Tuesday, June 10, 2014

18 already?

The reality of it really hasn't sank in yet I don't think, she still has one more year of school so that's probably why.
My first born 18 years old.  Despite all the reminders of her age from my sweet girl, it truly does seem like only yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital when all the sudden here we are just over 2 weeks past her turning eighteen, where did all those years go?
I would love to be able to sit here and recount every single detail with you from the very start but that might bore you to tears and well she might kill me of I did that.  Because I can remember lots of little moments that would embarrassed her to death like how she was so scared of everyone singing happy birthday on her first birthday that she hid under the table crying and didn't want to touch the cake we got her.  Or of her and her bff having cupcakes in their diapers that nanny brought by after Cathy's party at school when they were only one.  Or of her and the same friend thinking that the best time to chit chat is while going pee pee in the bathroom together one on the toilet and one on the training potty facing each other when they were just tiny little girls.
Yeah, I have lots of those fun memories floating around in my mind but like I said she might kill me if I tell too many.
At 18 you would think she could handle everyone singing happy birthday, well she did better than the first time anyway.  This year she got a 7 night Carnival Cruise for her birthday.  Her room was decorated by carnival before she ever got to her room and they left a cake for her as well. (Over the top spoiled?  Yes she is.  But that's ok she deserves to be) and at her birthday dinner the waiters in the restaurant on the ship brought her cake with a candle and all gathered around to sing happy birthday to her. She sat there smiling and her face turning about 18 shades of red but she didn't crawl under the table or cry and she was fully dressed while eating said cake and she goes to the restroom all by her self like a big girl now so we have made at least a little progress with her in the 18 years we've had her  ;)
 If you have a fun fond memory of our sweet girl please feel free to share it in the comment section at the bottom of this post.  We would love to read what you share.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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  1. Her going with us to great wolf lodge and spending time with Jaycee. She is still one of the girls favorite babysitters. Only, now mine ate getting old enough they can stay home alone. Sad....

    1. She had a great time with you all on that trip. Also Val loves your girls, you don't need to pay her to babysit if they just want to hang out just give her a holler I am sure she would love to spend some time with them. (oh and for some reason your comment posted twice so I deleted one of them) Thanks for sharing :)

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