage and well the male was doing what male rabbits do and we all burst out laughing at the same time a very quiet "never mind" came from Britt.

Laughing and jokes aside, we got our rabbits home and only had one large cage for a while but we were informed that they didn't think our female rabbit was old enough to be a momma just yet.  It was just a couple of weeks that they were in the same cage together and after being separated for a while Paula started pulling fur from under her chin and  piling it up in a corner.
No we're not rabbit farmers so I had to do a bit of research and learned that this was indication that she was indeed old enough to be a mom and that within a few days we would have bunnies.  About a month after buying them  ☺

only hours old
Our babies were born 2 days before Valentines day.  (5 of them)  We had never really seen newborn bunnies and they look like little rats or something.  they appear to have no hair but in fact are covered in the finest fur that is the softest thing I have ever felt. The following are a few pictures we have gotten of our baby rabbits.  We will be selling them.  All except the mom and the dad at about 6-8 weeks old.  Those that do not get sold will be harvested and put in the freezer.  Someone jokingly asked if it was illegal to eat the Easter bunny, but since this breed of rabbits have been used as meat rabbits long before I bought some I think we'll be ok.  I am curious to see how many sell and how many go in the freezer.

My girls still have a bit of a hard time with this idea, but they knew when we bought them that dinner would be in the future.  But they are learning that is just how life is when you have farm animals.
One week

1 week & 4 days. 
3 weeks and already weaned

I will be posting them on craigslist and other social media sites soon.  They would make fantastic Easter gifts if you had room for one. You can even litter train them.  But who has that kind of time.  
That's just a little of the craziness going on at the farm these days.  Check back to see what other shenanigans we have going on.
5 weeks almost ready for new homes

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  1. Just wait until I tell my girls you are eating the Easter bunny, mean old Tammy!